Germania : Germany as it is: Or ; Personal Experiences of Its Courts, Camps, and People, in Austria, Prussia, Bavaria, Bohemia, Hungary, Croatia, Servia, Italy, &c, Volumen2


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Página 419 - Amor , che al cor gentil ratto s' apprende , Prese costui della bella persona , Che mi fu tolta , e '1 modo ancor m" offende : Amor, che a nullo amato amar perdona, Mi prese del costui piacer si forte , Che , come vedi , ancor non m' abbandona : Amor condusse noi ad una morte ; Caina attende chi vita ci spense.
Página 92 - I feel myself overpaid for the labours of eighteen years, when, at this late period, I am able to take my share, by one humble vote, in destroying a tyranny that exists to the disgrace of this nation, and the destruction of so large a part of the human species.
Página 84 - Were we to be driven out of India this day, nothing would remain to tell that it had been possessed, during the inglorious period of our dominion, by anything better than the ourang-outang or the tiger.
Página 90 - The country was laid waste with fire and sword ; and that land distinguished above most others, by the cheerful face of paternal government and protected labour, the chosen seat of cultivation and plenty, is now almost throughout a dreary desert, covered with rushes and briars, and jungles full of wild beasts.
Página 439 - Indeed, my observation has furnished me with nothing that is to be found in any habits of life or education, which tends wholly to disqualify men for the functions of government, but that, by which the power of exercising those functions is very frequently obtained, I mean a spirit and habits of low cabal and intrigue; which I have never, in one instance, seen united with a capacity for sound and manly policy.
Página 92 - ... and renown ; a multitude of cities, not exceeded in population and trade by those of the first class in Europe ; merchants and bankers, individual houses of whom have once vied in capital with the Bank of England ; whose credit had often supported- a tottering state, and preserved their governments in the midst of war and desolation ; millions of ingenious manufacturers and mechanics; millions of the most diligent, and not the least intelligent, tillers of the earth.
Página 92 - There, is to be found an ancient and venerable priesthood, the depository of their laws, learning, and history, the guides of the people whilst living, and their consolation in death ; a nobility of great antiquity and renown ; a multitude of cities, not exceeded in population and trade by those of the first class in Europe ; merchants and bankers, individual...
Página 91 - Plate ; but a people for ages civilized and cultivated, — cultivated by all the arts of polished life, whilst we were yet in the woods. There have been (and still the skeletons remain) princes once of great dignity, authority, and opulence. There are to be found the chiefs of tribes and nations. There is to be found an ancient and venerable priesthood, the depository...
Página 90 - Rhamet, the most eminent of their chiefs, one of the bravest men of his time, and as famous throughout the East for the elegance of his literature, and the spirit of his poetical compositions (by which he supported the name of Hafiz) as for his courage, was invaded with an army of a hundred thousand men, and an English brigade.
Página 161 - My youth is over!" sighed he, (Meine Jugend ist hin /) and he covered his face with his hands. It was a noble cry for a boy of nineteen, for it told of duties accepted, and of devotion to an arduous task. To be Master, in the fresh flush of boyhood, of one of the greatest Empires of the world, and to think first of the sacrifices duty imposes in such a position, not of the splendour that position confers, is the unfailing mark of a nature worthy to reign. VOL.