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was in a very leaky condition. The Count thus addressed in his own language by the being informed that the carpenter of the French admiral, boldly answered : « Noble Loyalist was a clever fellow, and perfectly Count, I am your prisoner ; it is in your acquainted with the chain pump, of which power to compel me ; but never let it be the French were then quite ignorant, order. said, that a British sailor forgot his duty to ed him on board the Ville de Paris, and said his king and country, and entered voluntato him, “ Sir, you are to go on board the rily into the service of the enemy. Your Ardent directly ; use your utmost skill,and promises are no inducement to me ; and save her from sinking ; for which service, your threats shall not force me to injure my you shall have a premium, and the encour: country." To the eternal disgrace of Count agement due to the carpenter of an equal de Grasse, he rewarded this noble conduct rate in the British navy. To this I pledge by wanton severity as long as he had it in my honour ; but if you refuse, you shall his power to inflict it ; but on his exchange have nothing but bread and water during Admiral Rodney appointed him carpenter your captivity. The tar, surprised at being of his own ship.

Necrological Table.

For 1821-2. Among the reminiscences associated with the date of 1821, will be found names of powerful interest; some of these belong to the historian, rather than to ourselves, whose purpose it is to record only those who have distinguished themselves in literature, science, and art. Yet there are lico which, although they do not come within the immediate scope of our necrology, we cannot pass over in entire silence. The first of these is that of Napoleon Buonaparte, the hero of the republic, the founder of new dynasties, the imperial master of France, the humbled exile of St. Helena! He died on the 5th of May. The second is that of Caroline, the unfortunate Queen of England, who died on the 7th of August.

Bancros, Edvard Bartholomeu, MD. was inents. Dr. Calcott's masical compositions educated to the practice of medicine, and have been universally admired for the sciis well known by some professional works, epce and genius they display. Died especially by his Experimental Researches May 15. concerning the Philosophy of Permanent Cappe, Mrs. Catherine." This lady, who Colours, 1794. Having resided some time was the relict of the late Rev. Newcome in the West Indies, he wrote a Natural His- Cappe, of York, wrote several religious tory of Guiana, in South America, 8vo. publications, and one or two works relating 1769; and an Essay on the Yellow Fever. io charity schools, and female societies. Dr. Bancroft did not confine himself to Cromwell, Oliver, was a lineal descendscientific subjects, for in 1770 he produced ant of the Protector, being great grandson a Novel, in three volumes, entitled, Charles of Henry, his fourth son, who was Lord Wentworth. Died at Margate.

Deputy of Ireland, and MP. for Cambridge. Bonnycastle, John, Professor of Mathe. This gentleman is author of a very receat matics at the Royal Military Academy, work, entitled, Memoirs of the Protector Woolwich, was author of several popular Oliver Cromwell, and his sons, Richard and works in the most useful branches of the Henry, illustrated by original letters, and mathematics. The principal of these are other family papers: with six portraits from Euclid's Elements of Geometry, 8vo. 1789; family pictures, 4to. 1821. At one period General History of Mathematics, from the of his life he practised as a solicitor, but of French of Bossuet, 8vo. 1803; a Treatise on late years relinquished all professional en Spherical Trigonometry; and a Treatise ployment. Died at Cheshunt, May 31, on Algebra, 2 vols. 8vo. 1813.

aged 79. Burney, Rear Admiral, FRS. was eldest Gregory, James, MD. Professor of the son of the celebrated Dr. Burney, the ele- practice of physic in the university of Edingant historian of music, and brother to Dr. burgh, RCP. FRS., &c. was born at Aber Charles Burney, the Hellenist, and Madaine deen, 1753, and was the eldest son of the D'Arblay, the distinguished novelist. The late Dr. John Gregory. In 1776, he was Admiral was not an unworthy member of appointed professor of the theory of physic so literary a family ; his History of Voyages in the university of Edinburgh, and on the of Discovery displays extensive reading and retirement of Dr. Cullen was chosen to soc. research, as well as geographical knowl. ceed him. Besides some professional works, edge. He published also another work on he published, in 1792, two volumes of Phithe Eastern Navigation of the Russians. losophical and Literary Essays; and in the Died suddenly of apoplexy, November 17, Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinin his 724 vear.

burgh, a paper on the Theory of the Moods Calcoll, John Wall, Mus. Doc. and Gr. and Verbs. Aged 68. ganist of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, was Holroyd, the Right Hon. John Baker, author of a Musical Grammar, and of a Lord Sheffield. Early in life this nobleman work entitled, Statement of Earl Stan- became the friend of the celebrated Gibbon, hope's Systen- of Tuning Keyed Instru- whose Memoirs and Posthumous works be

published in 3 vols. 4to. His lordship was opinions Dr. Knox was a whig. Born Dec. a practical agriculturist, and likewise the 8, 1752: died Sept. 6. author of a variety of publications on Com Keals, John, a young man of distinmercial and Political Subjects. He was guished genius as a poet. He died at Rome created an Irish peer in 1780; an English on the 28th of February, 1821, in the 25th one in 1802. Died May 30,in his 80th year. year of his age. His works are, “ Poems,"

Inchbald, Elizabeth.' This lady (whose published in 1817; Endymion, published maiden name was Simpson) was originally in 1818; and Lamia and other poems, puban actress, and made her appearance on lished in 1820. Memoirs of his life are the Manchester stage at the early age of 18. announced, to be accompanied with a seHer person was beautiful, her talent was lection from his unpublished manuscripts, considerable, yet she was not destined to which, when they appear, will be so parbecome a first-rate actress : she therefore ticularly noticed in this Magazine as to left the theatre and commenced dramatic render any further account at this time unwriter; here she was more successful, for necessary: her productions in this line, which are king, Frances Elizabeth. This excellent rather numerous, present some of the last woman, who was relict of the late Rev. scintillations of that "expiring art,” Come. Richard King, and sister to Sir Thomas dy. As a novel writer, her pen was less Bernard, was author of A Tour in France, prolific, for she composed only two works 1803; and of several religious and moral of this description ; but these are of very publications ; viz. The Beneficial Effects of superior interest, and her “ Simple Story" the Christian Temper on Human Happi. may be regarded as a standard and classi. ness –Female Scripture Characters. 2 cal work. In private life her reputation vols. 18mo, &c. Died Dec. 23, aged 64. was unblemished. Died Aug. 1, aged 65. Lindsay, Rev. James, DD. was a native of

James, Charles, (Major,) a writer on Scotland, and succeeded the celebrated Dr. military subjects, and a poet of some talent. Fordyce as pastor of the presbyterian conHis chief work is his Military Dictionary, gregation in Monkwell-street, where he ofwhich has passed several editions. His ficiated 35 years. He published a few poetical pieces appeared in two separate single sermons, but no work of particular collections, one in 1789, the other in 1791: importance. His death, which happened among these, his lyrical effusions possess on the 14th of February, was very sudden; much merit. His Epigrams frequently en he expired while attending a meeting at livened the columns of the Morning Chroni- Dr. Williams's Library, Red Cross street, cle. Died April 14, aged 56.

convened for the purpose of considering Jordan, Camille. This celebrated orator, Mr. Brougham's projected bill on the suband political character, was born at Lyons, ject of Education. Jan. 11, 1771. He first visited Paris in Neilson, Rev. W., DD. MRIA. Author 1790 ; and in 1793, when Lyons opposed of several useful publications for schools ; the tyranny of the national convention, first Greek Exercises, and Key ; Greek Idioms displayed his eloquence. After the siege of exhibited in Select Passages from the best Lyons, he retired to Switzerland, and from Authors, 8v0.; Elements of English Gramthence came to this country, where he form mar; besides these, he wrote an introduced a connection with Erskine, Fox, &c. and tion to the Irish Language and some sinstudied our literature, legislation, and con gle Sermons. stitution. Subsequently he went to Ger Pioszi, Hesler Lynch. This laciy will not many, where he also became acquainted be remembered so much for her own prowith several of the first literati. În 1800, ductions as for having been, during a long he was recalled to France, and opposed the series of years, the friend of the celebrated pretensions of Buonaparte, then First Con. Johnson. As a writer, though occasionally sul. During the imperial government, he lively, she is frequently frivolous and fliplived in entire seclusion, occupied solely pant. Died May 2, aged $2. with literary pursuits. Attached to the Rennie, John, was born June 7th, 1761, Bourbons, he endeavoured to promote their at Preston Kirk, in the county of East Lo. restoration, 1814. Died 19th of May, in thian, Scotland. In his earliest youth he his 51st year.

discovered a taste for mechanics, and com. Knor, Vicesimus, DD. a distinguished menced life as a millwright, but fortunately writer on subjects of education and Belles soon afterwards connected himself with the Lettres. His Essays obtained for hin great late Mr. Watt, the inventor of the steamreputation by the eloquence of the lan- engine. On the death of Mr. Smeaton, guage and style ; his Winter Evenings' Lu. Mr. Rennie succeeded him in many public cubrations are also a very agreeable col- works, and was soon at the head of the lection of papers on literary topics. He list of civil engineers. He had now suffialso formed those popular compilations the cient scope for the exertion of his talents ; Elegant Extracts, Prose, Verse, and Epis. nor did he neglect the opportunity that tles. As a writer un religious subjects and now presented itself of acquiring fame as divinity, he has not published much; but well as emolument. The London and East his productions in this line have been high, India docks, the harbours of Portsmouth, ly commended by those two eminent pre- Plymouth, Liverpool, Leith, &c. the Bell lates, Horsley and Porteus. ln his political Rock Light-house, the Quay at Woolwich,

above all, the Waterloo bridge, are indis Slephens, Alerander. This geatlestar putable proofs of his genius, and will per- who was a native of Elgin, in Scotland, petuate his name. M. Dupin has published where he was born, 1757, was educated te å necrological memoir of him. Died Octo- the profession of the law, which he abasber 4.

doved for that of literature. Mr. Stephens At Shiraz, in Persia, aged 35, Oct. 5, was an author from choice, being possess1821, Claudius John Rich. Esq. (Author of ed of handsome property. Died Februa. the “ Memoirs of Ancient Babylon,") late ry 24. resident of the East India Company at Bag Thurston, John, was a native of Scarbor. dad; to which station he was raised before ongh; he designed a number of book. the age of 17, in consequence of his great lit. plates for popular works. Died, aged 43. erary attainments and distinguished merits. Twiss, Richard. This amusiog tourist He was at Shiraz on his way to Bombay, was born at Rotterdam, April 26, 1747, when he was carried off by that fatal dis- where his father, who was an emibeat ease, the Cholera Morbus, the ravages of English merchant, resided. His works are which, in that city, swept off, in the short Travels in Portugal and Spain, 2 vols. 8vo. space of five days, sixteen thousand persons. 1772 ; Tour in Ireland, 1775 ; Trip to His untimely death will be the subject of Paris, 1792 ; Miscellanies, 2 vols. Svo. 1805. most painful regret to many of his friends Died March 5. who remember his truly amiable character, Vince, Rev. Archdeacon, M.4. FRS. Pletogether with his intense application and mian Professor of Astronomy at the Univerhis ardent genius, by means of wbich he sity of Cambridge, known by his various was enabled to make an almost unexampled writings on astronomical and mathematical proficiency in the Hebrew, Greek, Persic, subjects. Arabic, and Turkish, as well as in several Walker, Adam, Lectarer on Natural and af the European languages. Independent. Experimental Philosophy. This gentleman ly of his extraordinary acquirements, thus invented a variety of useful contrivances, preinaturely lost to the world, bis death machines, &c viz. engines for raising will excite additional regret in the mind of water ; improved method of pumping ver the Christian, from his having engaged in sels at sea; wind and steam carriages; the the most decided manner, to promote the empyreal air-stove ; the celestina harpsicirculation of the Scriptures through Persia, chord; the eidouranion; the rotary ligbts and other parts of the East; an aniple ac on the Scilly Islands; a boat to work kuowledgement of his valuable services is against the stream ; a curious weathercontained in the records of the British and guage, &c. Died February 11, aged 90. Foreign Bible Society.

Weber, Anselm. This celebrated comRodrigues, an eminent Spanish Astrono. poser was born at Manheim, 1766 ; he was

He was appointed by the Spanish at first destined to the church, and passed government to assist Biot and Arago in through a course of theological studies, but measuring an arc of the meridian ; and was his attachment to music preponderated, for some time engaged in astronomical and determined him to embrace that as his pursuits at both London and Paris. Died, profession. He afterwards travelled with aged about 45.

the celebrated Abbe Vogel through HolScott, John. The particulars of the lise land, England, Denmark, Norway, and of this gentleman, author of The Visit to Sweden ; became director of the band at Paris, Paris Revisited, The House of Mouro- the theatre at Berlio ; and subsequently on ing, a poem, and late editor of the London his return from Paris, 1805, was appointed Magazine, are too important to be given in leader at the Chapel Royal at Berlin. He that brief space to which our present arti- set to music many of the pieces of Goethe cle would limit us. We wait with anxiety and Schiller; for the last he composed the for the appearance of memoirs of his life, music of Hermann and Thusnelda. His from the pen of one who is of all persons operas had great success. Died March 23. the most competent to undertake such a

Wallers, John, Architect. His principal work, and when these are published we works are the beautiful chapel, in the poinshall recur to the subject.

ted style, on the London Hospital estate ; Scott, Rev. Thomas, Rector of Aston the auction mart, by the Bank ; the parish Sandford, Bucks, born at Brayloft, near church of St. Paul, Shadwell, &c.&c. Died Spilsby, in Lincolnshire, February, 1747, Oct. 4, aged 39. was author of several valuable theological June 22, died, at the advanced age of and religious works. His Force of Truth 126 years and three days, Mr. Thadey is a popular publication, and has been fre- Doorley, a most respectable farmer, resid-quently translated. Many of his writings ing near the hill of Allen, county of Kilwere in reply to the objections raised dare. He retained his faculties to the last against Christianity by infidel and specula. moment, and was able to take the pleasure tive authors; such are his Answer to Paine; of any sort of field amusement within the last Rights of God, &c.; but he will be best six months of his life. He was father of the known as a commentator on the Holy renowned Capt. Doorley, well known in Scriptures. His edition of the Family Bible, that country, and was married about 19 on which he was employed for thirty-three years ago at the age of 107 to a woman of ! years, has been frequently re-printed, and 31 years of age. is a work of great ability and merit.

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