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Maven, Swaen Styrman, the most ex- Samuel's spirit delivered to Saul, pert and daring navigator throughout “ To-morrow, thou and thy sons shall the Islands, and myself, attempted to be with me;" and I was powerfully launch a small boat to the aid of the impressed with the conviction, that in vessel ; but this was unsuccessful, the a short time, I too should be passed into boat was quickly swamped, and the immateriality, and the land of spirits ; prodigious force of the waves tossed us although it now seemed as if it were with violence upon the shore. I remain- impossible for me to keep my melaned insensible for some time, and was choly promise, of looking upon my awakened to recollection, only by the friend's body, I felt assured that he cry of horror which arose from my would speedily redeem his pledge by companions, when the Fire-Drake first appearing to me : indeed, his presence struck upon the Maiden-Skerry. Life seemed already with me, and I could returned rapidly enough to allow me to scarcely divest myself of the idea, that be a spectator of her second and suc- l had beheld him with my bodily sight. ceeding concussion; and I saw at ev. He was in every place that I visited, ery time, some fresh part of the good and I saw and heard in all things. ship give way with a dreadful crash,

- His hovering shade, and some more of her gallant ill-fated

sound." crew swept off into the deep. At length, With all this, however, there was not when the splitting timbers no longer a single trace of fear; although I felt bore any resemblance to a ship, I saw

a great degree of distress, chiefly beHarvey rush forward to the highest cause it seemed impossible that I should part of thein; it was but for a moment, be enabled to look upon my friend's he looked steadily upon me and beck- corse, covered as it was by the blue waoned, then raised his arms and eyes ters, stretched upon the rugged rocks upwards, the planks were washed from and dank sea-weed, and bedded in the under him, and he fell into the ocean undiscovered deeps. upon his face, as if he had been em Those who have never passed a bracing the waters. In my first emo- night of sorrow, cannot appreciate the tions of distress, I hastened forward - joy that cometh in the morning."with the intent of precipitating myself After having spent my almost sleepless after him; but I was withheld from hours in tears and in heart-sickening perpetrating this rash action by old grief, the appearance of the next day, Martin Skelder, who cried out, “ Why which formed a most beautiful contrast what the Fiend ails the stripling ? An't to the preceding one, gave me someit enough to lose the good skiff, and a what of a feeling of consolation, if not whole shallop full of brave hearts a- of hope ; and I rose from my bed ungainst the Maiden Skerry, but you must refreshed by repose, yet certainly with be rushing in too, as if ye were crowd- assuaged sorrow and calmer spirits. ing to a whale-hunt.” The violence The morning now presented one of of my grief still continaing, I was forc- those rare and splendid instances of ed from the beach by several of my fine, bright, and open weather, which comrades, but the noise of the storm, sometimes enlightens the gloom of a the striking of the Fire-Drake against Zetland winter. The atmosphere was the rock, and above all, the appearance clear, and even before the sun rose, his and actions of my friend Harvey, were beautiful ruddy light was spread far still present to my imagination.-- around to the Eastern Sea, over the Throughout the night that followed, ev- Island of Unst. Upon his rising, which ery hour, whether sleeping or waking, at that season was about half past nine, his form seemed before me ; still his beams glanced brightly upon the beckoning as if to claim my promise, verdant and leaping waves, and the and then again falling with extended snow which had fallen

upon arms into the deep. I know not if at ceding day. The sea was now as calm the period when I really beheld him he and shining as a rich pasture field, and spoke to me, but his actions strongly its general tint was broken into a thoureminded me of the summons which sand other lighter and darker shades

the pre

of green, blue, and purple. All the been foul or fair, why I reckon that's scenery that I could behold from my what we shan't know, till it's not worth own apartment, was so calm, fair, smi- the knowing.” ling, and inviting, that with a lightened “ And where did the Fire-Drake but a yet sorrowful heart, I walked strike, and go down ?" asked Cutwater. forth. It was early upon the same Why here,” said Swaen Rosenmorning, that the Sea-Gull frigate, Cap- sköld, "between the brig and the Maidentain Cutwater, arrived at Zetland, from Skerry,that huge upright holm yonder.” the Northern Islands of Scotland, where “ Well then, bere," returned the he had been conducting some experi- Captain,“ we'll send down the Diving. ments with Dr. Halley's Diving-Bell, Bell, we may find some of their papers in order to ascertain its use for the and stowage yet,—so moor the ship Royal Navy; and be had now contin- astern my lads, splice a sprit to the mainued his course to North-Maven, to ex- mast, reeve the running braces, and tend his observations round our Island. hang on the Diving-Bell.” As a better knowledge of the coast, and While these orders were being carthe various depths of the sea round ried into effect, I drew the Captain them, could be gained from the inhabi- aside, and told him all my previous

Zetland, than from any other friendship with Harvey, our mutual source, several of those inhabiting our vows, his uctions at the moment he was village were sent for on board the fri- sinking, and my own distressed thoughts; gate ; and I determining within my and finally, I conjured him by every own mind how to act, accompanied feeling of humanity, to permit me to them. The Sea-Gull had anchored descend in the Diving-Bell, in search of about half a cable's length from the the body of my friend. The Captain Maiden Skerry, where the tragedy of at first listened to me with politeness, the former day had taken place; and then with interest, then, as my vanity which is a lofty rock, or holm as it is interpreted it, with admiration ; but called in Zetland, with perpendicular when I came to my request, all these mural sides ; while on its top, the feelings appeared united, while he deblack-backed gull lives alone and un- nied me in a manner friendly and commolested, for the boldest cragsman has passionate, but which seemed some never yet gained its summit. Our first what blended with wonder at my prediscourse with Captain Cutwater, was sumption. on the late wreck, pieces of which were “ Young man," said he, “I admire floating near the rock, while others had your heart and honour, and your bravedrifted on the beach of North-Maven.

ry, but they carry you too far; do you “ They went down,” said Martin know what you ask? Why the bravest Skelder, even as ye have seen the divers have many trials in shallow waImber goose fly downward and plunge ter with these bells, before they go into under water for his prey ; while the the deep; and besides, they require storm raged with such fury, that our long experience with their mechanism staunchest sea-boat was swamped when and management.”. we would have put off to them. But

“ It seems to me," replied I, " that they were fated men ! they scaped the the principal experience which they reicebergs and the snow wreaths of Spitz- quire, is a determined heart, and a steabergen, to split on their own rocks, and dy head ; both of which, unless

be to be drowned in their own seas." greatly mistaken, I have often proved

“What !” replied the Captain, "and in climbing all the most fearful cliffs of were you unable to learn any particu- Zetland; as Sumburgh-head, and Fitlars of their voyage ?"

ful-head, and the Holm of Noss, and “Ay, Log-book, Journal, Master, Herman-ness, and Rona's-bill, as maCrew, and Cargo, all lie in the green ny others can tell." Seas! They hailed their port, but they “ Still,” rejoined Cutwater, “ I cannever landed; and how they fared, not conscientiously permit you to enwhether they brought home a clear ship counter so hazardous an enterprize as or a full one, whether the voyage had that of descending in a Diving-Bell.”

Then," I answered, “ you expose pleted, and I entered and placed mye me to a much worse fate; for not only self on the seat within its cone. The should I be continually haunted by the plan of Dr. Halley's Bell may be seen angry spirit of my companion for have in almost any scientific authority ; but ing broken my vow, but I should be- it may not be irrelevant to say a few come the derision of all Zetland for words descriptive of it construction. It cowardice. Reflect then ; judge of my consisted then, of a wooden truncated bold heart by your own; and believe cone; the larger end of which hung me when I say, that if I descend not by downwards open, while the upper one your Diving-Bell, I will take that meth- was closed. It was sunk by a coating od of going to the bottom of the sea, of lead, and in the top were some small with which nature has furnished me : windows of strong but clear glass; Rona's-hill,--and a leap forwards." near which was a passage to let out the

The Captain smiled at this, and it is heated air. A short distance from the probable that after all I should not have bottom, there hung a stage or seat, and obtained his consent, if, on relating the with the bell were sent down two barquestion to my companions, they had rels lined with lead, to supply me with not unanimously declared that I was air. Before entering into the Bell, the bound to keep my vow ; “ although," Diver, who was on board the frigate, added Old Skelder, “ the stripling Ray- and who bore the ominous name of mond should, with my will, have dived Seagrave, gave me several important like the old Sea-Kings of Hialtland,with instructions, and clothed me in a spea stone to sink him, and a stout heart to cies of goat-skin armour, proper for bear him up : but the heroes of Scan- quitting the machine, and searching dinavia are lost.”

about the bottom of the sea for the body Notwithstanding the seeming apathy of my friend. This consisted of a leadwith which my Zetland companions en head piece with glass sights and a abandoned me to the depths of the sea, flexile tube connected with the reservoirs still they were not without some species of air. And now behold me placed of emotion, when I entered the Bell. within the Bell, to which a consideraRosensköld seized me by the hand, and ble additional quantity of cordage and said with a tremulous voice,“ Farewell

, leathern air-tube were attached, in my brave Raymond, remember that consequence of the great depth of the contempt of danger, and faith in friend- seas about the Northern Íslands of ship, are the proudest honours of a Scotland ; and as soon as I was seated, Hethlander ; go perform thy vow to I heard the Captain give the word to thy drowned comrade, and if thou raise the Diving-Bell from the deck. should'st die beneath the waves, why “ Farewell my young friend,” cried he, I'll—There, there,-go my boy, “you’re bound on a short but a hazardthey may call thee Raymond the Ro- ous voyage ; sixty fathom at the least, mantic that will, but I say thou should --well

, well, such an action does honbe called Hacho the Heroical.” our to both of ye,-and if I were as

Similar were the parting greetings of young myself, I don't know-But come old Skelder ; but when I came to the lads, stand to your tackle, and heave Captain he could only look on me in a away.” kind of sad and speechless admiration, As he spake I felt the machine in which very much resembled that of motion, and it was not without some Admiral Roderigo, in Joanna Baillie's degree of tremulous feeling that I found fine tragedy of Constantine Palæolo- myself launched into the air, which was gus,” where he thus speaks to the soon to be exchanged for the ocean Hungarian Othoric.

deeps. While the sailors of the frigate " oh! for a galley mann'd with such as thou art, were employed in working the tackle There with to face a hundred armed ships

to which the Diving-Bell was attached, Creatured with meaner life!

they chaunted a sort of rude chorus to Yet thou must die, brave heart! yet thou must die."

regulate their motions, which for a time By this time the preparations for the I could distinctly hear, and which hardescent of the Diving-Bell were com- monized with my situation and feelings


better than the finest composition could sented nothing but a clear green fluid ; have done. As every circumstance but frequently there came rushing by attending my descent is firmly fixed in the Bell, fishes of extraordinary forms my remembrance, I have also retained and magnitude, some of the most beauthe recollection of their song, which tiful colours and appearance, and othwas as follows:

ers armed with dreadful teeth, stings,

and fangs, with scales and eyes of a * Down to the Sea,-down to the Sea,

fiery lustre. I felt a constant dread, Down to the Sea, we go my hearts !

which perhaps tended to keep off other Mariners we,-mariners be,

fears, that some of them might enter As free as the winds that blow, my hearts. through the lower part of the Diving Over the Sea,-over the Sea,

Bell, and attack me in my strong hold, Over the Sea we soar, my boys ;

where escape and opposition would be And the wonders that we, look on at Sea, Were never yet known upon shore, my boys.

equally in vain. Occasionally I passUnder the Sea, under the Sea,-under the Sea,

ed some marine production, between a Under the Sea there is gold, my hearts ; fish and a plant, which spread out into But the riches that be, in the caves of the sea, branches filled with innumerable A mortal shall never behold, my hearts."

mouths, and every part in quick and The strain grew fainter and fainter, never-ceasing motion. Now and then as the Bell descended through the green methought I heard a noise like music fluid that surrounded me; and I now in the deeps; but the continual rushbegan to experience that variety and ing, roaring, and washing of the curintensity of feeling, which I have so rent against the sides of the Bell, preoften seen described by divers. The vented any thing like a distinct hearfirst sensation was a painful pressure ing; only from this I am convinced, upon my ears, as if a body of consider- that the Ocean is not a silent world. able power and magnitude had been Sometimes the waters would seem de endeavouring to enter my brain through serted and vacant; and then again those apertures.

After awhile, their there would rush by such shoals of liv. cavities became expanded, and the ing beings pursuing each other either pain was relieved ; but as the Bell sank, in sport or anger, that their course was it was frequently again renewed, and as too rapid for the eye to discern their often exchanged for ease. I had scarce- forms. Once or twice, indeed, I thought ly descended above three or four fath- there appeared somewhat like a human oms, when I felt the amazing weight of figure covered with scales of a silvery the Ocean, pressing upon, and girding green, but the image was too swiftly round my head, like an iron crown ri- gone for me to speak with certainty; vetted fast to the scull; the force of added to which, the optical illusion ocwhich was so very tremendous, that it casioned by the waters might have dewas with difficulty that my senses were ceived. At length, at the depth of preserved. This painful feeling was seventy fathoms, the Bell rested on the then exchanged for a species of restless basin of the Sea ; and it may be imaagitation and excitement, which might gined only what were my feelings at not entirely be the effect of my situa- that moment. I was more than four huntion and extraordinary voyage, but dred feet below the Ocean! in a frail might partly arise from some recollec- machine of wood, depending upon a tion of the imminent danger in which I few ropes ! and in a world which seems was placed. A kind of languor, which to be the principal abode of the most increased almost to fainting, now over- terrific monsters! I cannot, bowever, came me; the blood left my face, and even at this distant period, trust my remy limbs grew cold ; and indeed, al- collection with the inaddening subject; though I was well supplied with air, and therefore I hasten forward with my by a continual excliange of the barrels tale. The bed of the deeps is in itself from above, life seemed upon the point a fair and beautiful sand, on which are of departing In the course of my placed rocks which seem to glow with voyage, I frequently looked out upon a metallic lustre of various colours, on the waters, which of themselves pre- which is to be seen many a fair living

free of silvery whiteness, in constant prise, yet not to my terror, the eyes motion, while shells of all kinds and opened and gazed fervently upon me, hues are scattered over them. The while a smile played around the mouth, view is indeed a landscape, the most and the hand returned my pressure. wild and magical than can be imagin- At this moment I discovered that a Sea ed; and although there really want Monster, consisting of a huge misthe artificial erections of man, yet are shapen mass of scaly flesh, somewhat the rocks shivered and hollowed out, resembling a man, had fastened his into the forms of temples, domes, pin- long teeth on the body of my friend. nacles, minarets, and palaces; upon I caught up a large piece of wreck that which there is a continual change of lay near me, and with one blow laid light, produced by the continual move. the monster level and howling; whilst ment of the Sea. When I arrived at I hastened to secure a burial for the this place, the painful sensations which corse, by dropping it into one of the I had experienced in my voyage had many springs which gush from the botleft me; I could breathe freely, and tom of the sea ; whose strength is such, upon viewing the beautiful objects as to terrify all the inhabitants of the around me, I began to think that the deep. This was scarcely effected, Ocean World was indeed as delightful with a very brief farewell, when the as the poets and water-spirits had de- monster having recovered, returned scribed it to be. But after emerging and fixed his tusks on my right arın. from the Bell, I saw many a sight that With a rapidity of motion that I have filled me with terror. The rocks were often since wondered and shuddered interspersed with the half-devoured at, I regained the Bell, and with my corses of those lost in the late wreck, terrible companion entered it, and gave on which the fishes were still feeding; the signal to be drawn up. Whether while thousands of whitening bones and it were loss of blood from the deep skeletons lay scattered about, some wound given me by this Water-Fiend, resting on the out-stretched arms of the or the effect of rising, I know not, but Giant Polypus which had fed on them, my senses seemed to be leaving me, and others in the dreadful opening and my head to be going upwards made by the shell of the enormous away from my body. I soon became Clamp-fish. The packages, jewels, senseless, and recovered not, until I gold, anchors, and fragments of wrecks, found myself in a hammock on board which appeared strewed about, were the Sea-gull. It was then that I learninnumerable ; but my respiration now ed, that my extraordinary stay had becoming difficult, from the agitation greatly alarmed them; and that their produced by so terrible yet sublime a terror was wonderfully increased upon spectacle, I turned from it to search for drawing up the Bell, and finding my the body of my friend. After a long, aquatic comrade, who leaped again indangerous, and almost hopeless exami- to the sea over the vessel's side, the nation, I discovered it in a cave some moment he escaped from the Bell ; so distance from the Diving Bell, still that they could scarcely discern his dressed as when I last saw him, but form. A long and dangerous illness, blue, swoln, and livid. I raised the the effect of my woimd and voyage, body in my arms, and taking one hand, followed ; and when I recovered, my drew from it a seal-ring with an aqua- first care was to visit the Church of marine stune, which well preserves the Lerwick, at once to offer

up thanks memory of my friend's death, and my for my own preservation, and to erect own hazards in obtaining of it; and a stone to the memory of Harvey. The since I first put it on, neither force nor marks of the Sea-Monster's teeth yet any other methods will draw it off. remain upon my arm, though the When I had done this, I looked the wound is healed : and, like the imcorse steadily in the face, still holding pression which this adventure has made it by the right hand said, “ George upon my memory,—they will never be Harvey, the pledge of Raymond Mort. effaced ! lake is redeemed :" when to my sur

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