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Money maks us merry,

Money maks us braw; Money gets us sweethearts,

That's the best of a'!

I hae fat and slender,

I hae short and tall :
I hae rake and miser,---

I despise them all.

Money they're a' sceking,

Money they'se get nane; Money sends them sneaking

After Madam Jane.

There's ane puir and bashfu',

I hae in my e'e,
He's get hand and siller,

Gin he fancies me..

Money maks us bonny,

Money maks us glad; Be she lame or lazy,

Money brings a lad.

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When winds the mountain oak assail,

And lay its glories waste, ....
Content may slumber in the vale,

Unconscious of the blast."
Through. scenes of tumult while we roam,
The heart, alas! is ne'er at home, ..

It hopes in time to roam no more:
The mariner, not vainly brave,
Combats the storm, and rides the wave,

To rest at last on shore.....

Ye proud, ye selfish, ye severe,

How vain your mask of state!
The good alone have joys sincere,

The good alone are great; ..
Great, when amid the vale of peace,
They bid the plaint of sorrow cease,

And hear the voice of artless praise ;
As when along the trophy'd plain,
Sublime they lead the victor train,

While shouting nations gaze.

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On blythsome mead at morn to stray,
Among the dew-clad fowerets gay,
Or basking in the noon-day beam,
On sedgy bank, by limpid stream,
My heart still fondly dwelt on thee, ".
For thou wert then my Rosalie.

At e’en, when wearing hame the sheep,
O'er woodland brake, and mountain steep,
To mark the sun's last setting ray,
On distant gowd-bespangled brae,
Still sweet were these, but nought to me,
Compar'd with lovely Rosalie.

Our sweet retreat, night's silent hour,--
Yon rose and ivy mantled bower, -
And if the moon-beams shew'd the while,
*Thy glistening eye, thy rosy smile,
Enraptur'd fancy dwelt on thee,
For thou wert then my Rosalie. ...

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