The Romance of the Forum, Or, Narratives, Scenes, and Anecdotes from Courts of Justice

Cornish, Lamport & Company, 1853 - 308 páginas

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Página 31 - O keep my soul, and deliver me: let me not be ashamed; for I put my trust in thee.
Página 31 - Turn thee unto me, and have mercy upon me; for I am desolate and afflicted.
Página 293 - And, long since then, of bloody men, Whose deeds tradition saves; Of lonely folk cut off unseen, And hid in sudden graves; Of horrid stabs in groves forlorn, And murders done in caves...
Página 290 - Now, my lord, having endeavoured to show that the whole of this process is altogether repugnant to every part of my life ; that it is inconsistent with my condition of health about that time ; that no rational inference can be drawn that a person is dead who suddenly disappears ; that hermitages were the constant repositories of the bones of the recluse ; that the proofs of this...
Página 293 - He told how murderers walk the earth Beneath the curse of Cain, — With crimson clouds before their eyes, And flames about their brain : For blood has left upon their souls Its everlasting stain! "And well...
Página 294 - Two sudden blows with a ragged stick, And one with a heavy stone, One hurried gash with a hasty knife, — And then the deed was done; There was nothing lying at my foot But lifeless flesh and bone!
Página 289 - ... chance exposed ? And might not a place where bones lay be mentioned by a person by chance as well as found by a labourer by chance? Or is it more criminal accidentally to name where bones lie than accidentally to find where they lie?
Página 110 - ... procured him an advocate of rank too great to be rejected unheard, and of virtue too eminent to be heard without being believed. His merit and his calamities happened to reach the ear of the countess of Hertford, who engaged in his support with all the tenderness that is excited by pity, and all the zeal which is kindled by generosity...
Página 295 - And now from forth the frowning sky, from the heaven's topmost height, I heard a voice — the awful voice of the blood-avenging sprite : ' Thou guilty man, take up thy dead, and hide it from my sight...
Página 288 - About the same time, and in another field, almost close to this borough, was discovered also, in searching for gravel, another human skeleton ; but the piety of the same worthy gentleman ordered both pits to be filled up again, commendably unwilling to disturb the dead.

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