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In this small volume, which is a reprint of the poetical portion of the "Advanced Eeader," will be found many poems not to be met with in any other school-book, together with several that are well-known, but which, from their high excellence, are so greatly admired that their omission in such a work as this might be considered a blemish. To many of the pieces are appended questions, designed to assist the pupil in preparing for examination by the teacher, both as to his knowledge of the words, and also of the meaning of the whole; besides, numerous historical and explanatory notes are given, which have been made as interesting as possible, to attract the notice of the pupil, and at the same time short, that they may be easily remembered. By using the book according to the plan indicated in its pages, it will be found that the reading and reciting of poetry may not only be made use of as an admirable means of training the voice and the ear, but of drawing out the sympathies of the heart towards all that is pure, and lofty, and good.

Just Published, price 3s., 350 pp., the Second Edition of


A Collection of Select Specimens in English Prose and Poetry, with Explanatory Notes and Questions on each Lesson; to which are appended Copious Lists of Prefixes and Affixes, with Exercises on the same, and a very complete Dictionary of Latin, Greek, and French Boots, with Derivatives; for the use of Schools and for Private Study. By Alexander W. Blchan, F.E.I.S., of West Regent Street Academy, Glasgow.

To Teachers a specimen copy will be sent free by post on receipt of 30 stamps.

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