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His purposes will ripen fast,

Unfolding ev'ry hour;
The bud may have a bitter taste,

But sweet will be the flower,
Blind unbelief is sure to err,

And scan his work in vain ; God is his own interpreter,

And he will make it plain.


The Good Fight. 104",
Our God is above

Men, devils, and sin,
My Jesus's love

The battle shall win;
So terribly glorious

His coming shall be,
His love all victorious,

Shall conquer for me.
He all shall break through:

His truth, and his grace
Shall bring me into

The plentiful place;
Through much tribulation,

Through water and fire,
Through floods of temptation,

And flames of desire.
On Jesus, my pow'r,

For strength I rely,
All evil before

His presence shall fly;

If I have a Saviour,

He will not depart,
But Jesus for ever

Shall hold fast my heart.

273: Thankfulness for Grace. 148". WHAT voice is this I hear,

A kind salute of grace,
Which whispers in my ear

The grateful words of peace?
Hail, blessed Lord, 'tis thy sweet voice
Which bids me in thy word rejoice.
Thou art my chief delight,

A lovely friend indeed,
Most precious in my sight,

My help in ev'ry need;
Hereby I'm strengthen'd in the way,
And thank thee for this gospel day.
Unworthy as I am,

And base in my own eyes,
On my account the Lamb

Ascends the upper skies;
Assumes at God's right hand a seat,
And lets me sit beneath his feet.
My great high priest is gone

Into the holy place,
The curtain is withdrawn

Which veil'd his lovely face;
The passage now is clear and free,
The veil is rent for happy me.

274. Appropriation. €. M.
A FORM of words, though e'er so sound,

Can never save a soul,
The Holy Ghost must give the wound,

And make the wounded whole.
Election is a precious truth,

But, Lord, I wish to be
Assur'd by thy own Spirit's mouth,

That thou hast chosen me.
Sinners, I read, are justify'd

By faith in Jesu's blood;
But when to me that blood's apply'd,

'Tis then I've peace with God. Imputed righteousness I own

À doctrine most divine;
Dear Saviour, to my heart make known

That all thy 'meriťs mine.
To perseverance I agree,

No sun-beam is so clear,
Because my Lord has promis'd me

That I shall persevere.
Thus Christians glorify the Lord,

His Spirit joins with ours
In bearing witness to the word,
With all its saving powers.

275. Believers Blessedness.
How blest are they whose feet have found
The way unto Immanuel's ground,
And steadfast walk the blissful road,
Far from the path by sinners trod.

L. M.

Their weary spirits sweetly rest
Contentedly on Jesu's breast,
They so much of his mercy prove
As wins their grateful souls to love.
His Spirit shews their sins forgiven,
And seals them for the heirs of heaven,
And gives them patience here to wait
Till Jesus them to bliss translate.
He arms them for the evil day,
That they in heart with him may stay;
He girds them with his mighty power,
And brings them through the trying hour,
Then rest, my soul, upon the Lord,
Ev'n Jesus Christ, the living word,
And then thy joy shall ne'er decay,
Till it break out in endless day.

276. Looking to Christ our Sacrifice. 5. 6.

Love mov'd him to die,

And on this we rely, Our Jesus hath lov'd us, we cannot tell why.

But this we can tell

He hath lov'd us so well, To lay down his life to redeem us from hell.

For you and for me

He pray'd on the tree, The prayer is accepted, the sinner is free.

That sinner am I,

Who on Jesus rely, And come for the pardon God cannot deny.

My pardon I claim,

For a sinner I am,
A sinner believing in Jesus's name.

He purchas'd the grace

Which now I embrace;
O Father, thou know'st he hath died in my

His death is my plea,

My advocate see,
And hear the blood speak which hath an-

swer'd for me.
My ransom and peace,

My surety he is;
Come, see if there ever was sorrow like his.

277. Christ, a Priest. 8. The great and adorable Christ,

Was chose and appointed of God, To be an atoning High Priest,

To do away sin by his blood. Yes, 'twas the Messiah alone,

Who once did expire on the tree; Who did for rebellion atone,

To save such vile wretches as we. The beasts, in old time which were slain,

And offer'd by any high priest, Could ne'er make atonement for sin,

But all of them pointed to Christ. And he who so freely did bleed,

And die, as a wonderful Lamb, For ALL those will e'er intercede,

Who come unto God, thro' his name.

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