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s Our fathers trusted in thy name,
And great deliv'rance found;
But I’m a worm despis'd of men,
And trodden to the ground.
4 Shaking the head, they pass me by,
And laugh my soul to scorn;
“In vain he trusts in God,” they cry,
“Neglected and forlorn.”
5 Yet, thou, Q God! hast form'd my flesh,
By thy almighty word,
And since I hung upon the breast,
My hope is in the Lord. -
6 My God, if possible it be,
ithhold this bitter cup:
But I resign my will to thee,
And drink the sorrows up.
7 My heart dissolves with pangs unknown;
n groans l waste m o
Thy heavy hand hath brought me down
Low as the dust of death.
8 Father, I give my spirit up,
And trust it in thine hand:
My dying flesh shall rest in hope,
Å; rise at thy command.

PSALM 22. Second Part. C. M.
Blessings from Christ crucified.

1 ITHING in pain, our Saviour pray'd
With mighty cries and tears:
In that dread hour, his Father heard,
And chas'd away his fears.

2 Great was the vict'ry of his death;
His throne exalte .#.
And all the kindreds of the earth
Shall worship or shall die.

3. A num’rous race shall mount the skies
On his expiring groans:
They shallbereckon'd in his eyes
For daughters and for sons.

4 The meek and humble souls shall see
His table richly spread:
And all that seek the Lord shall be
With joys immortal fed. •.

5 The isles shall know the righteousness
Of our incarnate God:
And nations yet unborn profess
Salvation in his blood.

PSALM 22. Third Part. L. M. The sufferings and exaltation of Christ. I OW let our mournful songs record The dying sorrows of our Lord; When he complain’d in tears and blood, As one forsaken of his God.

2 The Jews beheld him thus forlorn, And shook their heads and laugh’d in scorn: “He rescu'd others from the grave; “Now let him try himself to save.” 3 They wound his head, his hands, his feet, Tils streams of blood each other meet; By lot his garments they divide, And mock the pangs in which he dy’d. 4 But God, his Father, heard his cry; Rais'd from the dead, he reigns on high: The nations learn his righteousness, And humble sinners taste his grace. PSALM 23. First Part. L. M. Jesus a Shepherd. 1. Jo; my Lord, doth condescend, - To be my shepherd and my friend; I on his faithfulness rely, His care shall all my wants supply. 2 In pastures green he doth me lead, And there in safety makes me feed; Refreshing streams are ever nigh, My thirsty soul to satisfy. 3 When stray’d, or languid, I complain, His i. revives my soul again: For his name's sake, in ways upright, He makes me walk with great delight. 4 Yea, when death’s gloomy vale I tread, With joy, ev’n there, I’ll lift my head; From fear and dread he’ll keep me free; His rod and staff shall comfort me, 5 A table stor'd with living bread, In spite of foes, Lord, thou hast spread; Thou dost my head with oil anoint, And a full cup for me appoint. 6 Goodness and mercy shall to me, Thro' all my life extended be; And when o, pilgrimage is o'er, I’ll dwell with thee for evermore. PSALM 23. Second Part. S. M. The same, . 1 TESUS my Shepherd lives J Jehovah is his name."

Since he is mine, and I am his,
I shall not suffer shame.
2 He leads me to the place
Where heav'nly pasture grows;
Where living waters gently pass;
And full salvation flows.
3 If er’er I go astray,
He doth my soul reclaim:
And guides me in his own right way
For his most holy name.
4 While he affords his aid,
I cannot want or fear:
Tho' I should walk thro’ death's dark shade,
My shepherd's with me there.
5 In spite of all my foes
Thou dost my table spread;
My cup with blessings overflows,
And joy exalts my head.
6 The bounties of thy love
Shall crown my following days;
Nor from thy house will I remove,
Nor cease to speak thy praise.

PSALM 24. L. M. The Christian's rest—The ascension of Christ. l This spacious earth is all the Lord's, And men and worms, and beasts and birds: He rais’d the building on the seas, And gave it for their dwelling-place. 2. But there’s a brighter world on high, Thy palace, Lord, above the sky; Who shall ascend that blest abode, And dwell so near his Maker, God? 3. He that abhors and fears to sin, Whose heart is pure, whose hands are clean; Him shall the Lord the Saviour bless, And clothe his soul with righteousness,

4 These are the men, the pious race,
That seek the God of Jacob’s face;
These shall enjoy the blissful sight,
And dwell in everlasting light.

5 Rejoice, ye shining worlds on high,
Behold the King of #. nigh!
Who can this king of glory be?
The mighty Lord, the Saviour's he.

6 Ye heav'nly gates, your leaves display,
To make the lord, the Saviour, way:
Laden with spoils from earth and hell,
The conqu'ror comes with God to dwell.

7 Rais'd from the dead, he goes before, He opens heav'n's eternal door, To give his saints a blest abode Near their Redeemer, and their God. PSALM 25. First Part. S. M. Waiting for pardon and direction. 1 I LIFT my soul to God, My trust is in his name : Let not my foes that seek my blood Still triumph in my shame. 2 Sin, and the pow’rs of hell Persuade me to despair: Lord, make me know thy cow’nant well, That 1 may 'scape the snare. 3 From the first dawning light, Till the dark ev’ning rise, For thy salvation, Lord, I wait, ith ever longing eyes. 4 Remember all thy grace, And lead me in thy truth; Forgive the sins of riper days, And follies of my youth. 5 The Lord is just and kind, The meek shall learn his ways; And ev'ry humble sinner find. The blessings of his grace.

6 For his own goodness' sake, He saves my soul from shame; He pardons (tho' my guilt be great) Thro' my Redeemer's name. PSALM 25. Second Part. S. M. - Covenant Blessings. 1 HERE shall the man be found, That fears toffend his God; That loves the gospel’s joyful sound, And trembles at the rod? 2 The Lord shall make him know The secrets of his heart; The wonders of his cov’nant show, And all his love impart.

3 The dealings of his hand,
Are truth and mercy still,
With such as in his cov’nant stand,
And love to do his will.
4 Their souls shall dwell at ease
Before their maker’s face :
Their seed shall taste the promises
In their extensive grace.

PSALM 25. Third Part. S. M.
Distress of Soul.
1 INE eyes and my desire
M Are ever to the ł. :
I love to plead his promises,
And rest upon his word.

2 Turn, turn thee to my soul;
Bring thy salvation near :
When will thy hand release my feet
Out of the deadly snare 1
3 When shall the sov’reign grace,
Of my forgiving God,
Restore me from those dang'rous ways,
My wandering feet have trod!

4 The tumult of my thoughts Doth but enlarge my woe; My spirit languishes; my heart Is desolate and low. 5 With ev'ry morning light My grief anew begins; Look on my anguish and my pain, And pardon all my sins. 6 Behold the hosts of hell, How cruel is their hate : Against my life . rise, and join Their fury with deceit. 7 O keep my soul from death, Nor put my hope to shame: For I have plac'd my only trust In my Redeemer's name. 8 With humble faith I wait, To see thy face again: . Of Israel it shall ne'er be said, He sought the Lord in vain. PSALM 26. L. M. The Christian's integrity—An appeal to God. I UDGE me, O Lord, and prove my ways, And try my reins, and try my heart; My faith upon thy promise stays, Nor from thy law my feet depart.

2 I hate to walk, I hate to sit
With men of vanity and lies;
The scoffer and the hypocrite
Are the abhorrence of mine eyes-

3 Among thy saints will I appear,
With hands well wash’d in innocence;
But when I stand before thy bar,
The blood of Christ is my defence.

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