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whereas measures have been taken, and who shall, previous to the first by the wisdom of his Majesty's Par- day of September next ensuing, liament, for repressing such out- appear before some justice of the rages in future, by increasing the peace or magistrate, and declare punishment for the same; and in such his offence, and when, where, the hope that such measures will and by whom the same was commiteffectually deter persons from the ted, shall receive his Majesty's most future commission of such offences, gracious pardon for such offence; We are desirous of extending his and that no confession so made by Majesty's most gracious pardon to any such person shall be given in all those who have hitherto offend- evidence in any court or in any ed herein, cxcept as hereinafter is case whatever ; provided, nerermentioned: We have therefore theless, that nothing herein conthought fit, by and with the ad- tained shall extend to the offence vice of his Majesty's Privy Coun- so committed at Loughborough, cil, to issue this Proclamation, as aforesaid, nor to any other of. and in the name and on the behalf fence, except such as may have of his Majesty, We do hereby pro- been committed contrary to the mise and declare, that every per- said statute made in the 54th year son who hath committed any of- aforesaid. fence against the form of the Sta Given at the Court at Carlton. tute made in the fifty-fourth year house, the 15th day of July, of his Majesty's reign, for the pu 1817, in the 57th year of his nishment of persuns destroying Majesty's reign. stocking or lace frames, but hath God save the King. not yet been charged therewith,



Hon. Mrs. Bland, a son.

Lady Catherine Cavendish, a January.


The Countess of Shannon, a The lady of Major-general Sir daughter. William Anson, a son.

The lady of Lord Robert TotThe Countess of Clonmel, a son tenham, Bishop of Killaloe, a and heir.

daughter. The wife of C. W. Taylor, Esq. The Countess De la Warr, a M. P. à son and heir.

son. Lady Mortlock, a daughter.

The lady of the Hon. J.T. Leslie
Melville, à son.

The lady of Sir John Fenton The lady of Majur-general Sir Boughey, bart, å daughter. Roger Hale Sheaffe, bart. a The lady of the Hon. Dr. Ryder, daughter.

Bishop of Gloucester, a daughter. The lady of the Right Hon. The lady of Rear-adm. Sir John Lord Bridport, a daughter. Gore, a daughter.

Viscountess Folkestone, a daugh- The Marchioness of Tweedale, ter.

a daughter. Lady Eleanor Balfour, a daugh- Viscountess Pollington, a son.

The Countess of Ilchester, a Lady Elibank, a son.

son. At Montreal, the Countess of Hon. Mrs. Butler, a daughter. Selkirk, a daughter.

The lady of Sir James M'Grigor,

a son. February.

The lady of Sir James Lake,

bart. a daughter. The lady of Sir Hungerford The lady of Sir Henry C. MontHoskyns, a son.

gomery, bart. a daughter. Viscountess Dungannon, a The wife of Hon. D. M. Ersdaughter.

kine, a son. The wife of General Francis Lady Sarah Lyttleton, a son. Dundas, a son.

Lady Charlotte Duncombe, : The Princess of Orange, a son. son.

The wife of the Hon. Captain The wife of Albany Sarille, Esq. Irby, a daughter.

M.P. a son. The wife of William Henry Ash- The wife of Davies Gilbert hurst, Esq. M. P. a daughter. (Giddy), Esq. M.P. a daughter.

The lady of Sir Henry Darell, a Lady Louisa Call, a daughter. son.

Lady Hunter Blair, a son. The lady of Sir Geo. Prescott, The wife of the Hon. Mr. Clifa son.

ford, a daughter. Lady Charlotte Neville, a son. The wife of Major Howard

April. Vyse, M.P. a son.

The lady of Sir Simeon Stuart, Viscountess Havarden, a son a daughter.

and heir.


Lady Emily Murray, a daughter. Lady Rivers, a daughter.

The Countess of Rothes, The lady of Sir John Judkin daughter...

Fitzgerald, a daughter. . Hon. Mrs.George Villiers, à son. Lady James Hay, a daughter. Lady Curtis, a son. Lady Stopford, à son.

June. Lady Gertrude Sloane, a son. The Duchess of Newcastle, a son. The wife of Major-gen. Beat

The lady of Sir Philip Broke, son, a son. bart. å daughter..

The Lady of Earl Compton, a The Marchioness of Queens- dăughter. berry, a daughter..

Lady Robert Kerr, a daughter. The lady of Adm. Sir G. Cock The Countess of Minto, a son. burn, a daughter.

Lady Elizabeth Smyth, a daughLady K. Halkett, a son. ter.

Lady Frances Clonmore, a Lady Ridley, a son.. daughter.

The wife of W. T. Money, Esq. Hon. Mrs. Sullivan, a son., M.P. a son. Lady Edward O'Brien, a daughter. The lady of Sir J. A. Gordon, a : The wife of the Hon., and Rev. daughter. Gerard Noel, a daughter... so. Lady Anna Maria Cuffee, a son

July. and heir.

Lady of Sir Edward Bayntun The Duchess of Bedford, a son. Sandys, a daughter.

Hon. Mrs. Dawson, a daughter. Lady of Sir J. Trollope, a son. Lady Clerk, a daughter. Lady Baker, a son.

The lady of Sir Richard Jephson, bart. a son.

The wife of the Hon. and Rev.

J. Evelyn Boscawen, a daughter. Lady Harriet Paget, a daughter. The wife of the Hon. Edward Viscountess Milton, a son... Thornton, a son.

The wife of William Dickinson, The wife of the Hon. and Rev. Esg. M.P. a daughter. . ons

H. Ç. Cust, a daughter. . Right Hon. Lady Graves, a The Countess of Errol, á son. daughter. .

The Hon. Mrs. Peter Latouche, The wife of E. Litlleton, Esq. a daughter. M. P. a daughter,

Lady Thurlow, à son. Right Hon. Lady Fitzroy So- Lady of Sir John Chandog Rende, merset, a son...

bårt. a daughter. Lady Katherine Stewart, a Lady Manners, a son, (still daughter.,

born.) The wife of Juhn Ireland Black - Lady, Barbara Ponsonby, a burne, Esq. M. P. a son and heir. daughter.

Rt. Hon. Lady Sophia Which- The lady of Lord Cringletie, a cote, a son.

gon. The wife of the Hon. J. Tüchet, Lady Caroline Cocks, a daugheldest son of Lord Audley, a són. ter.



Hon. Mrs. Lysaght, a son. The Marchioness of Downshire, Hon. Mrs. Kilvington, a son. a daughter.

Lady Charlotte Goold, a daugh- The wife of Robert Abercromter.

bie, Esq. M.P. a daughter. Hon. Mrs. Heneage, a daughter. Hon. Mrs. Waldegrave, a son.

The lady of Sir Bellingham August.

Graham, bart. a daughter.

The wife of the Hon. Alexander The wife of the Hon, and Rev. Murray, a son. J. Pleydel Bouverie, a son.

The lady of Sir William Duff The wife of James Alexander, Gordon, bart. M.P. a daughter. Esq. M. P. a daughter.

The wife of Major-gen. the Right Hon. Lady Amelia Sophia Hon. Godfrey Bosville, a son. Boyce, a son.

Lady Menzies, a son.
Right Hon. Lady Mary Long,
a son.

The wife of Captain the Hon.
Alexander Jones, a daughter.

Hon. Mrs. G. L. Newnham, The Countess Jules de Polignac, &

. a daughter.

The Marchioness of Ely, a son. a son. Lady Kensington, a daughter.

Right Hon. Lady Caroline Anne Lady Jane Pym, a daughter.

Macdonald, a daughter. . Lady Frances Cole, daughter of

The wife of Hon. Charles Law, the Earl of Malmesbury, a son.

a daughter. Hon. Mrs. Weld, a daughter.

Lady Eleanor Fetherston, a Hon. Mrs. Germain, a son.

daughter. Right Hon. Lady Louvaine, a

The lady of Sir Edw. O'Brien,

bart. a daughter. son. The lady of Adm. Sir J. Beres.

Lady Maxwell, of Monteith, a

daughter. ford, a daughter. The wife of H. Willoughby,

The lady of Lieut.-col. Sir Hew Esq. M.P. a son.

Ross, a son. Lady Dunbar, of Boath, a

The wife of Cuthbert Ellison, daughter.

Esq. M. P. a daughter. Hon. Mrs. St. John, a daughter.

The lady of Brig.-gen. Sir John The lady of the Rev. Sir Charles

Campbell, a daughter. Anderson, bart. a daughter.

Lady Gibson Carmichael, a son. The lady of Lieut.-col. Hon.

The wife of Joseph Marryat, W.H. Gardner, a son.

• Esq. M. P. a son. Lady Rendlesham, a daughter.

Countess of Hopeton, a son.

The Countess of Longford, a September.

son and heir.

The wife of F. C. Cavendish, The lady of Sir G. Eyre, a Esq. a son and heir. daughter. Lady Cremorne, a son and heir.

November. The lady of Rear-adm. Otway, Lady Eliz. Douglas, wife of a daughter.

Rev. C. Douglas, a daughter.


Lady Charles Bentinck, a son.
The Lady of Sir John Gordon

Sinclair, a daughter.
The Duchess of Rutland, a son.

The Lady of Sir Charles Wale,
a son.

Rt. Hon. Joshua Lord HuntingThe Lady of Sir William Wise- field, to Miss Blois, daughter of man, bart. a daughter. .

Sir C. Blois, burt. The wife of Hon. Charles Lang- H. J. Conyers, Esq. son of J. dale, a daughter.

Conyers, Esq.of Copt Hall, Essex, The wife uf Major-gen. Nead, to Harriet second daughter of Rt. a son.

Hon. Thomas Steele. Hon. Mrs. Morris, a daughter. Sir John Anstruther, M. P. to

The lady of Sir George Denys, Jessie third daughter of Majorbart. M. P. a son.

gen. Dowan. Lady Caroline Wood, a son. Lieut.-col. Sir Guy Campbell,

The Countess of Abingdon, a bart. to Frances Eliz. eldest dau. son.

and co-heiress of Montagı BurLady Eliz. Halliday, a son. goyne, Esq.

The lady of Sir Robert Graham, John Becket, Esq. under secrebart. a son.

tary of state for the home deHon. Mrs. Irby, a daughter. partment, to Lady Anne Lowther,

The lady of Sir James Douglas, third daughter to the Earl of a son.

Lonsdale. The lady of Lieut.-col. Sir A. The Earl of Longford, to Lady Dickson, a son.

Georgiana Lygon.

Hon. Mr. Langdale, of HaughDecember.

ton, Yorkshire, to the Hon. CharThe lady of Sir Rob. Williams, lotte Clifford, daughter of Lord bart. M. P. a son.

Clifford. The wife of Col. Hughes, M.P. a daughter.

February. The lady of Sir John Shelley, bart. M.P. a daughter.

Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, The Countess Talbot, a son. bart, to Lady Harriet Clive, eldest

The lady of Sir Richard Brooke, daughter of the Earl of Powis. a son.

Major-gen. Moore, to Cecilia The lady of Gen. Sir Richard

Tichard only child of W. Watson, Esq. Jones, a daughter. Lady Petre, a son and heir. The lady of Gen. Sir William

March. Parker Carrol, bart. a son.

The lady of Sir Pulteney Mal- Lieut.-general the Hon. Sir Wilcolm, a son.

liam Lumley, to Louisa Margaret, The wife of Lieut.-gen. Onslow, widow of the late Major Cotton. a daughter.

Major-gen. Sir William Parker The lady of Sir Edw. Kerrison, Carroll, to Emma Sophia, daughM. P. a daughter.

ter of M. E. Sherwill, Esq.


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