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The Triumph of “ Lakola.”

LAKOLA'S Triumph! an inspiring theme,
No idle phantasy, no poet's dream :
A solid fact, which wins congratulation,
From "working men” of every rank and station.
In trying times of muscle, nerve, or brain,
LAKOLA'S aid can strengthen and sustain.
Like many treasures of the wood and field,
'Tis Nature's bounty--to mankind revealed,
And perfected in THOMPSON's preparation,
Received with gladness by the British nation ;
West Africa its origin can claim,
And THOMPSON'S “ Essence” will prolong its fame.
LAKOLA Triumphs in the time of need,
When workers seek alertness, strength, and speeil
Our modern life-made up of “work and worry,”
Just needs LAKOLA for the "hurry-scurry.
Tonics (so called) and Stimulants must yield
Their weak attempts—LAKOLA holds the field.
LAKOLA Triumphs both as Food and Drink,
Aná thus supplies to all the “Missing Link;”
The pathway may be rough-the journey long-
Here's Food and Drink to keep you well and strong.
PRIZE MEDAL KOLA stands in your defence,
The Cost is small--your Profit is immense.
LAKOLA Triumphs when the human voice
Is lifted up to sorrow or rejoice-
Whether the preacher holds you in his sway,
Or singer melts you with a moving lay;
We need not wonder if the impression made
Is largely owing to LAKOLA'S aid.
LAKOLA thus unfolds a mine of wealth,
'Twill make you well, and keep you in good health,
Please note the designation and the name,
LAKOLA, LIMITED, asserts its claim ;
It needs no prophet to predict or guess,
LAKOLA'S final Triumph and Success!

The Best Breakfast Beverage, five LAKOLA PASTE.

times more Strengthening than Cocoa. LAKOLA ESSENCE.

A Quick, Reviving, Digestive,

and Restorative Tonic. LAKOLA CHOCOLATE for Eating

Prices-17, 21, and 3/6. Wholesale from LAKOLA, LIMITED, GLASGOW.



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