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At IIvara, the necessity imposed on the Traveller of reposing, after a stage of great fatigue, in an Icelander's bed, in consequence of having left his tent and bedding behind in order t« make a collateral excursion, excited, he confesses, some apprehension, perhaps as much as any of the secondary class of the torrents, chasms, and impending rocks at other places in his progress; and he mentions circumstances little adapted to allay it. His insupportable sleepiness, however, was victorious, and he did not pay the dreaded fine for his long and delicious slumber: thanks to the care of his hospitable entertainer, as shewn in the new and cleanly appearance of the furniture of his couch. He very rarely adverts to the kind of danger here alluded to; but as it exists very extensively, it must form a deduction from the pleasure of a sojourn among the worthy people of Iceland. He found the family of the little farm remarkable for piety, cheerfulness, loquacity, and inquisitiveness. Their curiosity was directed particularly to the condition of the British farmers. This he mentions to have been frequently the case among these peasants; and he had great difficulty to answer their inquiries in a manner that should not give them a mortifying sense of contrast. His usual expedient to prevent or soften this, was to dwell strongly on the insignificance of the inequality of condition during the brief abode on earth, while eternal existence is in prospect. And this was, of course, a more consolatory suggestion than to have repeated to them the expression which he had heard from one of the most intelligent of their clergymen, 'Our poverty is the bulwark of our hap'piness.' Such religious observations, he says, were always 'well received, and seldom failed to elicit corresponding senti'ments.'

(To be concluded in the next Number.)


*.* Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, wUl obiigr the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending Information (post paid J of the subject, extent, and probable price of such xoorkt; •which they may depend upon being communicated to the Public, if

consistent with its Plan.

The Editors of the Biblical Register are sorry to be under the necessity of informing their Friends, that the encouragement which it has received, bas not been such, as to justify individuals in continuing a Publication, at a very heavy certain loss, from which, under any circumstances, they would uot derive any profit; and that therefore no additional number will be printed. The seven Numbers which have already appeared, may be had of Simpkio and Ma rati .til, Stationer's Court, LudgaleHill, and J. Low, Gracecburch-street, stitched together, price 3s. These contain, amongst other important and interesting matter, a full account of the plan of Organizing nod Conducting Bible Associations; Historical Accounts of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and of the Naval and Military Bible Society; Reviews of various Pamphlets for and against the Bible Society, &c. &c.; and are embellished with a Portrait of the Emperor Alexander.

Dr. Ayre, of Hull, will soon publish, in on octavo volume, Practical Observations on the nature and treatmint of those disorders which may be strictly denominated Bilious.

Dr. A. B. Granville has in the press, Memoirs on the Present State of Science and Scientific Institutions in France; interspersed with anecdotes, and illustrated by numerous plates and tables.

Dr. Clarke Abel will soon publish, Personal Observations made during the Progrcs«ofthe British Embassy through China, and on its Voyage to and from that country, in a 4to. volume, illustrated by engravings.

Mr. J. W. Whitukir, of St. John's Colli ge, Cambridge, hat In the press, a Critical Examination of Mr. Bellamy's Translation of Genesis; comprising a refutation of his calumnies against the English Translators of the Bible.

Mr. John Nichols is preparing for publication, in three octavo volumes, the Miscellaneous Works of toe late G. Hardinge, Esq.

Dr. Spiker's Travels through England are published at Berlin, and an fclnglasfc translation is preparing for the pre*--.

Dr. Andrew Duncan will soon paolish, an Account of the Life, Writings, and Character of the late Dr. Aitx. Monro, delivered as the Harveian oration at Edinburgh for 1818.

Johu Gait, E*q. is preparing the Second Part of the Life ol Benjamin West, Esq.

M. A. Picquot is printing, a Chronological Abridgement of the History at Modern Europe, compiled from the brat English, French, and German historians.

Mr. William Carey has ia the pre**, a Biographical Sketch of B. R. Hayoou. Esq. with Critical Observations oo his Paintings, and some notice of bis Essays in the public journals.

Dr. Ilallarau has in the press a second edition, with considerable additions, of his Practical Observations oo the Causes and Cure of Insanity.

In the press, an Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in Asia. By Hugh Murray, F.R.S.E. Author of an Historical Account of Discoveries ra Africa. In 3 vols. 8vo. with maps.

In the press, a Geographical and Statistical Description of Scotland. By James Playfair, D.D. F.R.S. and F.A. S.E. Principal of the United College of St. Andrew, and Historiographer to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent. In 2 vols. 8vo. with a map.

In the press. Sermons: By the Re*. C. R. Maturin, Curate of St. Peter's, Dublin. In 8vo.

Dr. Alexander Monro, Professor of Anatomy in the University of Edinbugh, has in the press, an Accouot of the Small-Pox, as it appeared after Vaccination. Including, among many Cases, three which occurred in the Author's own Family. In octavo, with plates.

Preparing for publication, H. Batterworth's Catalogue of Modem Law Books, Inteuded as a Guide to the puicbtsm of legal works.

Alto, the second edition, with con« additions, of the Elements of Forensic, or Juridical Medicine. By George Edward Male, M.l). Physician to the Genera] Hospital, Birmingham. 1 Also, a new edition, witli great addi'tons, of the Epitome of the Practice ,of the High Court of Chancery. liy Robert Venables, Esq. Author of the Practice of Costs iu the Court of Chancery.

Also, A Digest of the Law of the Distribution of the Personal Folates of Intestates. By Francis Muscatl, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law.

The proprietors of the Rer. Mr. Todd's edition of Or. Johnson's Dictionary, beg to inform the public, that they will shortly publish an Abridgement of Ibat valuable work, by Alex. Chalmers, Esq. F.S.A.

Alex. Jamicson, Author of a Treatise on the Construction of Maps, tec. has now in the press, a Grammar of Logic and a Grammar of Rhetoric. These , works are constructed upon principles 'not hitherto adopted in didactic books, except in Mr. Jamieson's edition of Adams's Elements ol Useful Knowledge. The Grammar of Logic will ap


Memoirs of John Dnlre of Marlborough; with his Original Correspondence, collected from the Family Records at Blenheim, and other authentic sources. By W. Coxe, M.A. F.R.S. F.S.A. Archdeacon of Wilts, and Rector of Bemertoo. Illustrated by portraits, maps, and militiary plans. Vol. 2,4to. 31. 3s. bds.

The third volume, which will complete the work, v.ill Uc published in November.

Memoirs of the Princess Charlotte. By T.Green. Price 12s.


The Eton Latiu Prosody, illustrated with English Explanations of the Rales and Authorities from the Latin Poets. In Id Appendix are added, Rules for the Increments of Nouns and Verbs, and a Metrical Key to the Odes of Horace. By John Carey, LL.D. Classical, French, and English Teacher, limn. 1>. 6d. bound.

pear early in September, and that of Rhetoric in the end of Autumn.

Mr. Nichols has published. Poems, Latin, Greek, and English. By Nicholas Hanliuge, Esq. M.A. Fellow of King's College. Collected and revised by George Hardingc, M.A F.R.S. and F.S.A. To which is now first added, (from the Aothor's original M.S.) an Historical Engraving and Essay upon the administration of Government in England during the King's minority. Written soon after the death of Frederic Prince of Wales. The Latin Poems of Mr. Nicholas Hardingc, (which have been justly character zed as classical, and worthy nf the Augustan age,) were never before printed for sale.

Mr. Nichols has also published a third volume of his " Illustrations of the Literary History of the Eighteenth Century." In this volume, among other interesting articles, are given Memoirs of Nicholas Hardingc, Esq and his Son, the late Mr. Justice Hardingc, with their Portraits, by Ramsay and N. Dance; with Memoirs of the truly heroic Captain George Nicholas Hardmge; also of John Townley, Esq. with an elegant Engraving of his bust, Sue.

New Exercises in Orthography ; upon a new plan. By Joseph Guy, jun. Master of the Academy, Foley-street, Is. bound.

A Mercator's Atlas of Skeleton Maps, adapted to modern Navigation and Maritime Surveying. By Alex. Jamieson, Author of a Treatise on the Construction of Maps, See. royal 4to. 6s. 6d. sewed.

The Algebraist's Assistant; being a Compendium of Algebra, upon tbe plan of Walkingame's Tutor's Assistant; containing, I. The Elements of Algebra, plain and fractional; with concise explanations and numerous examples, with their answers aunexed. II. Equations, both simple and quadratic; ratios, tec. with the first steps for the solution of the more difficult Problems. III. Application of Algebra tn the investigation and extension ofthe rules of Arithmetic. IV. Dynamics, or first principles of Mechanics. V. Application of Algebra to Geometry, with

Diagrams. VI. The Resolution of Equations by Approximation, and indeterminate Analysis. VII. A numerous and miscellaneous collection of Examples, for further practice. The wholcdesigned as aquestion-book for the use of schools and private study. By James Harris, Teacher of the Mathematics, Walworth, 12tno. 4s. bound.

An Introduction to Geography. By Mrs. Sherwood, Author of Little Henry and his Bearer, &c. 2s. half bound.

The History of France, from the earliest periods to the second return of Louis XVIII. By Frances Thurtle, 12mo» 7s. 6d.

The First French Guide, containing an easy Spelling-book and Reading Exercises, &c. By J. Cherpilloud, 12mo.

An Abridgement of all the Custom Laws in force in Ireland, and of the laws which regulate the trade from Ireland to and from all places in his Majesty's dominions, and in the dominions of foreign powers; including the duties, drawbacks, bounties, and allowances payable on goods, inward and outward, with rates; particularly where the laws in Ireland differ from those on the same subject in Great Britain. Also a sketch of the origin and progress of Customs in Ireland; a Chronological Table of the Statutes; and a copious Index to the work. By John Heron, of his Majesty's Customs, Dublin, 8vo. 11. 1 s. boards.


Observations proving that Dr. Wilson's Tincture for the Cure of Gout and Rheumatism, is similar in its nature and effects to that deleterious preparation, the Eau Medicinale. By William Henry Williams, M.I). F.L.S. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, 4to. 4s.


European Commerce; or, Complete Mercantile Guide to the Continent of Europe : comprising an account of the trade of all the principal cities of the continent, copious tables of their monies, exchanges, weights and measures, with their proportion to those of England; the local regulations of each place, their tariffs of duties, methods of buying and selling, tares and other allowances; together with numerous official documents, ordinances, &c. forming a complete code of commercial in

formation. By C. W. Rordansz, 8ve. ]8s. boards.

Universal Commerce; or, the Commerce of all the mercantile cities and towns of the world: containing a geographical description of each place; its weights, measures, monies; course and operation of exchange ; imports and exports, &c. with pro forma sales of merchandise from Antwerp, Bremen, Hamburgh, Rotterdam, &c. the net duties payable in Great Britain on importation, and the drawbacks on exportation of foreign merchandise. By the Kditor of Mortimer's Commercial Dictionary. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.


The Works of Charles Lamb, 2 vols. , f.cap. Svo. I2s.

A Vindication of the Uuiversity of Cambridge, from the Reflections of Sit James Edward Smith, President of the Linneati Society,contained in a pamphlet, entitled, "Considerations respecting Cambridge," &c. By the Rer. James Henry Monk, B.D. Fellow and. Tutor of Trinity College, and Regius Professor of Greek in the University of Cambridge, Svo. 3s. 6d.

The twenty-fourth volume (or th« third of a New Series) of a cdtaplete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and other crimes and misdemeanors, from the earliest period to the year 1783 ; with notes and other illustrations. Compiled by T. B. Howell, Esq. F.R.S. F.S.A.and continued from the year 1783 to the present time, by Thomas Jones Howell, Esq. royal 8vo. II. Us. 6d. boards.

Altham and his Wife, a Domestic Tale, foolscap 8vo. 5s. 6d.

Ashford Rectory; or, the Spoiled Child Reformed, containing a short introduction to the sciences of architecture, and heraldry. By Frances Thurtle, 4s. 6d.

New Tales. By Mrs. Opie, 4 vols. ]2mo. 11. 8s.

The Angler's Vade-Mecum. By W. Carroll, post 8vo. 9s.

The Edinburgh Gazetteer, Vol. II, Part I. 9s.

Part VII I. of Green's Botanical Dictionary, with plates, coloured and plain.

Part XI. of Aspin's Systematic Analysis of Universal History: containing the fabulous ages of Greece, continued.

The Philosophical Library, a very carious collection of the most rare and valuable reprints of ancient morality,

■s for example, the lives and moral* of Confucius, Epicurus, and I Socrates; the morality of the East from lue Koran, Ice.; (be political mischiefs of popery, aa far as it regards the interests and liberties of the Catholics themselves; a Summary of the ancient Irish Christianity and its four gospels; a Looking, Glass for Popes and Priests, with a ge, nuine Catalogue of the holy relics of the Roman Catholic Church. Vul. I. Sro. 15*. 6d.

The Family Shakespeare: in which nothing is added to the original text, but those words and expressions- are omitted which cannot with propriety be read aloud in a family. By Thomas Bowdler, Esq. F.R.S. and S.A. 10 vols. royal 18mo. 31. 3s.

Translations from Camoens, arid other Poets; with original Poetry. By the Author of "Modern Greece," and the "Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy," 8vu. 4s.

Boirliam Castle: a Poem in six Cantos, with Notes, 8vo. 10s. 6J.

The Gentleman: a Satire, written during the years 1812, 1813, 1814, and 181S,8co. 4s.

The Rhapsodist; or, Met Souvenirs: in an Epistle to Aristus. By Richard Esmond Comeford, Ess]. 8vo. 14s. or 4to. 11. Is. boards.


Rational Reform on Constitutional Principles, addressed to the Good Sense of the English Nation. By a Barrister, 8vo. 7s. 6d. boards.

An Inquiry concerning the Population of Nations, containing a Refutation of Mr. Malthus's Essay on Population. By George Ensor, Esq. 8vo. 12s.


A Letter to the Hon. and Right Rev. Henry Ryder, O.D. Lord Bishop of Gloucester. By the Rev. Rich. Warner, of Bath. To which is added, a Biographical Sketch of the late Rev. Archibald Maclaine, D. D. with Notes and Anecdotes. Second edition, 3*.

An Essay on the Fall of Man, and the necessity of a Meidator, proved by argument from the coincidence between reason and fact, and the combined agreement of both with Revelation. By G. Moasc. 12mo. 4s. ,

The Sovereignty of God, in the natural world, and the agency of man, practi

cally considered: a Sermon, preached before the Matter and Elder Brethren of the corporation of Trinity-house, ou May 18, 1818. By the Rev. R. Mant, D.D. Rector of SU Botolph's, Bishopsgate, &c. Is.

A Sermon, preached in the parish church of St. Mary, Rotherhithe, on May 3, 1818, in aid of the Charity School of that parish. To which is sub* joined, an account of the success of the new system of education in Southern Africa. By Robert Jones, D.D. late Senior Chaplain at the Cape of Good Hope. Is.

A Reply to a Letter written by the Rev. J. Simons, Rector of Paul's Cray, purporting to be on the subject of certain errors of the Antinomian kind, which have lately sprung up in the West of England. By Thomas Snow, seceder from the National Religions Establishment. 2s. 6<L

Plain Preaching ; or, Sermons for the Poor and for People of all Ranks. By Rev. R. Mayo. 12mo. 6s.

A Sketch of the History of Churches in England: applied to the purposes of the Society for promoting the enlargement and building of churches and chapels. To which is added, a Sermon, on the Honour of God, in places of public worship. By John Brewster, M. A. Rector of Egglcscliffe, and Vicar of Greatham, in the county of Durham. 3s. 6d.

Meditations of a Neophyte; with Notes, post 8vo. 6s. 6d. boards.

Observations on the Doctrine, Discipline, and Manners of the Wesleyan Methodists; and also of the Evangelical Party, as far as the latter adhere to the same system: including strictures oa the notions entertained by both, respecting a Divine Providence, and the unlawfulness of amusement among Christians. By the Rev. Latham Waioewright, M.A. F.A.S. of Emanuel College, Cambridge, and Rector of Great Brickhill, Bucks. 8vo. 6s. boards.

Serious Advice to a Young Minister of the Gospel, on important subjects connected with the Christian Ministry. By Joseph Freeston, Author of an Answer to the Question—" Why are you not a Socinian ?" ke. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

Consolation for Mourners: Five Sermons, entitled, Faith's Estimate of Afflictive Dispensations. By the late Rev. John Hill, la fid.

A Letter to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of St. David, one of the Patrons

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