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Entered according of the Art of Congress, in the vear 1843, by

A. W. MITTEIL, M. D., in the othice of the Clura ut the District Court for lue Eastern District of Pennsylvania.





The want of some improvement in the existing Psalınody, and particularly of an enlarged and arranged collection of Hymns, suitable for public and private worship in the Presbyterian Church, has for a considerable time been felt and acknowledged. In the year 1838, a Committee was appointed by the General Assembly, to which was entrusted the preparation of such a collection as would supply the exigency, and, at the same time, such a modification or improvement in the present version of Psalms, as might be found to be practicable. After reporting, from time to time, the progress they had made, the result of their labours is submitted in the present volume. The Psalms have been left without alteration, the Committee believing that it would be extremely difficult to furnish a more ac. ceptable version than that of Watts. The Hymns, as may be seen, have undergone great and essential modifications.

Agreeably to an act of the General Assembly in 1842, the Committee was directed, after having respectfully considerel any emendations which might in a limited time be suggested to it by individuals or Presbyteries, to publish the book, and submit it to the churches; and at the same time authority was given to use it in the worship of God. The Hymns are arranged under a simple and obvious classification, a little acquaintance with which, will enable any person to find, with facility, hymns suited to particular occasions, or adapted to particular subjects. The collection itself comprehends what were supposed to be the best hymns in the one now in use, with a large addition from other sources, and in sufficient variety, it is presumed, to meet all the wants of worshippers.


L. M.-Long Metre.
C. M.-Common Melre.
S. M.-Short Metre.

H. M.Hallelujah Metre.
L. M. D.—Long Metre Double.

C. L. M.—Common Long Metre. The other metres are distinguished by the number of syllables, as lls, 7s, 6s, &c.

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