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with his wife when they met the rick : the barley rick was not on prisoner Haycock; it was about a fire at all; it smoked very much, quarter past eleven.

and smelt as if the clover had been Thomas Robins and Wm. Dale on fire. proved that the clover rick was in Cross examined.--He did not good order, and not the least heat- go and give an alarm, nor did he ed. This closed the case; and say any thing about it. This witArcher being called on for his de- ness prevaricated considerably. fence, said he knew nothing about John Fairfax was with the last it: that he was in his house from witness, and saw fire coming out 9 o'clock at night until 6 o'clock of the rick. In his cross-exami. the next morning.

nation he said he did not give any Haycock said, that on the night alarm. If a town had been on in question he was not out after fire, he would have run twenty ten o'clock.

miles; but a rick being on fire, Mr. Cross, for the prisoner Ar- he did not think it much mattered. cher, called Thomas Hunt, who (Laughter and hisses.) said he went to the fire at three A multitude of witnesses were o'clock; he saw Buckett and Allett called in favour of the prisoners, tracing footsteps ; they asked him but, upon cross-examination, their to accompany them; he saw the evidence was full of prevarications. mark of footsteps, but he could The jury consulted for nearly form no judgment of the size of an hour, and then pronounced both the mark.

the prisoners guilty; and Mr. JusJohn Izard was going to Ly. tice Park immediately passed senmington market a little after one tence of death on them, without o'clock in the morning: he passed holding out the slightest hope of by the ricks, and saw the fire burst- a reprieve. The trial occupied the ing out at the top of the clover court eleven hours.



Passed in the Fifth Session of the Fifth Parliament of the United Kingdom

of Great Britain and Ireland.-57 GEO. III. A. D. 1817.

An act to continue and extend Royal Highness the Prince Rethe provisions of an act of the 49th gent against treasonable practices of his present Majesty, for regulae and attempts. ting the trade and commerce to An act to revive and make perand from the Cape of Good Hope, petual two acts of the 37th of his until the 5th of July 1820; and present Majesty, the one in the paralso for regulating the trade of the liament of Great Britain, and the Island of Mauritius.

other in the parliament of Ireland, An act for raising the sum of for the better prevention and pu. 24 millions, by exchequer bills, nishment of attempts to seduce perfor the service of the year 1817. sons serving in his Majesty's forces

An act to empower his Majesty by sea and land from their duty and to secure and detain such per. allegiance to his Majesty, or to sons as his Majesty shall suspect incite them to mutiny or disobeare conspiring against his person dience. and government.

An act to continue, until the 5th An act to extend the privileges of April, 1920, an act of the 52d of the trade of Malta to the port of his present Majesty, to regulate of Gibraltar.

the separation of damaged from An act for continuing to his Ma sound coffee, and to permit dealers jesty certain duties on malt, sugar, to send out any quantity of coffee tobacco, and snuff, in Great Bri- not exceeding eight pounds weight tain; and on pensions, offices, and without permit. personal estates in England; and an act for vesting all estates for receiving the contributions of and property occupied for the barpersons receiving pensions, and rack service in the controller of holding offices; for the service of the barrack department; and for the year 1817.

granting certain powers to the An act to make perpetual certain said controller. parts of an act of the 36th of his An act to regulate the vessels present Majesty, for the safety and carrying passengers from the preservation of his Majesty's pereon united kingdom to certain of his and government against treason- Majesty's colonies in North Ameable and seditious practices and rica. attempts; and for the safety and An act to facilitate the propreservation of the person of His gress of business in the court of

King's - bench in Westminster. An act for making further re- ' hall.

gulations in respect to the pay of An act for punishing mutiny and the officers of the royal navy, in desertion; and for the better pay. certain cases therein mentioned. ment of the army and their quar: An act to revive and continue ters.

for two years, and from thence An act for the regulating of until the end of the then next his Majesty's royal marine forces session of Parliament, two acts while on shore.

made in the 17th and 50th years An act to indemnify such persons of his present Majesty, for the in the united kingdom as have preventing improper persons from omitted to qualify themselves for having arins in Ireland. offices and employments, and for An act to amend two acts of extending the time limited for those the 54th and 55th of his Majesty's purposes respectively until the reign, to provide for the better 25th of March, 1918; and to per- execution of the laws in Ireland, mit such persons in Great Britain by appointing superintending maas have omitted to make and file gistrates and additional constables affidavits of the execution of in- in counties in certain cases. dentures of clerks to attornies and An act to further continue, un. solicitors, to make and file the til the 25th of March, 1820, an same on or before the 1st day of act of the 7th of George 2nd, for hilary term, 1819.

the free importation of cochineal An act to continue, until the 5th and indigo. of July, 1818, an act of the 46th of An act to alter and enlarge the his present Majesty, for granting powers, of an act passed in the an additional bounty on the ex. 54th of his present Majesty, inportation of the silk manufactures tituled, “An act for the further of Great Britain.

improvement of the land revenue An act for raising the sum of of the crown." eighteen millions by exchequer An act to explain and amend an bills for the service of the year act made in the 48th of his pre1918.

sent Majesty, for repealing the An act to repeal, during the con- duties of assessed taxes, and granttinuance of peace, so much of an acting new duties in lieu thereof; of the 9th of his present Majesty, and to exempt such dwelling. as prohibits the exportation of pig houses as may be employed for and bar iron, and certain naval the sole purpose of trade, or of stores, unless, the pre-emption lodging goods, wares, or merthereof be offered to the commis- chandise, from the duties charged sioners of his Majesty's navy.' by the said act.

An act to facilitate the hearing An act to amend and render and determining of suits in equity more effectual four several acts in his Majesty court of Exchequer passed in the 48th, 49th, 52nd, at Westminster.

and 56th of his present Majesty, An act for the more effectually for enabling the commissioners preventing seditious meetings and for the reduction of the national assemblies.

debt to grant life annuities. VOL. LIX,

An An act for repealing the duties and fisheries in the united king. of customs on buck wheat im- dom, and employment of the poor ported into this kingdom, and for in Great Britain, in manner theregranting other duties, until the in mentioned. 25th of March, 1821, in lieu An act for punishing mutiny thereof.

and desertion; and for the better An act to extend the powers of payment of the army and their two acts, for allowing British quarters. plantation sugar and coffee, and An act to regulate the trade to other articles imported into Ber- and froni the places within the muda in British ships, to be ex- limits of the charter of the East ported to America in foreign ves- India company, and certain possels, and to permit articles, the sessions of his Majesty in the Meproduce of America, to be im- diterranean. ported into the said island in fo- An act to explain and amend reign ships, to certain other ar- an act of 53d of his present Maticles.

jesty, relating to tolls on carriages An act to extend to New found- used in busbandry, and to remove land the provisions of an act pass- doubts as to exemption of cared in the 52nd of his present Ma- riages, not wholly laden with jesty's reign, for permitting the manure, from payment of toll. exportation of wares, goods, and An act to continue, until the merchandize from any of his Ma- 15th of June, 1818, an act of the jesty's islands in the West Indies, 52d of his present Majesty, for to any other of the said islands, the more effectual preservation of and from any of the Bri- the peace, by enforcing the duties tish colonies on the continent of of watching and warding. America, and the said islands and An act to extend certain provjcolonies.

sions of the acts of tlre 36th and An act to regulate the interests 52d of his present Majesty to and periods of payment of navy, matters of charity and friendly victualling, and transport billş societies.

An act for granting to his Ma- An act to authorize the reward. jesty a suin of money to be raised ing officers of the custoins for by lotteries.

their services in preventing illiçit An act to repeal the duties of distillation in Scotland, under an excise on stone bottles, and charge act passed in the last session of other duties in lieu thereof. Parliament.

An act to reduce the allowance An act to repeal two acts passed of spirits, tea, and tobacco, for in the 54th and 55th of his present the use of the seainen on board Majesty, relating to the office of certain ships or vessels waking the agentagenoral, andfortransfershort voyages.

ring the duties of the said office to An act to authorize the issue of the offices of the paymaster-geneexchequer bills, and the advance ral and secretary at war. of money out of the consolidated An act to revive and continue, fund, to a limited amount, for until the 25th of March, 1819, an the carrying on of public works act made in the 54th is pre


sent Majesty, for permitting the scend, in consideration of his emiexportation of salt from the port nent services. of Nassau in the island of New An act to make further proviProvidence, the port of Exuma, and sion for the adjustment of the the port of Crooked island in the accounts of the consolidated fund Bahama islands, in American ships of the united kingdom, and for coming in ballast.

making good any occasional defiAn act for granting, for two ciency which may arise in the said years from the 5th of July, 1817, fund in Great Britain or Ireland bounties on sugar, refined other respectively; and to direct the apwise than by claying.

plication of monies by the comAn act to allow corps of yeo- missioners for the reduction of the manry or volunteer cavalry, when national debt. assembled for the suppression of An act for altering and amendriots or tumults, to be quartered ing the laws of excise with respect and billetted, and officers on half- to salt and rock salt. pay to hold certain commissions An act to continue an act made in such corps, and to exempt mem- in the 54th of his present Majesty's bers in such corps from serving reign, intituled, “An act to prothe office of constable.

vide for the preserving and reAn act for the continuation of storing of peace in such parts of all and every person or persons Ireland as may at any time be in any and every office, place, or disturbed by seditious persons, or employment, civil or military, by persons entering into unlawful within the united kingdom of combinations or conspiracies." Great Britain and Ireland, domi An act to regulate the celebramion of Wales, town of Berwick- tion of marriages in Newfoundupon - Tweed, isles of Jersey, land. Guernsey, Alderney, Sarke, and An act to alter an act passed Man, and also in all and every of in the 11th of George 2nd, for his Majesty's foreign possessions, the more effectual securing the colonies or plantations, which he payment of rents, and preventor she shall hold, possess, or ex- ing frauds by tenants. ercise during the pleasure of the An act for the more effectual crown, at the time of the death or punishment of murders and mandemise of his present Majesty, slaughter's committed in places until removed or discharged there. not within his Majesty's domifrom by the succeeding King or nions. Queen of this realm.

An act to enable the commisAn act to prevent the issuing 'sioners of his Majesty's woods, and circulating of pieces of cop- forests, and land revenues, to make per or other metal, usually called and maintain a road from Milbank tokens.

row, Westminster, to the PeniAn act for settling and securing tentiary. annuities on Lord Colchester, and An act to continue an act to emon the next person to whom the power his Majesty to secure and title of Lord Colchester shall de- detain such persons as his Majesty



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