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Sion enjoys her monarch's love,

Secure against a threat'ning hour; Nor can her firm foundations move, Builf on his truth, and arm'd with pow'r.

416. Christ a Refuge. C. M.

CHRIST is the sinner's only friend,
Salvation's in his name;
His love to Zion knows no end,
To endless years the same.
Christ is a refuge in distress,
When tempests rage within,
Or when her foes around her press,
The world, death, hell, and sin.
The way, the glorious way to God,
Shines in his bleeding side;
From ev'ry stain of sin that flood
Shall surely cleanse his bride.
Her life from danger is secure,
"Tis hid with Christ above;
Jehovah's throne stands not more sure
Than his unchanging love.

Tho' still her sins displeasing are,
He views her in his Son;
Clad with his vesture, bright and fair,
She's like the Holy One.

For that blest hour she daily sighs,
When, his dear face to view,
She, mounting to her native skies,
Shall bid all sin adieu.

417. Christ a Refuge from the Storm. L. M.
GREAT Rock, for weary sinners made,
When storms of sin infest the soul;
Here let me rest my weary head

When light'nings blaze, and thunders roll.
Within the clefts of his dear side,
There all his saints in safety dwell;
And what from Jesus shall divide?
Not all the rage of earth or hell.
Blest with the pardon of her sin,
My soul beneath thy shade would lie,
And sing the love that took me in,
And others left in sin to die.
O sacred Covert, from the beams
That on the weary trav❜ller beat,
How welcome are thy shade and streams,
How blest, how sacred, and how sweet!
And when that awful storm takes place,
That hurls destruction far and near,
My soul shall refuge in thy grace,
And take her glorious shelter there.
To shake this rock thy saints are in,
Tempest or storm shall ne'er prevail;
"Twill stand the blast of hell and sin,
And anchor sure within the vail.

418. Lot in Sodom; or God's care of his Saints. C. M.

WHO can the dreadful horrors tell
Of that tremendous hour,

When guilty Sodom sunk to hell,
Beneath a fi'ry show'r.

Just as the sun had shot his beams
Across the slumb'ring world,
The liquid fire descends in streams,
And vengeance was unfurl'd.

But ere Jehovah's wrath was rous'd'
To pour the dreadful fire,
Lot was in Zoar safely hous'd,
Secure from burning ire.

This little city's favour'd wall
Did well the saint defend;
He saw the flaming torrents fall
And heard their cries ascend.

He sung in sweet, exalted strains,
Preserving grace most free,
That bid him haste across the plains,
And to this city flee.

Thus shall the soul that grace redeems,
Fly from the wrath to come,

To Jesu's wounds, where pardon streams,
His blest eternal home.

419. God the Hope of Israel. s. M.

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To Israel," saith the Lord, "Who doubts my guardian care? ... "I'll succour, help, and strength afford, In faithfulness I swear.

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"For ever, in my sight,

"I'll guide thee with mine eye;
My portion, and my soul's delight,
My treasure, and my joy.

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"When rugged is the way,

"My grace shall strengthen thee, "And in affliction's troubled sea, "My footsteps thou shall see. "I love thee on the mount, "And in the trying day; "For thee thy sorrows I recount, "And fi'ry trials weigh.

"When hell, to make thee fall, "Shall with thy sin conspire, "I'll thee defend, as with a wall "Of everlasting fire.


My pow'r shall guard thy head "From ev'ry cruel foe;

"On fi'ry serpents thou shalt tread, "Nor hurt, nor danger know.

"I'll guard thy naked breast,


When shafts from hell are hurl'd,

"And crown'd at last, shalt victor rest,


O'er Satan, sin, and world."

420. The Union betwixt Jesus and his Church. C. M.

BEFORE the day-star knew its place,
Or planets went their round,

The church, in bonds of sov'reign grace
Were one with Jesus found.

In all that Jesus did on earth,

His church an int'rest have;

Go, trace him, from his humble birth,
Down to the silent


"Twas for his saints he tasted death;
All glory to his name;

Yet when he yields his dying breath,
With him his saints o'ercame.

With him his members, on the tree,
Fulfill'd the law's demands;
"Tis "I in them, and they in me;"
For thus the union stands.

Since Jesus slept among the dead,
His saints have nought to fear;
For with their glorious suff'ring Head,
His members sojourn'd there.

When from the tomb we see him rise
Triumphant o'er his foes,

He bore his members to the skies,
With Jesus they arose.

Ye saints, this union can't dissolve,
By which all things are yours;
Long as eternal years revolve,

Or Deity endures.

421. God's absolute Dominion.

C. M.

GREAT Potentate, supremely wise,

The Maker of my soul,

Throughout the world thine empire lies, To rule without controul.

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