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Whom earth could not contain, nor skies,
In low estate the Saviour lies;

And who the world's foundation laid,
Is now a little infant made.


The Father's brightness comes in sight,
Gives to the world its saving light,
And drives the clouds of sin away,
To make us children of the day.


The Son, th' almighty God confess'd,
In his own world became a guest,
And open'd through himself the way,
A passage to eternal day.


And therefore poor on earth he came,
That we might all his riches claim,
To make us heirs of endless bliss,
With all those chosen saints of his.

For us these wonders he hath wrought,
To shew his love surpassing thought,
Then let us all unite to sing

Praise to our loving God and King.

56. Another. L. M.

YE simple men of heart sincere,


Shepherds who watch your flocks by night,

Start not to see an angel near,

Nor tremble at this glorious light.

An herald from the heav'nly King
I come, your every fear to chase,
Good tidings of great joy I bring,
Great joy unto the fallen race.
For you is born on this glad day,
A Saviour by our host ador'd;
Our God in Bethlehem survey,

Make haste to worship Christ the Lord.
By this the Saviour of mankind,
Th' incarnate God shall be display'd,
In swathes the infant ye shall find,
And humbly in a manger laid.

57. Great is the Mystery of Godliness, God manifest in the Flesh. L. M.

WITHOUT dispute, 'twixt bond or free,

Great is the gospel mystery;

How God in Christ was reconcil'd
To guilty man, by sin defil'd,

Shall seraphs try the same to prove?
"Tis buried in eternal love:

"Tis lost in this unfathom'd sea,
And swallow'd up, great God, in thee,
Here the divine perfections meet,
Mercy and truth each other greet;
Justice and peace, in Jesus, see,
Unite in sacred harmony.

Great was the myst'ry of that grace,
That chose, from Adam's fallen race,
Ten thousand thousand sons to praise
Its glories thro' eternal days.

By man came death, sin, hell, and shame;
By man the resurrection came;

He bruis'd the subtile serpent's head,
And captive all his legions led.

Great was the myst'ry, truly great,
That hell's designs should hell defeat;
But here eternal wisdom shin'd,
For Satan wrought what God design'd.
Great was the myst'ry of that love,
When Jesus left his throne above,
Expos'd his life, and precious blood,
To bring rebellious man to God.
Oh! deep abyss of love profound,
Too vast for angel-minds to sound;
To scan the same our thoughts are lost;
Hail Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

58. The Ministry of Angels. L. M. HIGH on a hill of dazzling light,


The King of Glory spreads his seat, And troops of angels stretch'd for flight, Stand waiting round his awful feet. Go, saith the Lord, my Gabriel, go, "Salute the virgin's fruitful womb; "Make haste, ye cherubs, down below, Sing and proclaim the Saviour come." Here a bright squadron leaves the skies, And thick around Elisha stands; Anon a heav'nly soldier flies,


And breaks the chains from Peter's hands.

Thy winged troops, O God of hosts,
Wait on thy wand'ring church below;
Here we are sailing to thy coasts,
Let angels be our convoy too.
Are they not all thy servants, Lord?
At thy command they go and come;
With cheerful haste obey thy word,
And guard thy children to their home,



Redemption and Protection from
Spiritual Enemies. C. M.

ARISE, my soul, my joyful pow'rs,
And triumph in my God;
Awake, my voice, and loud proclaim
His glorious grace abroad,

He rais'd me from the deeps of sin,
The gates of gaping hell,
And fix'd my standing more secure
Than 'twas before I fell.

The arms of everlasting love
Beneath my soul he plac'd,
And on the rock of ages set
My slippery footsteps fast.

The city of my blest abode

Is wall'd around with grace;
Salvation for a bulwark stands
To shield the sacred place,

Satan may vent his sharpest spite,
And all his legions roar;
Almighty mercy guards my life,
And bounds his raging pow'r.

Arise, my soul, awake, my voice,
And tunes of pleasure sing;
Loud hallelujahs shall address
My Saviour and my King.
60. Christ magnifying the Law, and bring-
ing in an everlasting Righteousness. C. M.
WHEN Daniel's sev'nty weeks expir'd,
The Great Messiah dy'd;
He answer'd all the law requir'd,
And justice satisfy'd.

He cancell'd ev'ry crimson sin,
When his fair hands were torn;
And robes of righteousness brought in,
The naked to adorn.

Reflect, my soul, and stand amaz'd,
At love beyond compare;
He on the cross thy debts eras'd,
He nail'd the curses there.

He suffer'd once, let this suffice,
Keep this within thy view;
Not all that mortals e'er devis'd,
Can add a mite thereto.

Thus by the merit of his blood,
And labours of his hand,
Salvation finish'd flows from God,
And shall for ever stand.

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