The Ant: A Periodical Paper Published in Glasgow During the Years 1826 and 1827, Temas1-27

J. Curll, 1829

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Página 263 - He was now in his sixty-fourth year, and was become a little dull of hearing. His sight had always been somewhat weak ; yet, so much does mind govern, and even supply the deficiency of organs, that his perceptions were uncommonly quick and accurate. His head, and sometimes also his body, shook with...
Página 263 - ... he frequently indulged himself in pleasantry and sportive sallies. He was prone to superstition but not to credulity. Though his imagination might incline him to a belief of the marvellous and the mysterious, his vigorous reason examined the evidence with jealousy. He had a loud voice and a slow deliberate utterance which no doubt gave some additional weight to the sterling metal of his conversation.
Página 59 - He seemed to have written and forgotten it ; but no sooner was the task- work over, than he felt at his own ease, and made his auditors be at theirs. In fact, each of us very speedily experienced the same agreeable feeling that would have been ours had we been seated at table with Sir Walter, and been on terms of perfect intimacy with him. At length, Lord Meadowbank got up and petrified us all by his direct and, as it at first appeared, scandalously rude allusion to his friend's being the Author...
Página 168 - I had rather hear a brazen candlestick turn'd, Or a dry wheel grate on the axle-tree ; And that would set my teeth nothing on edge, Nothing so much as mincing poetry : — 'Tis like the forc'd gait of a shuffling nag.
Página 268 - ... also the limbs as far as the knees and elbows. This dress was composed of the skin of some animal, laced in front with thongs of the same material, and having the hairy side inwards ; and it is not impossible it might have been that of the moose deer.
Página 268 - It had all the appearance of recent death when first discovered, excepting that the abdomen was quite collapsed, but on exposure to the atmosphere it decayed rapidly. The face was that of a young man of handsome features and foreign aspect, and his hair, which was long and black, hung loosely over his shoulders.
Página 113 - ... out of doubt, The organs, though defunct and dead before, Break up their drowsy grave, and newly move With casted slough and fresh legerity. SHAKSPEARE. Lively vigour rested in his mind, And recompensed him with a better score ; Weak body well is changed for mind's redoubled force. SPENSER. MIRTH. In all thy humours, whether grave or mellow, Thou'rt such a testy, touchy, pleasant fellow ; Hast so much wit, and mirth, and spleen about thee, There is no living with thee, nor without thee.
Página 45 - Mustapha— son of my sister, and keeper of my keys — there is no God but God, and Mahomet is his prophet...
Página 106 - Hght blue with which ladies threaten to line and trim their bonnets for the summer, is decidedly in good taste for fair complexions. It is with the mind as with the soil — it must be allowed to lie fallow occasionally ; and when so unemployed, its possessor is no more to be called idle, than a skilful farmer at one period of the rotation of his crops is to be called lazy. The freaks of women of intellect it is easy to pardon ; bnt in the follies of those without if, there is nothing redeeming or...

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