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4 I love thy habitation, Lord,
The temple where thine honours dwell;
There shall I hear thy holy word,
And there thy works of wonder tell.

5 Let not my soul be join’d at last
With men of treachery and blood;
Since I my days on earth have past
Among the saints, and near my God.

PSALM 27. First Part. C. M.
Delight and safety in the Church.

1 HE Lord of glory is my light,
And my salvation too:
God is my strength; nor will I fear
What all my foes can do.

2 One privilege my heart desires;
ant me an abode,
Within th’ assemblies of thy saints,
The temples of my God
3 There shall I offer my requests,
And see thy beauty . - -
Shall hearthy messages of love,
And there inquire thy will.
4. When troubles rise, and storms appear,
There may his children hide :
God has a strong pavilion, where
He makes my soul abide.
5 Now shall my head be lifted high
Above my foes around;
And songs of joy and victory
Within thy temple sound.

PSALM 27. Second Part. C. M.
Comfort in God.

1 So, as I heard my Father say, “Ye children, seek my grace;” My heart reply'd, without delay, “I’ll seek my Father's face.” 2 Let not thy face be hid from me, Nor frown my soul away: God of my life, I fly to thee In a distressing day. 3 Should friends and kindred, near and dear, Leave me to want, or die; My God would make m life his care, And all my need supply. 4 My fainting flesh had died with grief; - #. not my soul believ'd, >

Thy grace would soon provide relief; or was my hope deceiv'd. 5 Wait on the Lord, ye trembling saints, And keep your courage up: He'll raise your spirit when it faints, And far exceed your hope.

- PSALM 28. L. M.

Deliverance from enemies—Prayer answered;

1 GOD of grace, my cry attend
O Lest, like the sons of guilt become,
Beguil’d by satan, I descend
With hopeless wretches to the tomb.

2 To thee my humble sighs arise;
With lifted hands on thee I call;
Lord, hear my fervent pray'rs and cries,
Nor leave me in despair to fall.

3 Qh save my soul from shame and sin;
Nor let my heedless footsteps go,
Where harden’d wretches swift decline
Down the broad way to endless woe.

4 While peace their flattoring lips proclaim,
And love profess, and hope impart;
They blast their neighbour's honest fame,
And wing their arrows to his heart.

5 But, while they plant the secret snare, Thy searching eyes their path regard: Thy hands their dreadful doom prepare, And mete their guilt its just reward.

6 Because their hearts thy works despise, Thy works of wisdom, grace, and pow'r; Thy hand, regardless of their cries, Shall sink them, that they rise no more. 7 Blest be the Lord, who heard my pray’r; The Lord my shield, my help, # song; Who sav'd my soul from sin and fear ; And tun'd with praise my thankful tongue 8 In the dark hour of deep distress, My foes beset, of death afraid; My spirit trusted in his grace, And sought, and found his heav'nly aid. 9 Qblest Redeemer, great and kind! Thy shield, thy saving strength, shall be The shield, the strength, of ev'ry mind, That loves thy name, and trusts in thee. 10 Remember, Lord, thy chosen seed, Israel defend from guilt and woe:

Thy flock in richest pastures feed,
And guard their steps from ev’ry foe.

11 Zion exalt, her cause maintain;

With peace and joy her courts surround:
In show’rs let endless blessings rain,
And saints eternal praise resound.

PSALM 29. L. M.
Majesty and power of God.

1 IVE to the Lord, ye sons of fame,
Give to the Lord renown and pow'r?
Ascribe due honours to his name,
And his eternal might adore.

2 The Lord proclaims his pow'r aloud,
Upon the ocean and the land:
His voice divides the wat'ry cloud,
And lightnings blaze at his command.

3 He speaks, and tempest, hail and wind,
Lay the wide forest bare around:
The fearful hart, and frighted hind,
Leap at the terror of the sound. -

4 To Lebanon he turns his voice,
And lo, the stately cedars break;
The mountains tremble at the noise,
The valleys roar, the deserts quake.

5 The Lord sits sov’reign on the flood;
The Thund’rer reigns forever king;
Rut makes his church his blest abode,
Where we his awful glories sing.

6 In gentler language there the Lord
The counsels of his grace imparts:
Amid the raging storm, his word
Speaks peace and courage to our hearts.

PSALM 30. L. M.
Sickness healed.

* 1 T WILL extol thee, Lord, on high,
At thy command diseases fly:
Who, but a God, can speak, and save
From the dark borders of the grave?

2 Sing to the Lord, ye saints of his,

And tell how large his goodness is: . - ... Let all your pow'rs rejoice and bless, o

While you record his holiness.

3 His anger but a moment stays;
His love is life and length of days:
Tho' grief and tears the night elmploy,

. The morning-starrestores the joy.

4 Firm was my health, my day was bright,
And I presum’d 'twould ne'er be night:
Fondly I said within my heart, -
“Pleasure and peace shall ne'er depart.”

5 But I forgot thine arm was strong,
Which made my mountain stand so long;
Soon as thy face began to hide,
My health was gone, my comforts died.

6 I cried aloud to thee, my God:
“What can'st thou profit by my blood?
“Deep in the dust can I declare
“Thy truth, or sing thy glories there?

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1 INTO thy hand, O God of truth,
My spirit I commit;
Thou hast redeem'd my soul from death,
And sav'd me from the pit.
2 The passions of my hope and fear
#. a o strife;
While sorrow, pain, and sin conspir'd
To take away my life.
3 “My times are in thy hand,” I cry’d,
“Tho' I draw near the dust:”
Thou art the refuge where I hide,
The God in whom I trust.

4 Omake thy reconciled face Upon thy servant shine, And save me for thy mercy's sake! - For I’m entirely thine. 5 'Twas in my haste my spirit said, “I must despair and die; “I am cut off . thine eyes;” But **** cry,

6 Thy goodness how divinely free ?
How wond’rous is thy grace
To those that fear thy majesty,
And trust thy promises :
7 O love the Lord, all ye his saints,
And sing his praises loud: -
He'll bend his ear to your complaints,
And recompense the proud.
PSALM 31. Second Part. C. M.
Deliverance from slander and reproach.

1 M% heart rejoices in thy name,
My God, my help, my trust:
Thou hast preserv'd my face from shame,
Mine honour from the dust.
2 “My life is spent with grief,” I cried,
“My years consum’d in groans;
“My strength decays; mine eyes are dried;
“And sorrow wastes my bones.”

3 Among mine enemies my name Was a mere proverb grown; While to my neighbours I became Forgotten and unknown. 4 Slander and fear on ev'ry side Seiz'd and beset me round : I to the throne of grace apply'd, And speedy rescue #. 5 How great deliv'rence thou hast wrought T o: * SOnS # III on 1 he lying lips to silence brought And made their boastings ‘. o 6 To children, from the strife of tongues, hall thy pavilion hide; Guard them from infamy and wrong, And crush the sons of pride. 7 Within thy secret presence, Lord, Let me for ever dwell : No fenced city wall'd and barr'd Secures a saint so well. PSALM 31. Third Part, L. M. Special mercies acknowledged. 1 H%. many Ebenezers stand, To mark the mercies of thy hand 1 How many pray'rs have reach'd thy throne I How often has thy grace been shown : - 2. When sorrows rise and pains prevail, Or angry foes my peace assail; When dangers thicken all around, . . . . In thee alone my help is found.

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