Department of the Environment Act of 1990: Hearings Before the Committee on Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred First Congress, Second Session, on S. 2006 to Establish the Department of the Environment, Provide for a Global Environmental Policy of the United States, and for Other Purposes, February 6, 7, 8, 1990, Volumen4

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1990 - 620 páginas

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Página 462 - Act Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act...
Página 372 - Contractor's claim for adjustment, the Contracting Officer shall have the right to prescribe the manner of disposition of such property.
Página 391 - Insurance maintained by the Contractor In connection with the performance of this contract and for which the Contractor seeks reimbursement hereunder.
Página 367 - SELLER'S INVOICES.— Invoices shall be prepared and submitted in quadruplicate unless otherwise specified. Invoices shall contain the following information: Contract and order number (if any), item numbers, description of supplies or services, sizes, quantities, unit prices, and extended totals. Bill of lading number and weight of shipment will be shown for shipments made on Government bills of lading.
Página 365 - If not prescribed, insert 30th day) day after receipt of a proper contract financing request by the designated billing office. In the event that an audit or other review of a specific financing request Is required to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract, the designated payment office is not compelled to make payment by the due date specified.
Página 542 - Cabinet department increase the visibility and thereby substantially strengthen the active political and public support for actions and programs to enhance the existing organization's goals? 5. Is there evidence that becoming a Cabinet department would provide better analysis, expression, and advocacy of the needs and programs that constitute the agency's responsibilities? 6. Is there evidence that becoming a Cabinet department would improve the accomplishment of the existing agency's goals?
Página 372 - If any such change causes an increase or decrease in the cost of, or the time required for, the performance of any part of the work under this contract, whether changed or not changed by any such order, an equitable adjustment shall be made in the contract price or delivery schedule, or both, and the contract shall be modified in writing accordingly.
Página 391 - Insurance as the Contracting Officer may require under this contract. (2) The Contractor may, with the approval of the Contracting Officer, maintain a selfinsurance program; provided that, with respect to workers' compensation, the Contractor Is qualified pursuant to statutory authority.
Página 276 - Assurances that the bidder will submit such periodic reports and cooperate in any studies or surveys as may be required by the contracting agency or the Small Business Administration in order to determine the extent of compliance by the...
Página 547 - ... department? 10. Is there evidence that there are external barriers and impediments to timely decision-making and executive action that could be detrimental to improving the efficiency of the existing agency's programs? Would elevation to a Cabinet department remove or mitigate these impediments? 11. Would elevation to a Cabinet department help recruit and retain better qualified leadership within the existing organization? 12. Would elevation to a Cabinet department promote more uniform achievement...

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