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Delivered to Young Men, in the First Baptist Church in the City of
Cleveland, Ohio,



Illi mors gravis incubat

Qui, notus nimis omnibus,
Ignotus moritur sibi.-SENECA.

Nemo in sese tentat descendere.-PERSIUS.



Copy Right Secured.

REV. L. TUCKER-Dear Sir:

The young gentlemen of Cleveland and Ohio City are deeply sensible of the affectionate regard which prompted you to step forward and point out the beacon-light which would ward them off the dangerous shores of Infidelity, on which so many thousands have rushed to meet with an eternal death. The course of Lectures delivered by you in the First Baptist Church of Cleveland, has taught them to look beyond the bounds of this narrow existence to an inheritance full of immortality and life, if they will but follow the meek and lowly Jesus. As the sacred volume of inspiration declares "that as in water face answereth to face, so doth the heart of man to man," they feel that a course of Lectures which has been so beneficial to themselves will produce the same result on others, and be a blessed instrument in the hand of God, by spreading wide eternal truth, of dispelling the withering, desolating influence of that hydra monster-Infidelity. With such views of the eternal interests of man, they have appointed the undersigned as a committee respectfully to solicit the favor of a copy of your Lectures for publication. GEO. W. BEEBEE,




Cleveland, Feb. 14, 1837.

Your very kind and polite note, requesting for publication a copy of my Lectures, delivered to the young gentlemen of Cleveland and Ohio City, on the dangers of Infidelity, has just come to hand. You will please accept for yourselves, and the young gentlemen you represent, my warmest thanks for the very flattering manner in which you are pleased to speak of my humble efforts. If those Lectures have been instrumental in any degree, in spreading truth and counteracting infidelity, I shall feel myself most amply rewarded. As they were delivered for the special benefit of the young gentlemen in this and Ohio Cities, and as it is their united request that the manuscript should be handed them for publication, I cannot deny them so reasonable a request, however much I might, under other circumstances, deem them unworthy such public notice. With sentiments of high esteem, I am gentlemen, Your obedient servant, LEVI TUCKER.

Geo. W. Beebee, and others.

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