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Let me within thy courts be seen,
Like a young cedar fresh and green.
There grow thy saints in faith and love,
Blest with thine influence from above;
Not Lebanon with all its trees,
Yields such a comely sight as these.
The plants of grace shall ever live;
(Nature decays, but grace must thrive)
Time that doth all things else impair,
Still makes them flourish strong and fair.
Laden with fruits of age they shew
The Lord is holy, just, and true:
None that attend his gates shall find
A God unfaithful or unkind.

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410. Union of a Church.

C. M'

GATHER my saints together," speaks
The great eternal Three;

"Join them in bonds of sacred peace, "And let them worship me.

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"Let them in flocks together meet,


Together pray and praise;

"Cleave to each other, cleave to me, "And walk in all my ways.

"Never forsake my dwelling place, "But love fair Zion's hill; "Feast on the things my house affords, "And all my comforts feel.

"Pastor and people all agree, "To live in constant peace ;

"Watch for each other's mutual good, "And each fill up his place."

Lord, we'd obey the great command,
"Tis wise, 'tis just, 'tis right;
Tends to promote the sweetest love,
And each to each unite.

Lord, may this church grow up in grace,
And in affection shine;

Prove the pure joys that ever flow,
From harmony divine.

411. Zion the City of God.
ZION's a city God hath blest
With peace and everlasting rest;
A glorious City, strong and fair,
Jehovah dwells for ever there.
Her ancient walls appear to be
The workmanship of Deity;
Founded in grace they still appear
Without a flaw or chasm there.

L. M.

Oft has this City's strength been try'd
By desp'rate foes on ev'ry side;
But all in vain th' attempts have been,
She baffles all th' assaults of sin.

Count ye her tow'rs, how high they rise,
Her golden spires, they pierce the skies!
Her golden streets are fair to view,
Her palaces and bulwarks too.

Then round her walk, her turrets tell,
Mark all her brazen bulwarks well;

Spread far and wide her deathless fame,
Her pearly gates and walls of flame.

Her Founder's love has ever prov'd,

Like Salem's mounts which ne'er were mov'd; "Tis fix'd on this eternal base,

The grace of God, and gift by grace.

412. The World and Church contrasted.

C. M.

WHAT a polluted world it is,

A vale of sin and woe!

The sons of earth complain of this,
But Zion feels it so.

The world to creature-objects fly,

Their maladies to heal;
But Zion cries to God on high,
Do thou thy face reveal.

"Saviour divine, reveal thy love;

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Bright morning star arise,

And lead my thoughts to things above, "Een to the upper skies.

This shall create a joy within,


Beyond what angels know;

"Shall stimulate my powers to sing

"The Saviour's praise below."

413. Opening a Place of Worship, L. M.

AND will the great eternal God,

On earth establish his abode ;

And will he, from his heavenly throne,
Avow our temples for his own?

These walls we to thy honour raise,
Long may they echo to thy praise;
And thou descending, fill the place
With choicest tokens of thy grace,
Here let the great Redeemer reign,
With all the graces of his train:
While power divine, his word attends,
To conquer foes, and cheer his friends,
And in the great decisive day,
When God the nations shall survey;
May it before the world appear,
That crowds were born to glory here.


414. God's Foundation. 7.

GOD's foundation standeth sure,
We shall to the end endure;
Safely with the Shepherd keep,
Those he purchas'd for his sheep.
God's foundation, &c.

Known to him before the sun
First began his course to run,
Chosen, called from above,
Objects of eternal love.

God's foundation, &c.

Put thy seal upon each heart,
Thy blest image, Lord, impart ;
All thyself in us reveal,

We the clay, and thou the seal.
God's foundation, &c.

Every evil, Lord, subdue,

By thy grace our souls renew ;
Then from base affection free,
Dead to sin, we'll live to thee.

God's foundation standeth sure,
We shall to the end endure.

415. The Church's Safety and Triumph among National Desolations.

GOD is the refuge for his saints,

L. M.

When storms of sharp distress invade ; Ere we can offer our complaints,

Behold him present with his aid.

Let mountains from their seats be hurl'd
Down to the deep, and bury'd there;
Convulsions shake the solid world,
Our faith shall never yield to fear.
Loud may the troubled ocean roar,
In sacred peace our souls abide;
While ev'ry nation, ev'ry shore,

Trembles and dreads the swelling tide.
There is a stream, whose gentle flow
Supplies the city of our God!

Life, love, and joy, still gliding thro',
And wat'ring our divine abode.
That sacred stream, thine holy word,
That all our raging fear controuls:
Sweet peace thy promises afford,

And gives new strength to fainting souls.

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