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With the tempter never wrangle,
Flee, ye saints, to Jesus flee;

Read your pardon,
Seal'd with blood, and kiss the Son.
All-sufficient is our Jesus,

Tho' our sins are black as hell;
From pollution he can raise us,
Or from nature's deepest cell;

He on Calv'ry
Cancell'd all his people's sin.
Weeping saint, forget thy mourning:

Why cast down, or troubled so;
To the cross thine eyes be turning,
See what healing virtues flow;

Christ exalted, Is the hope of Israel now. 263. As ye have received Christ Jesus the

Lord, so walk ye in hiin. 8'. As Jesus the Lord he receives,

So walks the believer in bim, Convinc'd that the blessings he gives

Deserve his most cordial esteem; He loves him for what he hath done,

And grieves that he loves him no more, Yet still in the Lord he goes on,

His mercy and love to adore. He's deeply convinc'd of his sin,

And taught, by the Spirit, to see, He stands, in himself, all unclean,

A leper, in ev'ry degree:

He feels himself thankful to God

For all that the gospel declares, While Christ and his peace-speaking blood

The Chief of ten thousand appears. No longer he toils at the law,

Deluded withi “ Do this and live;"
He wants all that God can bestow,

As free as Jehovah can give;
There once was a time he could boast,

And thought that his failings were few,
Yet now, of all beings the worst,

Unable to will or to do.
Thus walking in Jesus the way,

He's taught to be harmless and wise,
And tho he delights to obey,

Salvation by works he denies; No merit hè claims of his own,

But shame and confusion of face, And low in the dust, at his throne

Receives a salvation of grace. 264. I am He that healeth Thee. 8. 7. 4. Oft as sins, my soul, assail thee,

Turn thine eyes to Jesu's blood,
Nothing short of this can beal thee,
Seal thy peace, or do thee good;

Seek no healing,
But from Gilead's sov'reign balm.
Should the tears of deep contrition,

Like a torrent, down thine eyes;

Yet for sin there's no remission,
But in this great Sacrifice;

True repentance
Christ to Israel freely gives.
265. Elijah's Flight to Horeb. L. M.
From persecution's fiery rage,
A saint, renown’d in sacred page,
Who ne'er to Baal bow'd the knee,
To Horeb's Mount was known to flee.
Whilst here in this recluse abode,
Pouring his woes before his God,
He hears a whirlwind, horrid din,
But God, the whirlwind, ne'er was in.
Then Horeb shook, the Prophet feard,
The yawning earth convuls'd appear'd,
The solid rocks to pieces fly,
For now Elijah's God was nigh.
Held in suspense and rev'rend awe,
Straight he a flaming meteor saw;
Yet in the earthquake, wind, or flame,
God to the prophet never came.
Such was the state my soul was in,
When first I felt the guilt of sin;
Revealing wrath the precept stood,
And not a Saviour's balmy blood.
At length, to quell his rising fears,
A sacred small still voice he hears,
Sweet as the gospel tidings prove
'o sinners, drawn with cords of lo

Oh! sacred sound, with love replete: Now he prepares his God to meet, Who speaks without a frowning brow, “ What dost thou here, Elijah, now? “ Think not that I my saints neglect, " Still near my heart are mine elect; " From idol gods I make them flee, A chosen race, reserv'd to ME.” Thus, till the Spirit Christ reveals, Whose small still voice our pardon seals, Earthquakes may rage, and whirlwinds fly,

But to our God we ne'er draw nigh. 266. No Justification by the Works of

the Law. C. M. Since

man was out of Eden drove,
His deeds, the most sincere,
Can ne'er procure Jehovah's love,

Or re-admittance there.
Alas, his feeble pow'rs are such,

He strives, but all in vain;
The tree of life he ne'er can touch,

Or Paradise regain. .
To guard the gate from whence he came,

A flaming cherub stands;
The law's a wrath-revealing flame,

Of infinite demands.
No fig-leaf dress, by him put on,

His guilty soul can screen;
His innocence, alas! 'tis gone,

His heart's a sink of sin.

Yet there's a new and living way,

Mark'd out with lines of blood,
Wherein apostate rebels may

Again return to God.
For Eden, lost by Adam's sin,

Thro' Jesu's blood and pain,
His seed eternal life shall win,

And Paradise regain.
Till round the throne the blood-bought race

Electing love shall bring,
Let sinners say'd proclaim free grace,

And Christ exalted sing.

267. To them that believe He is precious,

C, M.

When love divine our hearts inflame,

Our raptur'd souls shall sing
The sweets that centre in the name

Of Israel's God and King.
His Church's Everlasting Head,

Set up in God's decree,
Before the heav'ns his hands had spread,

Or made the earth and sea.
He's precious, as the promis’d Seed,

To bruise the Serpent's head;
Who with his flesh his flock shall feed;

'Twas for their sins he bled. He's precious, as a Fountain pure,

With living water fillid; And as a Rock, for ever sure,

Whereon his church shall build.

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