Parbury's oriental herald and colonial intelligencer, Volumen4


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Página 260 - Croker. The struggle within the fort was desperate for a considerable time. In addition to the heavy fire kept up, our troops were assailed by the enemy sword in hand, and with daggers, pistols, &c. ; but British courage, perseverance and fortitude overcame all opposition, and the fire of the enemy in the lower area of the fort being nearly silenced, Brigadier Sale turned towards the citadel, from which could now be seen men abandoning...
Página 260 - Thackwell, in addition to watching the approach of an enemy, had directions to surround Ghuznee, and to sweep the plain, preventing the escape of runaways from the garrison. Brigadier Arnold's Brigade, (the Brigadier himself, I deeply regret to say, was labouring under very severe illness, having shortly before burst a blood-vessel internally, which rendered it wholly impossible for him to mount a horse that day,) consisting of...
Página 259 - ... shells, which was done in a masterly style, under the direction of Brigadier Stevenson. My object in this was to make the enemy show their strength in guns and in other respects, which completely succeeded, and our shells must have done great execution and occasioned great consternation. Being perfectly satisfied on the point of their strength in the course of half an hour, I ordered the fire to cease, and placed the troops in bivouac.
Página 228 - There was a laughing Devil in his sneer, That raised emotions both of rage and fear; And where his frown of hatred darkly fell, Hope withering fled — and Mercy sighed farewell ! X.
Página 259 - HM's 13th Light Infantry. On this party a steady fire was kept up, and some casualties occurred. Captain Thomson's report was very clear, (he found the fortifications equally strong all round,) and as my own opinion coincided with his, I did not hesitate a- moment as to the manner in which our approach and attack upon the place should be made. Notwithstanding the march the troops had performed in the morning, and their having been a considerable time...
Página 262 - Lieutenant Keane, to proceed to Simla, to deliver this despatch into your hands, and to have afforded any further information that your Lordship could have desired. The brilliant triumph we have obtained, the cool courage displayed, and the gallant bearing of the troops I have the honour to command, will have taught such a lesson to our enemies in the Afghan nation as will make them hereafter respect the name of a British soldier.
Página 154 - ... loose performance of engagements, with the cutting off of supplies of fresh water; after three days more, with the stoppage of food ; and after three days more, with the last degree of severity on the undersigned himself.
Página 260 - Martin and Cotgrave's troops of Bombay Horse Artillery, and Captain Lloyd's battery of Bombay Foot Artillery, all opened a terrific fire upon the citadel and ramparts of the fort, and in a certain degree paralyzed the...
Página 275 - Keane, in person, reconnoitred the proposed point of attack, approved of the plan, and gave orders for its execution. Preparations were made accordingly, positions for the artillery were carefully examined, which excited the jealousy of the garrison, who opened a smart fire upon the party.
Página 70 - I do not desire you to please me ; I do desire you to sing. Come, more ; another stanzo : call you 'em stanzos ? Ami.

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