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John Bushe, Esq. eldest son to eldest daughter, and Mr. Lovelace, the solicitor-gen. for Ireland, to to the youngest daughter of the the Hon. Louisa Hare, daughter late Lord Huntingfield.. of Viscount Ennismore.

Ralph Franco, Esq. M.P. to Col. James Campbell, to Lady Miss Ludlow, daughter of A. Dorothea L. Cuffe, daughter of Ludlow, Esq. the late Earl of Desart. · P. B. Lawley, Esq. to the Hon.

Major-gen. Sir Thomas Sidney Caroline Neville, youngest daughBeckwith, to Mary eldest daugh- ter of Lord Braybroke. ter of the late Sir William Doug Henry Blount, Esq. eldest son las, bart.

of Michael Blount, Esq. to Eliza,

fourth daughter of the late Lord April.

Petre. Capt. Somerset, son to Lord Hon. C. Lowther, second son Charles Somerset, to the daugh of the Earl of Lonsdale, to Right ter of Capt. Heathcote, R.N. Hon. Lady Eleanor Sherrard,

Charles Earl of March, eldest daughter of the late Earl of Harson to the Duke of Richmond, to borough. Lady Caroline Paget, eldest dau. Hón. William Middleton Noel, of the Marquis of Anglesey. to Arne, only child of Joseph

Captain R. D. Spread, to the Yates, Esq. Hon. Emily Wingfield, youngest Edmund Phelps, Esq. to Anne daughter of the late Visc. Powers- Catherine Countess of Antrim. court.

Sir Robert Wilmot, bart. to Sir William Hoste, bart, R.N. Mrs. Crawfurd, widow of D. to Lady Harriet Walpole, third Crawfurd, Esq.' daughter of the Earl of Orford. Mr. Milbank, to Lady Augusta

Charles Fraser, Esq. M.P. to Vane, second daughter of the Earl Jane, fourth daughter of Sir John of Darlington. Hay, bart.

Hon. Charles Noel Noel to the Earl Percy, to Lady Charlotte- second daughter of the Hon. Sir Florentia Clive, daughter of the George Grey. Earl of Powis. William Grey, Esq. to Anne,

June. eldest daughter of Sir Samuel Lord George William Russell, Clerk Jervoise.

second son of the Duke of BedWilliam Foster, Esq. to Mary- ford, to Elizabeth Anne, only child Anne, second daughter of Sir of the late Hon. John Rawdon. William Bagshaw.

Samuel Crawley, Esq. to TheoAt Paris, the Comte de Choiseul, dosia-Mary, eldest daughter of aide-de-camp of the Duke of Ber- the Right Hon. Lady Theodosia ry, to the Hon. Maria Charlotte Vyner. Parkyns, youngest daughter of Anthony Denny, Esq. to the the late Lord Rancliffe.

Hon. Mary Patriner, youngest

dau, of the late Lord Collingwood. May.

Charles Shaw Lefevre, jun.

Esq. to Emma Laura, youngest Mr. Donavan, to Miss Vanneck, daughter of Lady Eliz. Whitbread.


Robert Ackland, Esq. to Caro

September. . line, second daughter of Admiral Sir Charles Tyler.

J. Jones; jun. Esq. 'to Lady The Earl of Kintore, to Juliet, Harriet Plunkett, only daughter of third daughter of the late Robert the Earl of Fingal. Renny, Esq.

Rev. Charles Thos. Johnson, to

Lucy-Anne, youngest daughter of July.

the late Sir J. Blois, bart. Hon. Orlando Bridgman, third

October. son of the Earl of Bradford, to Selina, fourth daughter of the The Earl of Desart, to CatheHon. Gen. Needham

rine, eldest daughter of Maurice Henry Iveson, Esq. to Jessie, N. O'Connor, Esq. third daughter of Sir Archibald Capt. John Bastard, M. P. to Grant, of Monymusk. is . Frances, eldest daughter of the

Viscount Strangford, to Ellen, late B. Wade, Esq. youngest daughter of the late Sir Rev. Arthur Hyde, to Frances, John Bourke, bart. and relict of eldest daughter of Sir H. Crofton, Nicholas Browne, Esq.

bart. Major-gen. Sir John Buchan, J. Clementson, Esq. to Eliza, to Laura, only daughter of Col. third daughter of Sir T. Turton, Mark Wilks.

bart. Capt. William Johnson Camp Lieut.-col. D'Arcy, to Lady Cabell, to Anna-Maria, only daugh- therine Georgiana West, daughter ter of the late Sir F. Vincent, of the late Earl Delawarr. bart.

Rear-Admiral Sir Philip Charles Fred. William Wollaston, Esq. Durham, to Ann Isabella, only to Lucy, only daughter of the late child of Sir J. Henderson, bart. Sir H. Strachy, bart.

Hon. Capt. J. Å. Maude, R. N. Viscount Ebrington, to Lady to Albina Broderic, second daughSusan Ryder, eldest daughter of ter of the Archbishop of Cashel. the Earl of Harrowby.

Lord Selscy, to the Hun. Anna John Wallace Hamilton, Esq. Maria Louisa Irby, youngest to the Hon. Georgiana Vereker, daughter of Lord Boston. youngest daughter of Viscount Gort.


Capt Pakenham, R.N. tó Caro-
Martin John West, Esq. to line, third daughter of Admiral
Lady Maria Walpole, daughter of Sir Home Popham.
the Earl of Orford.

E. A. Sanford, Esq. to Henrietta, John Wythe, Esq. to Anne, eldest daughter of the late Sir eldest daughter of the late Hon. Williani Langham, bart. Gen, Sir Bridges Trecothic Hen Rev. Horatio T. Newman, to niker, bårt.

Charlotte Elizabeth, third đaughter R. A. Oswald, Esq. to the Rt. of the late Right Hon. Denis Hon. Lady Lilias Macqueen.


Viscount gan.

Viscount Kinnaird, son of the PROMOTIONS.
Earl of Newburgh, to Margaret
Kennedy, third daughter of the

Earl of Cassillis.

Stewart Crawford, M.D. of Bath, Maj.-Gen. Herbert Taylor, Treato Caroline, youngest daughter of surer to her Majesty. the late Sir W. P. A. A' Court, Sir G. Drummond, and Sir A. bart.

Campbell, Knights Commanders George Stanley Repton, Esq. to of the Bath. the Hon. Eliz. Scott, daughter of George-William Chad, Esq. SeLord Eldon.

cretary of Legation at the Court Hon. C. J. R. Monck, youngest of the Netherlands." son of the late Visc. Monck, to Miss B. Willington, youngest

February. daughter of the late J. W. Esy.

John Barrow, Esq. Consul in Richard Bligh, Esq. of Lin. coln's Inn, to Eliz. third daughter

the provinces of Biscay and Guiof Vice-Admiral Bligh.

puscoa. T. Nicoll, Esq. of Jersey, to

Gen. Francis Dundas, Governor Elizabeth, daughter of the late

of Dumbarton Castle.

Lieut.-Gen. Baldwin Leighton, Maj.-gen. Caruthers. Sir William Long to Miss Mor

Governor of Carrickfergus.

Maj.-Gen. George Stracey Smith,

Lieut.-Governor of the Province of December.

New Brunswick. Joseph Warner Henley, Esq. to

March. Georgiana, fourth daughter of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Richard Jones, J. Fane, Esq. M.P.

- Knight-Commander of the Bath. Lord Killeen, only son of the Lieut.-Gen. Rob. Macfarlane, Earl of Fingall, to Louisa, only the same. daughter of E. Corbally, Esq. Major-Gen. Sir George Town

Lieut.-Col. Horace Churchill, send Walker, Knight Grand Cross. only son of the late General and The Earlof Errol. Commissioner Lady Mary Churchill, to Emma to the General Assembly of the Anne, daughter of the late Captain Church of Scotland. Finucane.

Lord Combermere, Governor The Earl of Tyrconnel, to Sa- of Barbadoes. rah, only child of Robert Crowe, Earl of Macclesfield, Lord Lieu

tenant of the county of Oxford. Sir Francis Ford, bart. to Eliza, only surviving daughter of the late

April. Henry Brady, Esq.

At Paris, Hon. Col. Packenham, Ralph Rice, Esq. Recorder of to Hon. Emily Stapleton, daughter Prince of Wales Island. of Lord le Despenser.

Mr. Baron Richards, Chief Bason of the Court of Excheqner.

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George Maule, Esq. Solicitor to

the Treasury. Sir William Garrow, Puisne Benj. Parkhurst, Esq. CompBaron of the Court of Exehequer. troller of the Customs at Antigua.

Sir S. Shepperd, Attorney-General.

Robert Gifford, Esq. Solicitor-

Lord Talbot, a Member of the The Right Hon. Charles Abbot, Privy Council, and Lord Lieulate Speaker of the House of Com

tenant of Ireland. mons, created Baron Colchester.

Lord Somers, Lord-Lieutenant

of Herefordshire. June.

Lord William Gordon, Receiver

gen. of Cornwall. The Right Hon. Charles Man- Rev. Thomas Lee, Vice-Channers Sutton, created Speaker of cellor of the University of Oxford. the House of Commons. J. Becket, Esq. Judge Advocate

Lord Strangford, Envoy Extra-

Charles Manners St. George, ordinary and Minister Plenip. at E

enip. a Esq. Secretary of Legation at the the Swedish Court.

Court of Stockholm. Sir Benj. Bloomfield, Keeper of

Adm. Sir George Campbell, the l’rivy Purse, and Private Se

Groom of his Majesty's Bedcham

o cretary to the Prince Regent. "George Manners, Esq. Consul

ber. in the State of Massachusetts.


Alexander Ferrier, Esq. Consul

for the Ports of Rotterdam, HelRight Hon. Edward Thornton, Envoy Extr. and Minister Pleni

veot, Dordrecht, Schiedam, and

the Brill.
potentiary at the court of his
Most Faithful Majesty.
Hon. Francis Reginald Forbes,

Secretary of Legation.
Duke of Northumberland, Lord

Sir William Knighton, bart. Lieutenant of that county.

Auditor of the Duchy of Cornwall,

and Secretary and Keeper of his August.

Royal Highness's Privy Seal and

Council Seal. Earl Bathurst, a Knight of the James Sholto Douglas, Esq. Garter.

British Consul General in MoMr. Planta, Under Secretary of rocco. State for the Foreign Department. Right Hon. J. Leach, and Rt.

H. Hobhouse, Esg. Under Se- Hon. Sir W. A'Court, sworn in cretary of State for the Home of the Privy Council. Department.


DEATHS in the Year 1817.



Marquis of Blandford, who mar

ried the daughter of the Earl of On the first of this month died Galloway." at Berlin the celebrated chemist At Florence Court, Fermanagh, M. Klaproth.

the Countess of Enniskillen, daugh4. Died in his 77th year Sir ter of the late Earl of Uxbridge. Arthur Owen, bart. late adjutant. At Pisa, the Rt. Hon. Francis general in the East Indies, and a North, Earl of Guildford, second colonel in the army.

son of Frederick Earl of Guildford. 13. Aged above 70, George He was born in 1761, and sucHarriot, Esq. one of the magis- ceeded his brother George Augustrates of the Thames Police Office. tus in 1802. He married Maria, The circumstance of his putting a sixth daughter of the late Thomas close to a life of extreme agony is Boycott, Esq.of Shropshire. This mentioned in our Chronicle. nobleman inherited the kindness

26. In Grosvenor-place, Curo- and benevolence of his father, line Dowager Countess of Bucking- and was distinguished by a brilhamshire, daughter of William liancy of wit,“ seasoned by the Conolly, Esq. Her ladyship had most exhilarating cheerfulness. three sons, all now dead, and one daughter, the present Viscountess

February Castlereagh.

27. At Bath, in her 85th year, 2. General Carleton, aged 85, Mrs. Philips, relict of Frederick colonel of the ?d, battalion 60th Philips, Esq. and mother of Lady foot, and great uncle to the present Strangford.

Lord Dorchester. 29. At Blenheim, George the $. At Cambridge, in his 720 third Duke of Marlborough, aged year, Sir Isaac Pennington, knt. 78. He married in 1762 Lady M.D. and Regius Professor of Caroline Russell, daughter of John Physic. Duke of Bedford, who died in 6. The Rt. Hon. Catharine Anne, 1811. He lived chiefly as a private Lady Glenbervië, eldest daughter of nobleman; and after having pass- Frederick Earl of Guildford, and ed through the offices of Lord sister to the late earl. Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum At Paris, Lady Penelope Shuttleof the county of Oxford, Lord oorth Brooke, wife of Sir Joseph Chamberlain of the Household, Brooke. and Lord Privy Seal, to which At Paris, Col. W. Fenwick, comwas annexed the Order of the manding engineer at Portsmouth. Garter, he quitted public life, and At Rufford Hall, Lancashire, devoted his days to the duties of a the Lady of Sir Thomas Dalrymple private station. His Grace was Hesketh, bart. succeeded by his eldest son, the 8. ' At Pisa, in Italy, where

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