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I believe, is the cursed dog which gave us to the lady's under-lip, in an incision as so much trouble yesterday." The moment wide as her mouth, cut across her chin in a the animal heard his voice, he sprung at horizontal line. Its upper surface accordthe speaker, and fastened upon him so ingly forms an extension of the mouth, and firmly that nothing could relax his hold. protrudes the lip to the lovely distance of This extraordinary circumstance roused two inches from the teeth, or rather from the suspicions of the child's protector, and the chasm where they were. We should he had the inen arrested. Providence was like to read a Botocudo love-song : it must in the act, for they confessed the murder of have some original ideas on the essential the poor girl's father and mother, and of ingredient of kisses, where not only lip their servant , sparing only the infant, as meets lip, (not with soft pressure) but being too young to detect their villany. platter meets platter in thrilling union !

When this ornament is removed, the countenance is ludicrous with its two mouths.

Topo Maria was so condescending as to Near our great friend, the French Giant, permit us to take it out, and also the similar reside, and see company at a shilling per wooden circles from her ears, one being visitor, (cheaper than one often pays for of the size of the bottom of a quart pot, the going into better society where cards are other somewhat less. The orifice in the played) a Botocudo Savage, with his Wife greater case is quite extraordinary ; the and Child. They are from the interior of best notion we can give of it is, by mentionBrazil, and not the most agreeable or exalt- ing that we put an arm through the ear as ing specimens of human pature that could easily as the wire of a gold ring, and that be exhibited ; though the head of the fam the first looked very comely by way of set. ily is stated in his invitation handbill to be ting. As the subjects are quite closely “a Chieftain.” The lady's pame is rather connected, our transition back again to the a romantic one, Tono Maria, and her mouth needs no periphrase. The style of charms are reputed to have been so irresist- eating is abominable. Mastication is perible in her native land, that she made con- formed in the coarsest manner; and ToDo's quest of no fewer than three Chieftains in tremendous tongue rolling round all its consuccession, her present lord, Jochina, being fines, and licking the lip-platter, is a disgusther third husband. That she was a woman ing sight. The latter is much facilitated of gallantry is also very evident; for of by the gap in front whence the teeth-stakes cuts which are inflicted by the natives in- have been drawn out. These people are stead of damages for crim. con. she bears said to be of a Cannibal tribe : we witnessthe scars of nearly a hundred-the laws re ed their dining on rabbits stewed in fat, and straining the offence to a hundred and four after cleaning the bones in a canine fashion, repetitions upon pain of death for the next the fair (copper) Maria lapped up the excess.* Thus it seems that Tono Maria grease with gusto, to the utter dismay of a has freely exercised the privileges of her lovely Englishwoman, whose curiosity had sex; and stared death in the face like a withstood every other exhibition, but whose Botocudo Cleopatra,“ all for love, or the stomach was not proof against this. Inworld well lost." She is not however much deed had our minds not been diverted by pleased if any spectator notices too minute- speculation on the extraordinary contrast ly the cicatrices which cover her arms and between these two creatures of the same sex body. She is now about forty years of age, and species, we really think that we could it is not easy to conceive any thing in the not have bad bowels for the scene. When shape of woman more disgusting than this in a contented condition of repletion, Tono Venus of South America. Laziness and lolls back in a fashionable posture, stretches nastiness are her striking characteristics : out her feet, fixes her eyes very listlessly and to see her eat is a very emetic specta- on whoever are there, and seems to enjoy cle. Among the graces of the tribe, it is a most philosophical luxury. The eyes, we the custom when a female marries, to ex may here mention, are obliquely placed, tract her two front bottom teeth ; should like those of the Chinese ; and fine dark, she wed again, the mouth thus improved, is expressive organs. Jochina, after meals, reckoned still beautiful enough for the is rather more lively; he will carry the match ; but a third bridegroom exacts the child about, laugh, look about his money, compliment of a third tooth pulled from the and sing. He is generally better tempered side of the jaw. It does not appear that than his partner, and speaks, besides bis the absence of the teeth is esteemed a native dialect, a barbarous sort of Portucharm; theyțare removed to make room for guese. He is aware (as we understand) of a more delightfulornament,videlicet, a piece his freedom in England, and consequently of wood like a bung, and fully four inches that he is his own master. At night (taking in circumference. This plug is inserted in out his wooden ear and mouth-pieces, which

* By their laws the “ adultress is suffered, during the lives of two husbands, to be guilty one hundred and four times ; if once more nothing can save her,--they rip up her belly, and she is put to death, with the consent of her husband, who is always present while she is taking her trial. She must also forfeit her life for the first offence of the kind, if detected, and if she were married to a third husband."

are smaller than the woman's) he is com in too many instances, have occasioned the petent to go to market, and purchase such loss of limb, and even of life." victuals as he wishes for his Cuisine. He is represented to be quite sensible of the

ORIGIN OF BOURSES OR EXCHANGES. value of money, and careful of the receipts Two centuries ago, the commerce of of the exhibition. His singing is, for ele- Antwerp was superior to that of any state gance, on a par with his partner's eating, in Europe, two thousand five hundred merdissonant, loud, and utterly the reverse of chant vessels arriving in its port annually. musical: it is a mere exertion of lungs, It is recorded, that the value of the meraccompanied by savage expression and chandize imported in 1550, amounted to fierce and angry gestures.

one hundred and thirty-three millions of Both parents are much attached to the gold; and one of its merchants lent the child, whose petulance is never reproved; Emperor, Charles V., a million of money, as one of his progenitors is sure to espouse and at an entertainment which he gave to his cause against the other in the event of him, burnt the bond in a fire of cinnamon. any rupture. They have some notions of

Since that time, when the United ProvinChristianity, and remember imperfectly a ces threw off the yoke of the Spanish gov. few of the tenets enforced at their baptism ernment, having got possession of the enby the Portuguese priests. The man is trance of the Scheldt, they built forts on the about thirty years of age, and stoutly made sides, and sunk obstructions in the Chanthough short in person. The chief physio- nel, to prevent a free navigation ; in conlogical feature is the obliquity of the posi- sequence of which, the commerce of Anttion of the eyes, as already mentioned; werp was ruined, and grass now grows beanother is the want of beard. The eye fore the warehouses of those who were oncen lashes are eradicated with great dexterity, the greatest merchants in the world. and Tono seems to feel a wonderful itch to

When Antwerp was in the zenith of its pull this imperfection from the lids of any prosperity, and possessing an immense one to whom she takes a liking: Her twitch commerce, the inhabitants built their celis so quick, that she accomplishes the ope- ebrated Bourse or Exchange, the poblest in ration without giving pain beyond a mo- Europe at the time, for the daily resort of ment.

merchants of all nations. Upon the front As a variety in nature, these Beings, dis of the edifice was the following ioscription pleasing as they are, are worth a visit ; in Latin : “ The Senate and People of Antand he whose gallantry thought little of our

werp erected this Structure for the accomown fair Country women before, will pro- modation of Merchants of all nations and bably leave the show « clean an altered languages, and for an ornament to their man," and for life after pay the homage

City, in the year 1531." due to the loveliest works of creation, en The original name of Bourse, given to hanced in value by so wonderful a contrast. such edifices in several cities of Europe, is

thus stated by Guicciardini. There was, it THE LEECH OF CEYLON.

seems, before this time, a square commodiThis animal is seldom more than half an

ously situated in the middle of the city of incb in length, and is nearly semitranspar. Bruges, in which stood a large building that ent. It is very active, and is said occasiori- had been erected by the noble family of ally to spring. Its powers of contraction La Bourse, whose coat of arms on its walls, and extension are very great. It is like a

was three purses.

The merchants of fine cord when fully extended, and its point Bruges made this old house the place of is so sharp, that it easily makes its way

their daily assemblies ; and, when afterthrough very small openings. It is suppos

wards they went to the fairs of Antwerp ed to have an acute sense of smell, for no

and Mons, they called the places they found sooner does a person stop where leeches a.

there for the assembling of the merchants, bound, than they appear to crowd eagerly to by the name of La Bourse, or the Bourse : the spot from all quarters,

" Those who which name was generally adopted, except have had no experience of these animals,” in England, for similar edifices. says Dr. Davy,“ of their immense numbers in their favourite haunts, of their activity, An extraordinary murder was lately comkeen appetite, and love of blood, can have mitted at Petersburgh. The servant of a no idea of the kind and extent of annoyance family on going into the kitchen found a they are to travellers in the interior, of basket containing an infant, together with which they may be truly said to be the a letter and purse of 200 roubles. The letplague. In rainy weather it is almost shock ter escaped her notice, aud, tempted by the ing to see the legs of men on a long march, money, the inhuman wretch resolved to thickly beset with them, gorged with blood, destroy the child. She threw it into the and the blood trickling down in streams. In large stove used in that country, where the attempting to keep them off, they crowd to poor innocent was speedily consumed : the the attack, and fasten on quicker than they money was secreted, and every thing likely can be removed. I do not exaggerate when to lead to suspicion put away, by the time I say that I have occasionally seen at least that the family, which had been abroad, refifty on a person at a time. Their bites are turned home. The master, however, a huapi to fester,and become sores, and frequent mane and respectable man, by accident ly degenerate into extensive ulcers, which, found the letter which informed him of the

deposit, and stated that he should receive the shore, and every succeeding wave was 204) roubles every quarter while the infant, expected to shiver her to piecs. In a short whom circumstances forced its parents to time the beach was covered with people, all conceal, lived under bis charge. He called ansious to assist in the preservation of the up the servant, who at first denied all crew, but unfortunately without the power knowledge of the fact; but being closely of doing so at that time. Not long after questioned, at last confessed her crime, to the ship struck, her main-mast went by the the enormity of which the ashes from the board, carrying with it four of the crew ; stove bore horrible testimony. She was and in the course of the pight the fore and committed to prison, and has probably ere mizen masts followed, and seven more of now paid her forfeited life to the laws. the crew were washed overboard. The only RAISING A CAPITAL.

boat which conld be found large enough to About fifty years back, two young fel- attempt to launch in this tremendous surf lows, brothers, weut to Jamaica; they were was brought to the spot, and a midshinian by trade blacksmiths. Finding, soon after of the preventive service, and six seamen, their arrival, that they could do nothing volunteered their services to attempt to reach without a little money to begin with, but the ship. Several successive attempts were that with £60 or £70 they might be able made to launch her ; but she was each time to realize a fortune, they hit upon the fol- swamperl, and her little crew washed ashore. lowing novel and ingenious expedient. One Still, however, undismayed, they made of them stripped the other naked, shaved another attempt, and succeeded in getting him close, and blackened him from head to almost without the breakers when a sea foot. This ceremony being performed, he took her starboard bow, and upset her.-took him to one of the negro dealers, who The six seamen reached the shore ; but we was so pleased with the appearance of the lament to state, the gallant young officer, young fellow, that he advanced £80 curren. who had risked his life for the chance of cy upon the bill of sale ; and prided himself rendering assistance to his fellon-men in much upon the purchase, supposing him distress, fell a victim to his courage and huthe finest negro on the island. The same manity-and the ship's company, as well as evening, this manufactured begro made his those on shore, saw him struggling with the escape to his brother, wasbed himself clean, waves until his strength was exhausted, and and resumed his former appearance

Re: be sunk beneath them. Capt. Manby's apwards fere then in vain offered in hando paratus for the preservation of lives, which bills, pursuit was eluded, and discovery, by at Eastbourne is kept under the command care and precaution, rendered impractica- of Mr. Hainilton, the Collector of Customs ble. The brothers with the money com for the port, was at length brought into acmenced business, and actually returned to tion ; and a rope being thrown on board the England, not many years since, with a for- ship and made fast, the whole remaintune of £20,000), Previous, bowever, to ing of the ship's company, together with their departure from the island, they wait. Major and Mrs. Mʻlnnis, and her female ser. ed upon the gentleman from whom they vant (passengers) were got safe on shore, had received the money, and recalling the but without a single thing except the clothes circumstance of the negro to his recollec which they had on their backs. tion, paid him both principal and interest. CAPTAIN MANBY'S APPARATUS FOR PRESER The captain of a Greek vessel and his

crew, a few years ago, astonished the inIt is our painful duty to record the loss of habitants of Marseilles, by carrying the the Hon. Company's ship, the Thames, cargo of their small vessel, consisting of Captain Haviside, bound to Bencoolen and rice, to the market place, and distributing China, with a general cargo of great value. it gratis to the poor. The Thames was nearly a new ship of 1400 It may easily be supposed, that their tons burtheu; and had been only oue voyage customers increased rapidly, when the cirhefore. The Thames lest the Downs on cumstances were made known ; and sev. Wednesday last, with fine weather, which eral other cargoes might have been speed. continued till Saturday, when she weath. ily disposed of on the same terms. This ered Beachy Head, the wind then blowing a act of charity and munificence on the part brisk gale.

As night approached the gule of these humble, but worthy individuals, increased; and, the wind still setting from while it does them great honour, exhibits in the south-west, strong apprehensions were a striking manner the influence of the entertained that the ship would be driven Christian religion. upon a Ice-shore. At length, about twelve These poor men were caught in a dreado'clock, the ship struck on a rock very near ful storm in the Mediterranean, and bar. the Head; but she toated from thence, and ing betaken themselves to prayer, accorddrifted round near to the town of East. ing to the forms of the Greek church, they bourne, between the Round-house and the made a vow to give their cargo to the Martello Tower, where she again struck, and poor, if Providence should be pleased to got quite ashore. This was soon after two spare their lives, for the sake of their wives o'clock on Sunday morning; and from that and families. The storm abated, and they hour'until half-past nine the ship continued gained Marseilles in safety, where they rig. to beat with tremendous violence against idly performed their row.






BOSTON, JULY 1, 1822.

(London Time's Telescope for July 1822,)


the face of nature at this season, when Hail, genial Orb! whose rays prolific spread the earth puts forth her plants and O'er the wide bosom of creative earth ;

flowers, clothed with green, diversified Whose fervid influence gilds the mountain's head, And warms the seeds of nature into birth.

with ten thousand various dies ! how To thee the Persian offers up his vows,

pleasant is it to exhale such fresh and Efficient means which make his bosom glow, charming odours, as fill every living Whose pow'r expands his leaves, and fills his boughs, creature with delight!'

And makes the blossoms of his orchard grow. • To meet the sun upon the upland
Brightened by thee, his long espaliers shoot,
His melons swell beneath thy vertic ray;

lawn,' to watch his majestic rising His vineyards spread, and, prodigal of fruit, from the gilded east, to contemplate

Oppose their blushes to the ripening day, the rosy-fingered morning, opening Happy to trace of Hear’n th’unerring laws,

the day upon man, to view the prismaCoufess th’ effect, and glorify the cause.

tic colours reflected in the drops of Valdarno.

dew, to brush that dew with early foot MOST persons, perhaps, receive a from the shrub and floweret in our

greater pleasure from fine weath- heathful walk,--to behold the glories er than from any other sensual enjoy- of the setting sun, or the silvery moonment of life. In spite of the auxiliary beam playing on the surface of the bottle, or any artificial heat, we are not quiescent lake--to admire the expandapt to droop under a gloomy sky, and ed rose-bud, and to watch the progress taste no luxury like a blue firmament, of nature in its spring, are amongst the and sunshine. • I have often, in a loveliest and sublimest enjoyments, splenetic fit, observes an amiable wri- and are unknown in the busy haunts of ter, ' wished myself a dormouse during vicious and populous cities. The the winter ; and I never see one of country, retireinent, health, order, sothose snug animals wrapt up close in briety, and morality, can alone furnish his fur, and compactly happy in him- them. But by those, and those only, self, but I contemplate him with envy whose minds are fitted to receive the beneath the dignity of a philosopher. impressions communicated to them by If the art of flying were brought to the grandest objects in nature, can all perfection, the use I should make of it the beauties of a rising or a setting sun would be to attend the sun round the be truly felt and enjoyed. world, and pursue the spring through lected, but beautiful little work, entievery sign of the zodiac.' This love oftled Clio; or an Essay on Taste, warmth makes my heart glad at the attributed to a relative of Archbishop return of Summer. How delightful is Usher, we have this charming pas


In a neg


sage on the attractions of the rising sun. excused; for he loves his pillow, and You have arisen early at times? (says can see no charms in trees. Endearthe author) in the summer season, to our to allure him on a vernal evening, take the advantage of the cool of the when, after a shower, every leaf morning to ride abroad. Let us sup- breathes fragrance and freshness, to pose you have mistaken an hour or saunter with you in the garden ; and two, and just got out a few minutes be- he pleads an engagement at whist or at fore the rising of the sun. You see the the bottle. Bid bim listen to the fields and woods that lay the night be thrush, the blackbird, the nightingale, fore in obscurity, attiring themselves in the woodlark, and he interrupts you beauty and verdure ; you see a profu- by asking the price of stocks, and insion of brilliants shining in the dew; quiring whether the West India fleet is you see the stream gradually admitting arrived. As you walk over meadows the light into its pure bosom; and you enamelled with cowslips and daisies, he hear the birds, who are awakened by a takes no other notice, but inquires who rapture that comes upon them from is the owner, how much the land lets the morning. If the eastern sky be for an acre, or what hay and oxen sold clear, you see it glow with the promise for at the last market. of a flame that has not yet appeared ; As a preservative of innocence, and and if it be overcast with clouds, you as the means of a most agreeable passee those clouds stained by a bright red, time, the love of birds, flowers, plants

, bordered with gold or silver, that by trees, gardens, animals, when it apthe changes appear volatile and ready pears in boys, as indeed it usually to vanish. How various and beautiful does, should be encouraged, and in a are those appearances, which are not subordinate degree cultivated.

Farethe sun, but the distant effects of it, well innocence, when such things cease over different objects! And, Bishop to be capable of affording pleasure! Jeremy Taylor who, unlike the Chris. The heart gradually becomes hardened tian Observers' of the day, did not and corrupted, when its objects are disdain to look through Nature up to changed to those of a worldly, a sordid, Nature's God,' finely remarks, in de- and a sensual nature. scribing a sup-rise :- As when the sun approaches towards the gates of the

Man may, indeed, be amused in the morning, he first opens a little eye of days of health and vigour with the comheaven, and sends away the spirits of mon pursuits of ordinary life, those of darkness ; gives light to the cock, and too much agitation in them for the fee

avarice and ambition ; but they have culls up the lark to matins ; and by ble powers of old age. Amusements and by, gilds the fringes of a cloud, are then required which are gentle, yet and peeps over the eastern hills, thrusting out his golden horns ***; and thoughts, yet requiring no painful or

healthy ; capable of engaging the still (while a man tells the story) the continued exertion. Happy he who sun gets up higher till he shows a fair has acquired and preserved to that age face and a full light.?--(Holy Dying.) a taste for simple pleasures. A fine

To all who are warmly engaged in day, a beautiful garden, a flowery field, the pursuits of the world, ' rural sights, are to him enjoyments similar in species and sounds and smells,'—and, indeed, and degree to the bliss of Elysium. all the pleasures of innocence and simplicity, are perfectly insipid. The

NATURE never did betray odour of flowers, the purling of The heart that lov'd her ; 'tis her privilege streams, the song and plumage of Through all the years of this our life, to lead birds, the sportive innocence of the From joy to joy; for she can so inform

The mind that is within us, so impress lamb, the fidelity of the dog, are inca- With quietness and beauty, and so feed pable of attracting, for one moment, With lofty thoughts, that neither evil tongues, the notice of him whose conscience is Rash judgments nor the sneers of selfish men, uneasy and passions unsubdued. In Shall e'er prevail against us, or disturb vite him to a morning walk through a

Our cheerful faith, that all which we behold

Is full of blessings. neighbouring wood, and he begs to be


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