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The special attention given to Congregational singing in our Churches within the past four years has been followed by the most beneficial results. Believing it to be their duty to promote in every way an element 80 replete with vitality and power, the Publishers take pleasure in recommending the present work, which is specially adapted for this purpose. It embodies our choicest hymns, and our most familiar and best tunes. Compiled with great care by Rev. W. M'Donald and L. F. Snow, Esq., with the valued assistance and advice of Rev. David Patten, D.D., the whole has been under the able direction and supervision of DR. EBEN TOURJEE, whose labors in behalf of the movement referred to are well knuwn.

A Psalter, arranged for responsive reading in Churches, is issued separately and in connection with this volume, at trifling cost.

Particular attention is directed to the “Order of Service,” which has been very carefully prepared, and is highly approved.

Special obligations are acknowledged to Messrs. 0. Ditson & Co. for the use of tunes of Dr. Lowell Mason and others; to Messrs. Biglow & Main, for tunes of Wm. B. Bradbury and others; to Dr. H. L. Hastings, George Kingsley, F. J. Huntington, Wm. G. Fischer, S. J. Vail, O. Snow, Philip Phillips, G. F. Root, Rev. Robert Lowry, Rev. L. Hartsough, John Church & Co., W. H. Doane, the publishers of “Songs of Gladness,” and others, who have kindly allowed the use of their compositions. Most of the tunes used being copyright property, parties desiring to use them in other collections will please make application to the authors or proprietors, and not to the undersigned publishers.


Entered according to Arst of Congress, in the year 1874, by NELSON & PHILLIPS, in the office of the

Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

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THE publication of the present work will, it is hoped and believed, greatly facilitate the more general adoption in our churches and social meetings, of song as an element of worship. In its production, extensive researches have been made in both European and American Psalmody, from which the best tunes have been carefully selected. Above fifty of the most popular and useful German and English chorals, the singing of which has delighted and edified Christian hearts in all lands since the days of Luther, have been added.

Prepared with special reference to encouraging and assisting the people to engage in choral worship, it will be found replete with those standard familiar congregational tunes so precious for many years to the hearts of all denominations of believers, together with an extensive collection of the best and most popular productions of modern composers. Trashy and sentimental compositions have been discarded.

The Department for the Choir will be found especially rich in English and Gregorian Chants, Sentences, and Chorals, with a very choice selection of tunes. The Te Deum, Gloria in Excelsis, Gloria Patri, and Responses to the Commandments, are also included.

An important feature of the work is its collection of hymns and tunes for the use of social meetings. It comprises a large number of those most extensively known, with many others which have been greatly admired wherever introduced, and which promise to achieve an enduring popularity. Great pains have been taken to make this department complete, and it is believed that it embraces all that is essential for the musical service of prayer and conference meetings. While some of its hymns and tunes may not fulfil the requirements of the most fastidious taste, their inherent usefulness, and the devotional spirit they breathe, have secured their introduction. No hymn or tune should be discarded on account of defects in its structure, if upon trial it is found to enkindle, or give utterance to, the devotional fervor of the church of Christ.

A number of attractive Sunday school hymns and tunes have been added, to give completeness to the work.

The following suggestions must be carefully observed, in order to secure successful

CHOIR AND CONGREGATIONAL SINGING. They embody the results of a long experience, and it is believed that wher. ever adopted, they will be followed by gratifying results.

1. An organ and a choir are essential to the proper maintenance of singing as an element of worship in church service.

2. The organ should be of sufficient power to sustain and lead the congregation in the general song; and should contain such a variety of registers as will furnish a suitable accompaniment to the choir, and at the same time give the organist proper scope for the voluntaries. Its appropriate position is in the rear of the pulpit, or divided and placed on each side of it.*

The want of large pipe organs for more effective support In accompanying the congrogation is greatly felt in a large majority of our churches.

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