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"The pastures of eternal love
"Your dwelling place shall be;
"There shall ye feed, and ne'er remove,
Who enter in by me.

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"Divine forgiveness on his heart,
"I'll seal without a fee;
"And to him heav'n itself impart,
Who enters in by me."


230. Christ's Invitation to the Weary.

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L. M.

COME hither, all ye weary souls, "Ye heavy laden sinners, come; "I'll give you rest from all your toils, "And raise you to my heav'nly home.

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They shall find rest that learn of me;
I'm of a meek and lowly mind;

"But passion rages like a sea,

"And pride is restless as the wind.

"Bless'd is the man whose shoulders take

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My yoke, and bear it with delight; "My yoke is easy to his neck,

"My grace shall make his burden light."

Jesus, we come at thy command;

With faith and hope, and humble zeal, Resign our spirits to thy hand,

To mould and guide us at thy will.

231. Touching the Hem of Christ's Gar

ment. C. M.

YE sin-sick souls, dismiss your fears,
The halt, the blind, the lame,
Come touch the garment Jesus wears,
There's healing in the same.

Till sick of ev'ry other way,
You'll ne'er to Jesus go;
Whose words eternal life convey,
Whose wounds with pardon flow.
Surrounded with ten thousand cares,
And sad beyond degree;
Yet in this garment Jesus wears,
There's healing still for thee.

Come stretch the wither'd hand to-day,
For Christ is passing by;

Thy case admits of no delay,

Unless ye touch, ye die.

Could Jordan's streams at once remove

Naaman's sore disease;

Far greater virtue sinners prove
In Christ the Prince of Peace.

One touch of this celestial robe
Speaks pardon to the soul;

When sins more pond'rous than the globe,
Across the conscience roll.

Thro' ev'ry crowd to Jesus press

When sin torments thy mind;

Peace, pard'ning blood, and righteousness
In his dear name you'll find.

232. The Gospel joyful Tidings to a Sin

ner. S. M.

THE gospel herald cries,

"Ye lep'rous souls unclean, "Behold I set before your eyes

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A sacrifice for sin.

"The merit of his blood "Shall be exalted high,

It seal'd the sinner's peace with God, "And brought his Isr'el nigh.

"Sinners of ev'ry cast,

"Whose souls are drown'd in woe,
"Are welcome to the best repast,
"That gospel grace can shew.

"Let pride no more beguile;
"Here in the fountain lave;

""Twas not the righteous, but the vile,


Whom Jesus came to save."

The Spirit's voice says, " Come,
"All things in Jesus view;"
There's nothing can be taken from,
Or added thereunto.

233. Come and welcome to Jesus.


COME, ye sinners, poor and wretched,
Weak and wounded, sick and sore;
Jesus ready stands to save you,

Full of pity joined with pow'r,
He is able, he is able, he is able;
He is willing, doubt no more.

Ho! ye needy, come, and welcome;
God's free bounty glorify;
True belief and true repentance,
Ev'ry grace that brings us nigh,
Without money, without money,


Come to Jesus Christ and buy.
Let not conscience make you linger,
Nor of fitness fondly dream:
All the fitness he requireth

Is to feel your need of him :


This he gives you, this he gives you, this he gives you;

'Tis the Spirit's rising beam.

Come ye weary, heavy laden,

Bruis'd and mangled by the fall;

If you tarry till you're better,

You will never come at all.

Not the righteous, not the righteous, not the righteous:

Sinners, Jesus came to call.

View him grov'ling in the garden;
Lo! your Maker prostrate lies.
On the bloody tree behold him:
Hear him cry before he dies,
It is finish'd-It is finish'd—It is finish'd!
Sinner, will not this suffice?

Lo! th' incarnate God ascended,
Pleads the merits of his blood,
Venture on him, venture wholly,
Let no other trust intrude,


None but Jesus, none but Jesus, none but Jesus,

Can do helpless sinners good.

Saints and Angels join'd in concert,
Sing the praises of the Lamb;
While the blissful seats of heaven
Sweetly echo with his name.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Sinners here may sing the same.



Breathing after the Influence of Grace.

C. M.

O THAT the Lord would guide my ways
To keep his statutes still!

O that my God would grant me grace
To know and do his will!

O send thy Spirit down to write
Thy law upon my heart!

Nor let my tongue indulge deceit,
Nor act the liar's part.

From vanity turn off my eyes;
Let no corrupt design,
Nor covetous desires arise
Within this soul of mine.

Order my footsteps by thy word,
And make my heart sincere ;
Let sin have no dominion, Lord,
But keep my conscience clear.

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