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The righteous fhall be in everlasting remembrance, Pfal. cxii. 6.


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PRESIDENT EDWARDS, in the esteem

of all the judicious, who were well acquainted with him, either personally, or by his writings, was one of

best and most useful of men,

the greatest
that have lived in this age.

He discovered himself to be one of the greatest of divines by his conversation, preaching, and writings: one of remarkable strength of mind, clearness of thought, and depth of penetration, who well understood, and was able, above most others, to vindicate the great. doctrines of christianity.

AND no one perhaps, has been in our day more universally esteemed and acknowledged to be a bright Christian, an eminently good man. His love to God and man; his zeal for God, and his caufe; his uprightness, humility, self-denial, and weanedness from the world; his close walk with God; his conscien-. tious, constant, and universal obedience, in all exact and holy ways of living in one word, the goodness, the holiness of his heart, has been as evident and conspicuous, as the uncommon greatness and strength of his understanding.


AND that this distinguished light has not shone in vain, there are a cloud of witnesses. God, who gave him his great talents, led him into a way of improving them, both by preaching and writing, which has doubtless proved the means of converting many from the error of their ways; and of greatly promoting the interest of Christ's church, both in America and Europe. And there is reason to hope, that though he is now dead, he will yet speak for a great while to come, to the great comfort and advantage of the church of Chrift; that his publications will produce a yet greater harvest, as an addition to his joy and crown of rejoicing in the day of the Lord.

BUT the design of the following memoirs, is not merely to publish these things, and tell the world how eminently great, wise, holy, and useful President Edwards was; but rather to inform in what way, and by what means, he attained to such an uncommon stock of knowledge and holiness; and how, in the improvement of this, he did so much good to mankind; that others may hereby be directed and excited to go and do likewise.

THE reader is, therefore, not to expect a mere encomium on the dead, but a faithful and plain narration


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