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With the view of bringing this inestimable Commentary into more general circulation, the Publishers have resolved upon a considerable ! reduction from the original price of the work. They now offer it at a rate which they hope will place it more immediately within the reach of the less wealthy members of the Church. The great merit of this Commentary over every other, consists in its containing the result of the labours of the most distinguished Divines and others, especially of the Church of England, by which the reader is put in possession of the collected wisdom of the present and past ages, and enabled, by a comparison of the different views presented to him, to form his own judgment upon every subject embraced in the compass of divine revelation. The work was originally published in England under the direction of “ The Society for Promoting Christian Knowjedge.". The present edition was published at the suggestion, and under the direction of the late Right Rev. Bishop Hobart, and occupied much of his time and laborious attention for more than five years. It consists of nearly 3000 closely printed pages in quarto, and, bound in a handsome style in two volumes, is afforded at the following rates:First quality, calf binding

$24 00 Ditto sheep

22 00 Second quality, calf binding

20 00 Ditto sheep

18 00 Third quality, calf binding

17 00 Ditto sheep

15 00 Clergymen and others interesting themselves in the circulation of the work, will be allowed a discount of 15 per cent. from the above prices,

No. 127 Broadway, New-York,


SERMONS BY AMERICAN DIVINES, For sale by T. f. J. Swords, No. 127 Broadway. Sermons by Benjamin Moore, D. D. late Bishop of the Protestant

Episcopal Church in the State of New York. 2 vols. 8vo. Sermons on the Principal Events and Truths of Redemption, by John

Henry Hobart, 1), D. Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church

in the State of New-York. 2 vols. 8vo. Sermons on several Subjects, by Samuel Seabury, D. D. Bishop of

Connecticut and Rhode Island 2 vols. 8vo. Sermons on the Public Means of Grace, Festivals and Fasts, &c. &c.

by the late Right Rev. Theodore Dehon, D. D. Bishop of South

Carolina. 2 vols. 8vo. Discourses on the most important Doctrines and Duties of the Claris

lian Religion, by Alexander Viets Griswold, D. D. Bishop of the

Eastern Diocese. 8vo. Sermons on various Subjects, by the late Rev. William Smith, D. D.

formerly Provost of the College and Academy of Philadelphia. %

vols. 8vo. Sermons on the Ministry, Worship, and Doctrines of the Protestant

Episcopal Church, and other Subjects, by the Rev. G. 1. Chapman,, Du, Kector of Christ Church, Lexington. 8vo.



Sermons and other Works of the late Right Rev.John Stark Ravens

croft, D. D. Bishop of North-Carolina. 2 vols. 8vo. Sermons by the late Rev.C.R.Duffie, Rector of St. Thomas' Church,

New-York. 2 vols. 8vo. Sermons on Religious Education and Filial Duty, by the Rev.J.M.

Wainwright, D. D. Rector of Grace Church, New-York. 8vo.

T. & J. Swords have also for sale, a great variety of Devotional and other Works, among

which are :
The New Manual of Private Devotions, in three parts.
Bishop Andrews' Devotions and Office for the Sick.
The New Whole Duty of Man.
Bishop Wilson's Sacra Privata.
Nelson's Practice of True Devotion.
Practical Piety, by Hannah More.
Whole Works of Hannah More, 2 vols. 8vo.
Cotterill's Family Prayers.
Rev. Dr. Berrian's Family Prayers,
Rev. Dr. Wyatt's Christian Offices.
Taylor's Holy Living and Dying.
Bishop Wilson's Parochiala.
Bishon Wilson on the Lord's Supper.
The Christian Contemplated, in a Course of Lectures by the Rey.

William Jay.
Closet Exercises, by the same.
Prayers for the Use of Families, by the same.
The New Week's Preparation, in two parts.
Bishop Hobart's Companion for the Altar.
Bishop Gibson on the Sacrament.
Bickerstech on the Lord's Supper.

on Prayer.

Christian Hearer.
Beveridge's Private Thoughts.
Nelson's Christian Sacrifice.
Sturm's Reflections on the Works of God.

Morning Communing with God.

Contemplations on the Sufferings of Christ.
Baxter's Call to the Unconverted,

Saints' Everlasting Rest.
Doddridge's Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul.
Rev. Samuel Clark's Collection of the Scripture Promises.
Law's Serious Call to a Holy Life.
Rev. Dr. Wilmer's Episcopal Manual,
Secker's Lectures on the Church Catechism.
Bishop White's Lectures on the Church Catechism.
Rev. B. G. Noble's Lectures on the Church Catechism.
Mrs. Trimmer on the Church Catechism.
'The Homilies of the Church of England,

Butler's Analogy of Natural and Revealed Religion.
* Bisse's Beauty of Holiness.
Watson's Apologies for Christianity:
Jenyn's View of the Christian Religion.
West's Observations on the Resurrection.

Lyttleton on the Conversion of St. Paula
Porteus's Evidences.

Porteus on St. Matthew.
Aged Christian's Cabinet, by the Rev. John Stanford, D. D.
A Course of Sunday Evening Lectures.
Scougall's Life of God in the Soul of Man.
The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas à Kempis.
Rutledge's Domestic Altar.

Church History:
Bickersteth's Scripture Help.
Bean's Family Worship.

Advice. Mrs. Rowe's Devout Exercises of the Heart. Nienvoort's Prayers and Meditations Rotheram's Essay on Faith, and its Connection with Good Works Mrs. Grafton's Scripture Gleanings. Wharton's Pastoral Conversations and Death-bed Scenes. Melmoth's Great Importance of a Religious Life. Catharine Talbot's Reflections for every Day in the Week. Fenelon's Pious Thoughts.

Pious Reflections, &c. &c. &c.

SUNDAY SCHOOL LIBRARIES. T. & J. Swords have for sale, at very reduced prices,

a large assortment of Books suitable for Sunday

School Libraries, among which are the following: Anna Ross.

Duffie's Sermons. Annals of the Poor.

Doddridge's Rise and Progress. Arthur Monteith.

Depping's Evening Entertain, Ayah and Lady.

ments, Apples of Gold.

Early Piety. Advice to a Young Christian. English Mary. Buchanan's Researches.

Elnathan. Biblical Reader.

Elizabeth C. Baxter's Call.

European Children. Bear and Forbear.

Fairchild Family. Blind Farmer.

Father Clement. Burman Slave Girl

Family Instructor. Bunyan's Emblems.

Friend's Family. Barbadoes Girl.

Fry's Guide. Choice Gems.

George Wilson. Carpenter's. Geography of the Guilty Tongue. New Testament.

Grosvenor's Mourner. Chapon's Letters.

Gregory's Legacy. Celebs, by Hannah More: Gilpin's Monument, Commandment with Promise. Gastrell's Institutes. Choice Emblems.

Governess, Clark on the Promises.

Gibson on the Sacrament. Clergyman's Widow.

Happy Family Claverston.

Holidays at Home. Decision.

History of Abet.

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