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39. The Nature and Influence of God's Love.

C. M.

How truly glorious is the love,

Of all the glorious Three,
Eternal, boundless, sov'reign, pure,
Unchangeable, and free.

Flaming with love the Saviour flies
Down from his bright abode,
Smiles on the earth, redeems a world,
And brings a world to God.

Drawn by his love we sweetly rise,
And breathe for things above,
More swift than eagles mount and fly,
To see eternal love.

Favour'd with such a pleasing view,
We triumph in our God,
And run with wonder and delight,
Fair Zion's happy road.

We pray, repent, believe, obey,
And joy with those above,

Admire, adore, and shout, and sing,
Of everlasting love.

Soon may we soar to worlds of light,
On hills of glory shine,

And sing of pure eternal love,
In raptures all divine.


40. The Love of God to Christ, and his


C. M.

CHRIST and his members ever stood
A glorious mystic man,
Lov'd with the highest love of God
Before the world began.

The chosen people were of old,
Pure in Jehovah's sight,
And never did he them behold
But with a vast delight.

O with what pleasure he survey'd
The highly favour'd train,
Saw Jesus, and his honour'd Bride
In perfect splendour shine.

In the pure arms of sov'reign grace
He clasp'd the chosen seed,
Determin'd evermore to bless

The members, with the head.

Although the Lord of earth and sky
Knew what we all should prove,
He on the Saviour kept his eye,
And rested in his love.

O Lord, this wond'rous love réve 1,
Take us within its arms,

And may we all for ever feel
Its soul-transporting charms.

41. The Love of God in Christ the Source of all Blessedness.

C. M.

RIVERS of pure and boundless Love,
From God in Christ arise,
Rolls from this ever-flowing source
Streams of eternal joys.

Lord, may we see the springs of love,
Thy loving heart contains,
Transported-sing the joyful song,
The love of Jesus reigns.

O thou all glorious Prince of Peace,
Smile from thy radiant throne,
And in the sweetest forms of love,

Come down, dear Lord, come down.

Down with all sin and slavish fear,
And let us richly prove,
The life divine, the life of God,
The happy life of love.

Come, sacred love, with all thy charms,
And closer still unite,

Heart to each heart, and soul to soul,
And fill us with delight.

Soon may we all in glory meet,
Where great Immanuel reigns;
There shall we sing the songs of love
In pure eternal strains.

42. The Provisions of Covenant Love. C. M.
BEFORE the starry skies were spread,
Or wasting time began,
God, with an everlasting love,
Deign'd to remember man.
The boundless treasures of his grace
He stor'd in Christ alone,
Pure rivers of eternal bliss,
He opens in the Son.

May we on this vast fulness gaze,
And growing raptures prove;
O may we see with flowing eyes,
The great abyss of love.
Salvation, life, and endless peace,
And all the joys we know,
Issue in streams of antient grace-
From antient love they flow.

Lord, the rich favour now we crave,
Is thy pure love to see,
Pray to love all thy grace shall save,
All who belong to thee.
Extensive as the gracious throng,
May our affections spread;
Ever love all with heart and tongue,
For whom the Saviour bled.

43. Admiration of Divine Love. 148.
LOVE will I ever sing,
Sing of its antient date,
Love is the flowing spring

Of blessings truly great;

Love is the pure immortal food,
Love is the height and depth of God.
Love is my comely dress,

My glory, and my crown,
My life, my joy, my peace,

My heaven, and my throne;
Love is the pure immortal food,
Love is the height and depth of God.
Celestial love descend,

Embrace me in thy arms,
And ravish all my mind,

With thy eternal charms; Be to my soul immortal food, And all the height and depth of God. Lord, may I soon be caught Up to the realms above, And there be better taught, The glories of thy love, And feast on this immortal food, And triumph in the love of God. 44. Dependance on Christ alone. 112.


F ever it could come to pass

That sheep of Christ might fall away, My fickle, feeble soul, alas!

Would fall a thousand times a day:

Were not thy love as firm as free,
Thou soon would'st take it, Lord, from me.

I on thy promises depend,
At least, I to depend desire
That thou wilt love me to the end,
Be with me in temptation's fire;

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