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tear with him, while he is grieved at the hardness of your heart, and with the tear in his eye weeping over the city, and saying, O if thou hadst known in this thy day, the things that belong to thy peace! but the time approaches when they shall be hid from thine eyes; the time of desolation is coming, because thou knowest not the time of thy visitation. Do ye expect that these days will always last with you, and that you will never be deprived of sermons, and ministers, and facraments ? Nay, they shall be hid from your eyes. Your fathers, where are they? And the prophets do they live for ever! Nay, since the last communion here, one of our dear helpers in this presbytery, from whose lips you used to hear the joyful sound, is gone away to the communion-table above ; and glory to God, that he got a full gale of heavenly wind, to drive him in with holy joy and triumph to the harbour of glory. But now, O finners, have ye no regard to Christ weeping over you, and saying, o if ye knew the day of your visitation, before the shadows of the everlasting evening be drawn upon you! and O that you knew the things that belong to your peace, before they be hid from

But again, I must tell you what is his wrathful and threatning word. If you believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your fins ; and how shall ye escape, if ye neglect so great a salvation !

salvation! If they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more Thall we not escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven.

And O, what if it come to his farewel word! Í go my way, and ye shall see me no more till he come in the clouds of heaven, and every eye shall


your eyes !

fee him; and then you will come to that word with it, who live and die with a heart never engaged to him: you will come, I say, to that word with it, o mcuntains and bills fall upon us, and hide us from the face of the Lamb.

And how dreadful will his last word be to you, depart from me ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and bis angels! Ye did eat and drink in my house, and at my table, but I know you not, depart from me: Ye adventured to approach to my table, but your hearts were not engaged to approach to me; nay, your hearts departed from me; therefore depart with a vengeance, Depart from me ye curfed.

But because it is not come to that with you as yet; nay, it is yet a day of salvation : I would tell you next, his expoftulating word, or his intreating word; he would fain take his word of wrath again, that


whose hearts are faying, Away with him, may yet take your word again : He is saying, Wby will ge die, o bouse of Israel? As I live, I have no pleasure in your death; O turn ye, turn ye: Come, come, the door is yet open, the door of salvation is caft up wide to the walls, that ye may all run in; the draw-bridge of mercy is not yet taken up, the day of mercy is present, the day of judgment is but coming, and now I am looking to you, and ye are looking to me; and if ye be not looking on me, ye that are behind the pillars and galleries there, I hope ye are hearing me : And therefore, in the view of that awful day, when we shall fee and hear at another rate, before the flaming tribunal, I take witnesies here, in presence of the great God, and all this numerous company, that I am giving you a new offer of Christ, as an engager


you, to save

to do all for you ; and that if you will but consent to take him and give him employment, yea, that if you do not reject him, you shall have him. None here shall have it to say, they got nothing at this communion: For lo, you have got an offer of Christ ; and if you go away without him, and live and die without him, we shall be witnefses against one another at the great day of his appearance. O now is the acceptable time, &c. O, are ye pleased? Are your hearts pleased with one to be a cautioner for


both from sin and hell, and that will engage for debt, and duty, and safety, and pave your way for approaching to G glorious presence for ever? Will ye have him for your head and captain? I allude to the words of fepbthab, Jud. xi. 2. If I fight for you, and prevail, Shall I be your bead? O yes, yes, say they ; well, fo says Christ to you, if I engage to satisfy justice for you, and answer all law-demands for you, and take away


your fins, and fight all and do all your work in you and for you; Thall I be your head ? O is your heart engaged to say, yes? O my friends, old and young, that are here, do your hearts say, Amen, Amen; content to have him as a prophet, to take away the darkness of

my mind; content to have him as a priest, to take away the guilt of all my sins;

and content to have him as a king, to take away the power of all my lufts and idols, and to make me holy and happy in himself, that his name may be glorified in me, and his grace magnified for ever? then, I hope, the day of salvation is begun, that shall be celebrated with joy to eternity. Therefore, let me close with a word, in the next place,


pour battles,

2dly, To

your doubt

you afraid


2dly, To you whose hearts are engaged to the Lord Jesus, whether you have been communicants or not ; and because some such may be in doubts whether ever they have believed in Christ truly and savingly. Why, if your hearts be truly engaged to Christ, never make a question about your believing ; for a heart engaged to him is the best believing in the world, Rom. x. 10. With the beart man believeth unto righteousness; and if remain, the best way of getting it resolved, is, to let your heart go out upon


anew, as the glorious engager and approacher to God in your room. Are ye afraid you come short of heaven ? So ye may indeed, unless Christ had engaged to bring you there ; but if you lay stress upon his engagement, there is no fear. Are

you Thort of duty ? So you may if you be the only engager; but will you trust Christ for nothing? Where is your faith in his engagement, to do all for you and in you? What may some say, would you have us all to turn Antinomians, to do nothing, and engage to do nothing, but trust all to Chrift? The Lord pity a poor deluded world that is wedded to a covenant of works. Will you tell me, Man, Is that Antinomianism, to come out of yourself to Chrift for righteousness, to answer all the demands of the law as a covenant of works; and to come out of your self to Christ for strength, to answer all the commands of the law as a rule of life and holiness, and so to engage for nothing in your own person alone, because Gad cannot trust your personal bond, but to take Chrif for jour cautioner, and to lay stress on bis engagement? And seeing you cannot approach to a holy and just 'God in yourself, to look to Christ as the first appruacher for you, and then to approach to God in

him. If you thus engage upon Christ's head, according to his promise, then engage to what you will; and if you approach to God in his own name, then

you may approach with boldness. If

you think of engaging in your own name and person, and of approaching in your own name and person, that is the old covenant-way of engaging and approaching; and therefore no wonder then, if that be your way,


be overwhelmed with fears and doubts, and discouragements.

· But let gallant faith come in and say, Christ hath engaged, and therefore I have nothing to do but to trust to him for all, and in the ufe of means depend upon him ; Christ hath approached before me, and therefore upon the red carpet of his justicesatisfying blood, I'll go into the holy of holies, even into the presence of a just and holy God. O have

you thus approached to God at this occafion? I know not, say ye? I would be glad to know. Why, if

ye would judge of your approach to God in Christ, judge of your approach, not by the measure of it; for believers are permitted only sometimes, as it were, to wash his feet with their tears, like Mary, though at other times they may be allowed to lie in his bosom, like the beloved disciple. Judge not of your approach, by the matter of that which he gives you; for sometimes you may be seeking one thing, and he may give another : It may be ye were seeking a feast of joy ; but if he hath given you a feast of godly forrow, that is as good for you. Judge not of your approach by your former experiences: It may be, formerly you have been like a lamb in his bosom, saying, under a sense of his love, This is my beloved ; and now, perhaps, you must lie like a dog Vol. II.



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