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he had gone in the hope of improving his health, Francis Horner, Esq. M. P. He was educated at the bigh school and the university of Edinburgh, where he pursued his studies with unremitting attention; and he was first called to the Scotch bar, and afterwards to that of England. He was first brought into parliament by Lord Henry Petty (since Marquis of Lansdown) his former fellow student; and he afterwards sat in three parliaments his last seat that of St. Mawes, in Cornwall. After resigning his first employment in the state, that of commissioner for the liquidation of the Carnatic claims, which he might still have retained, he entered the lists as an able debater; and by strict integrity of conduct he fixed a high reputation, even among those members who did not concur with him in his principles. With a strong understand ing, extensive and accurate knowledge, a style of eloquence plain and direct, without a particle of vanity or presumption, he bid fair to attain eminence as a public character, when he was carried off by the merciless inroads of a consumption.

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In her 89th year, the Dowager Lady Curew.

11. Sir John Palmer, bart. aged 82, who was long a representative in parliament for the county of Leicester, and was distinguished for his faithful discharge of duty in every relation of life.

George William Evelyn, Earl of Rothes, one of the sixteen peers of Scotland, and colonel of the Surrey yeomanry.

14 At Marseilles, Lieut.-gen.

the Hon Sir John Abercromby, M.P. and colonel of the 53d foot.

14. The Hon. Euphemia Stewart, widow of William S. Esq. and sister of the late Earl of Seaforth.

15. Near Dublin, Rear-Admiral Sir Digby Dent.

18. At Ugbrooke Park, the Hon. Robert Clifford, third son of Hugh Lord Clifford.

24. At Hampton-court palace, Lady Henrietta Cecilia Johnston, widow of Lieut.-Col. James J. and daughter of John the first Earl of Delawar.


9. In her 75th year, Jane, Countess of Uxbridge, married to the late Earl of Uxbridge în 1767. She was mother to the present Marquis of Anglesey.

13. At Ipswich, Sir William Innes, bart. who was a volunteer in the Life Guards of George II. at the battle of Dettingen, and is supposed to have reached his hundredth year.

18. Charles Combe, M. D. F.R.S. and S. A. aged 74. He was early engaged in the study of the medalic science, which introduced him to the acquaintance of Dr. William Hunter, who had made a large and valuable collection of medals. Of those, two publications were made by Dr. Combe, who planned the finishing of the whole, when the death of Dr. Hunter put an end to the design. He afterwards undertook, in conjunction with the Rev. Henry Homer, a Variorum edition of Horace, which, after the death of the former, he brought through the press in 1793 The principal line of the profession fol


lowed by Dr. Combe was that of midwifery, in which he obtained considerable success.

31. Right Hon. Lady Francis Douglas, wife of Hon. John D.


3. In his 18th year, the Hon. James Stanley, son of the Earl and Countess of Derby.

7. In Ireland Lady Sarah Price, wife to Sir Nicholas P. and sister of the Marquis Camden.

10. Lady Curtis, relict of the late Adm. Sir Roger Curtis, bart.

11. In his 60th year, the Rev. William Beloe, rector of Allhallows, London Wall, &c. and the author of numerous works, of which the principal was a translation of He rodotus. He was also joint proprietor with Mr. Nares, of the British Critick.

15. At Bath, in his 73d year, Right Hon. Sir A. Thomson, Lord

Chief Justice of the Court of Exchequer.

18. The Right Hon. Thomas Carmichael, Earl of Hyndford, in his 60th year.

24. In his 77th year, Sir Thomas Maynard Hesilrige bart.

28. In Berners Street, in his 61st year, Sir Jacob Henry Astley, bart. many years M. P. for Norfolk.


1. Right Hon. Lady Edward O'Bryen, at Clifton, near Bristol.

At Aston Hall, Yorksh. Right Hon. Lady Mary Foljambe, relict of Francis Ferrand F. Esq. and sister to the present Earl of Scarborough.

16. At Bath, The Right Hon. Charlotte Newcomen, Viscountess

Newcomen, Baroness Newcomen, of Mosstown, in her own right. She married Sir William Gleadowe, Knight of the Shire of Longford, by whom she had several children.

23. At Gort, county of Galway, in his 76th year; The Rt. Hon. John Prendergast Smyth, Visc. Gort, Governor of the county of Galway, and Chamberlain of the city of Limerick.

24. At Clifton, Lady Cosby, wife to Lieut.-Gen. Sir H. Cosby.

27. At Great Melton Hall, Norfolk, aged 86, Sir John Lombe, bart.

29. In Grosvenor Square, the Countess Dowager of Leitrim.

At Enfield, aged 74, William Saunders, M.D. F. R. S. & F. S. A. senior physician to Guy's Hospublished by this respectable pracpital. The professional treatises titioner were the following: Treatise on Mercury in Venereal Cases; An Answer to Geach and Alcock on the Devonshire Colic; Observationes de Antimonio; A Treatise on the Red Peruvian Bark; A Treatise on the Mephitic Acid; On the Structure, Economy, and Diseases of the Liver; Oratio Harvei, Instituto habita in Theatro Collegii Regalis Medicorum Londinensis; On the Chemical History and Medical Powers of some of the most celebrated Mineral Waters, with Practical Remarks on Aqueous Regimen, to which are added Observations on the Use of Cold and Warm Bathing; On the Hepatitis of Indist.


13. At Edgeworth's Town, Ircland, Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Esq. aged 74. He was formerly

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a member of the Irish Parliament, in which he distinguished himself by a warm attachment to the interests of Ireland, and a zealous opposition to what he regarded as the abuses of the administration. He employed his leisure time in perfecting several mechanical inventions, and in reducing to a science the construction of wheel carriages and roads; and he was likewise the author of many valuable papers in the transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, and other Dublin societies. He also wrote several occasional pieces in different branches of literature; and took much pleasure in cultivating the genius of his admirable daughter, Miss Edgeworth, whom he joined in some of her compositions. Mr. Edgeworth was married a fourth time, and left his wife a widow with a young family.

16 At Knowsley, Right Hon. Lady Stanley.

27. Lady Suttie, wife of Sir James Suttie, Bart.

30. At Dover, the Rev. John Lyon, Minister of St Mary the Virgin in Dover, who distinguish ed himself by his writings on the subject of Electricity, in which he became a strenuous advocate for the permeability of glass to electricity. He also composed a History of Dover, with a short account of the Cinque Ports.

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Commons, and was called to the bar of that country in 1780. From the Rockingham administration he obtained the lucrative office in, 1782, of first counsel to the Commissioners of the Revenue; and he was soon after introduced to the Irish Parliament, but did not attempt to distinguish himself there till he was removed from his office in 1788 by the Marquis of Buckingham, Lord Lieutenant. Mr. Ponsonby then acted with vigour in the opposition, till the accession of his friends to power raised him to the dignity of Chancellor of Ireland in 1806. This post he again lost on the removal of himself and his friends from the administration; and from that time he has been considered as a leader of opposition in the House of Commons. His language and manners were those of a gentleman; and disdaining a flowery or figurative diction, he only aimed at stating arguments fully and forcibly, in which he often succeeded. He was married in 1781 to Lady Mary Butler, eldest daughter of the second Earl of Belvedere, by whom he left several children.

9. At Brighton, in her 87th year, Lady Ann Murray, sister to the late Earl of Mansfield.

10. At Northumberland House, in his 75th year, Hugh, Duke of Northumberland. His Grace suc

At Dresden, Werner, the cele- ceeded his father Hugh, the late brated mineralogist.


8. In his 63d year, the Right Hon. George Ponsonby, M. P. for Wicklow. He was second son to the Speaker of the Irish House of VOL. LIX.

Duke, 1786. He married in. 1762 Lady Ann Stuart, third daughter of John Earl of Bute, by whom he had no issue, and the marriage was dissolved by act of Parliament in 1779. In the same year he married Frances Julia Burrell, third daughter of Peter



Burrell, Esq., by whom he had five daughters and two sons. His eldest son, Earl Percy, was called to the House of Lords some time since as Baron Percy. The second was lately created a Peer by the title of Lord Prudhoe. The Duke of Northumberland was distinguished by the most munificent liberality, and his loss will be severely felt. His funeral in Westminster Abbey excited much interest, public and private.

13. At Eglinton Castle the Rt. Hon. Hugh Montgomery, Earl of Eglinton.

14. At Bath, in his 54th year, Right Hon. James Everard, ninth Lord Arundel of Wardour Castle. He left sons and daughters by both his wives, and is succeeded by his eldest son, James Everard Arundel.

15. At Paris, aged 53, Madame de Stael-Holstein, daughter of the celebrated Neckar, and herself a lady much distinguished in the literary world. She married the Baron de Stael Holstein, Swedish Embassador at Paris, and has left a son and a daughter, the latter married to the Duke de Broglio.

27. At Heystesbury House, in his 70th year, Sir William PearceAshe A' Court, several times M. P. of Heytesbury.


1. Near Dublin, in his 88th year, Rt. Hon. David Latouche, many years one of the Irish Privy Council, and for 40 years a member of the parliament of Ireland. He was senior partner in the banking-house of Latouche and Co., Dublin, and left several children.

5. At Wolsey-hall, Staffordshire, Sir William Wolsey, bart. aged 77.

6. Frank Sayres, M.D. at Norwich, in his 55th year, well known and much esteemed by a circle of literary friends, who received much pleasure from his poetical publications. His medical character was simply nominal.

10. The Rev. John Prior Estlin, LL. D. aged 71, a native of Hinckley, Leicestershire, was educated at the academy of Warrington, and during 46 years was the minister of Lewin's Mead, Bristol, during the greatest part of which time he conducted a school of much repute. He was the author of several works on religious topics, which were principally intended to enforce the duties of Christianity, and to oppose infidelity and irreligion. Few persons have met with more general respect, even from men most opposite to him in political and religious opinions.

11. Major-General Sir Montagu Roger Burgoyne, Bart., of Sutton Park, Bedfordshire.

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20. At Amsterdam, the Dowager Marchioness of Sligo, youngest daughter of the late Earl Howe, and united some years ago to her second husband, Sir William Scott.

22. Right Hon. Frances Lady Redesdale, daughter of the late Earl of Egmont, in her 51st year.

23. By a fall of her horse in a gig, the Hon. Mrs. Hugo Meynell, sister of the Marchioness of Hertford.

24. At Hern-Hill, near Dulwich, Signora Storace, an eminent singer and actress.

28. Sir Joseph Mawbey, bart.

31. At Plymouth Dock, in his 70th year, Sir John Thomas Duckworth, bart. admiral of the White Squadron, Commander-in-chief on the Plymouth station, and M. P. for New Romney. This admiral, who was the son of a clergyman of a respectable family in Devonshire, fulfilled his duties in the navy with great credit, though the principal service which he performed without a superior was a victory over a French squadron of five ships of the line in St. Domingo Bay, in 1806. He was twice married, and left issue by each of his wives.

At Twickenham, aged 75, Vicountess Howe, widow of William Viscount Howe, and daughter of the Rt. Hon. William Conolly, of Castle-Town, Ireland.


1. In Dublin, of a typhus fever, the Hon. Judge Osborne, fourth Justice of the Court of King's Bench in Ireland.

12. At the Cape of Good Hope, Thomas Sheridan, Esq. eldest son of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, by his first wife, Miss Linley. He left a widow and several children.

At Bath, the Rt. Hon. Sir John M'Mahon, bart. a Privy Counsellor, and late Private Secretary and Keeper of the Privy-purse to the Prince Regent.

17. In her 67th year, at Ponton House, near Grantham, Lady Kent, relict of Sir Charles Kent, bart.

18. In Serjeant's Inn, Fleet Street, William Charles Wells, M.D. F.R.S. one of the physicians to St. Thomas's Hospital, aged 60. Dr. Wells was a native of Charlestown,

South Carolina, descended from Scottish parents; and after a medical education, conducted partly in Charlestown, and partly at Edinburgh and London, he settled in the latter place for the practice of his profession. It was a considerable time before he met with encouragement; nor indeed does it appear that his employment ever rose higher than a competence; but his turn was chiefly to reading and meditation, and he obtained the character of a perspicuous, vigorous, and elegant writer. Of his philosophical works, Experiments and Observations on Vision, and an esssay upon Dew, are among the most distinguished. Almost all his writings upon medical subjects are contained in the second and third volumes of Transactions of a society for the promotion of medical and chirurgical knowledge.

22. In Hanover-square, aged 72, Sir James Earl, Master of the Royal College of Surgeons, and many years senior surgeon of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and surgeon extraordinary to his Majesty and household. Sir James rose to high distinction as a professional writer, and his works give proof of the result of accurate observation and extensive practice.

25. At Interlaken, Switzerland, Lord Melgund, eldest son of the Earl of Minto.

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