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23. Having loved his own, which were in the
World, he loved them unto the End. 7.
JESUS, full of truth and grace,
Having lov'd his chosen race,
Bears their sins and sorrow's too,
Ne'er neglects his chosen few.
Long before creation's dawn,
He embrac'd them as his own;
Still, with unabating glow,
Burns his love toward them now.
Love, mysterious, free, and great,
Nothing shall the same defeat;
Flowing from the Great I AM,
Sin its course shall never damn.
"Tis a deep unfathom'd sea,
Rising in the Deity;

From eternity it came,

To eternity the same.

Time revolting ne'er shall prove
When his saints shall cease to love;
"Tis the same from age to age,
To this chosen heritage.
Glory to his sacred name,
Jesu's love's a constant flame;
Hell may rage, and sin conspire,
All to quench this heav'nly fire.
Still the flame vehement grows,
Jesu's love no measure knows;
Hills of guilt like smoke retire,
Touch'd by this eternal fire.

He hath lov'd them, dead in sin,
Gave them quick'ning life within;
To the end he loves them now,
Round his throne they'll surely bow.

24. I spread my Skirt over Thee.
EMBLEM of sinners, dead to God,
Behold the infant in its blood,
Cast in an open field to die,
Without a kind deliv❜rer nigh.
When Jesus came to take her sin,
This was the state his bride was in;
He said, "My love, thy shame I see,
"But with my skirt I'll cover thee.

L. M.

"I heal'd thy wounds, I wash'd thy stains, "I grac'd thy neck with golden chains, "Then I engag'd thy God to be, "And with my skirt did cover thee.

""Twas not in Sinai to forgive,


"I spake the word, and bade thee live:
"From Sinai's law I made thee free,
"For 'tis no skirt to cover thee.

Welt'ring in blood, I saw thee lie; "Oh! hail the day that I pass'd by; ""Twas sov'reign love, divinely free,

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This was the skirt that cover'd thee.

"This spotless vesture thou shalt wear, "Nor God's vindictive justice fear;

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Nor hell, nor sin, the same shall foul; 'Tis girt, by God, around thy soul.”

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'TWAS to redeem his bride from hell,

Who, in the fall of Adam, fell, That Jesus left his throne on high, And did for her transgressions die. Pinion'd with love, from heav'n he fled, Intent to woo, and thus he said, "Arise, my love, from earth and sin, "I come thy roving heart to win. "In the great council of the sky, "I pass'd thy vile transgressions by; "For thou wast mine by firm decree, "And with my skirt I cover'd thee. ""Twas I adorn'd thy hands, my dovę, "With bracelets of eternal love, "And all was thine, without a fee,


When, with my skirt, I cover'd thee.. "I deck thy temples with a crown,


And far and wide spread thy renown; "Yea, made thy soul from blemish free, "When, with my skirt, I cover'd thee." This seamless vesture, once put on, Shall make thy soul outshine the sun; 'Twas wove by Jesus, on the tree, Sin-burden'd soul, to cover thee.

Jesus the church hath bought with blood,
She stands accepted now by God;
Angels may trace, but never prove,
Th' amazing heights and depths of love.

26. Union with Jesus. L. M. BETROTH'D in love, ere time began, His blood-bought bride with Jesus see; Made by eternal union One,

Who was, and is, and is to be,

Thus He became her Cov'nant Head; Charg'd with her sin the Saviour stands, To do and suffer, in her stead,

All that the righteous law demands. Here justice and the highest grace Met, in the Sinner's Only Friend; He freely took our lowest place;

Oh! love that all our thoughts transcend.
When sunk in sin, He'll not disown
Those sacred ties that made her His,
But claim this partner of His throne,
Thro' floods of wrath, and deep distress.
Nor flood, nor flame, nor hell combin'd,
Shall, from His love, her soul divide;
His blood the marriage nuptials sign'd,
And for her sins in love He died.

Thus, in His eyes, she ever stood,
From wrinkle and from blemish free;
Lov'd with the dateless love of God,
And bless'd by the Great Sacred Three.
27. Redeeming Love. 7.

Now begin the heav'nly theme.
Sing aloud in Jesu's name,
Ye who Jesu's kindness prove,
Triumph in Redeeming Love.


Ye who see the Father's grace,
Beaming in the Saviour's face,
As to Canaan on ye move,
Praise and bless Redeeming Love.
Mourning souls, dry up your tears,
Banish all your guilty fears,
See your guilt and curse remove,
Cancell'd by Redeeming Love.
Ye, alas, who long have been
Willing slaves of death and sin,
Now from bliss no longer rove,
Stop-and taste Redeeming Love.
Welcome all by sin oppress'd
Welcome to your Saviour's breast;
Nothing brought him from above,
Nothing but Redeeming Love.
He subdu'd th' infernal pow'rs,
His tremendous foes and ours,
From their cursed empire drove,
Mighty in Redeeming Love.
Hither then your music bring,
Strike aloud each joyful string;
Mortals join the hosts above,
Join to praise Redeeming Love.

28. Reflections on Christ's Love. 8. 7. O MY Lord, I've often mused

On thy wond'rous love to me, How I have the same abused, Slighted, disregarded thee!

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