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34. God is Love. 8.7.7. LORD, thine image thou hast lent me, In thy never fading love, When I fell, yet thou hast sent mẹ Full redemption from above: Sacred love, I long to be

Thine to all Eternity.

Love to bliss thou hast ordained
Me, ere I began to be:
God of love, thou'st not disdained
To become a man like me:
Love, almighty and divine,
I would be for ever thine.
Love, who hast for me endured
All the pains of death and hell;
Love, whose suff'rings have procured
More for me than tongue can tell:
Sacred love, I long to be

Thine to all eternity.

Love, my life and my salvation,
Light and truth, eternal word,
Thou alone dost consolation
To my sinking soul afford:
Love, almighty and divine,
I would be for ever thine.

To thy blessed yoke thou'rt tying
Me with cords of grace and love,
While my heart is ever crying,
May I true and faithful prove:
Sacred love, I long to be
Thine to all eternity.

Love, who wilt for ever love me,
Intercessor for my soul,
Who sustain'd me, light or heavy,
On the priestly breast and roll:
Love, almighty and divine,
I would be for ever thine,

Love, who wilt hereafter raise me,

From the grave a bed of dust;
Love, whose final zeal arrays me
With a garment 'mong the just:
Sacred love, I long to be
Thine to all eternity.

35. Comfort of God's Love. C. M. THE World can neither give nor take, Nor can they comprehend

That peace of God, which Christ hath bought, That peace which knows no end.

The burning bush was not consum'd
Whilst God remained there;
The three, when Jesus made the fourth,
Found fire as soft as air.

God's furnace doth in Zion stand;
But Zion's God sits by,

As the refiner views his gold,
With an observant eye.

His thoughts are high, his love is wise,
His wounds a cure intend;

And though he doth not always smile,
He loves unto the end.

His love is constant as the sun,
Though clouds come oft between,
And could my faith but pierce these clouds,
It might be always seen.

Yet I shall ever, ever sing,
And thou for ever shine,

I have thine own dear pledge for this;
Lord, thou art ever mine.

36. The Sovereignty of Christ. 8. 7. dule, JESUS, whose almighty sceptre

Rules creation all around,
In whose bowels love and mercy,
Grace and pity, full are found;
In my spirit rule and conquer,
There set up thy endless throne;
Win my heart from every creature,
Thee to love, and thee alone.

In thy strength I'd only conquer,
In thy righteousness confide,
Wise and simple in thy wisdom,
Strong and dauntless by thy side;
In thy bleeding wounds most happy,
Nought will do for wretched me
But a Saviour full of mercy,
Dying, innocent, and free.

Climb, my soul, unto the mountain,
Ever blessed Calvary,

See the wounded victim bleeding,
Nail'd to the accursed tree;

Love to miserable sinners,
Love unfathom'd, love to death,
Was the only end and motive
To resign his gracious breath.

37. The Eternity of God's Love. L. M.
YE, who the highest joys would prove,
O think on everlasting love;
Before all worlds it did exist,
In great Jehovah's glorious breast.
Then, O how ancient is the date,
How free, and how supremely great;
So great, that mortals here below,
Ne'er can express, or fully know!
Eternal love join'd Abram's seed,
To Jesus their eternal head,
Stor'd his rich fulness with all good,
Eternal life, immortal food.

All the vast blessings time can bring,
From this eternal fountain spring;
The sacred streams yield heav'nly peace,
Celestial joy, and growing bliss.
This love abundantly confirms,
The wav'ring faith of feeble worms;
O, 'tis an everlasting rock,
For all the dear Redeemer's flock.
Now, Lord, this precious love impart,
To every broken, contrite heart;
May each repenting sinner prove,
The joys of everlasting love.

38. The Unchangeableness of God's Love.

8. 7.
GREAT Jehovah's love endureth,
Then away with all complaints;
His unchanging love secureth,
Crowns of glory for the saints.

May we all be ever learning,

How it shines in Christ the Lamb,
Never knows a shade of turning,
But in him abides the same.

This great truth yields heav'nly pleasure,
To the feeble and the faint,
Ever proves a solid treasure,
To the weak and weary saint.

What a spring of consolation

Is the Lord's abounding grace, And what blissful contemplation, This affords the chosen race!

When surrounded with temptation,
They a faithful friend have got,
For the rock of their salvation,
Is a God that changeth not.

Now, dear Father, help us ponder,
On this never-ceasing love,
Fill us with transporting wonder
While its boundless joy we prove.

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