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» V: p. 238. a. b V. Adult, p. 194. 241 e.

* V. p. 19) f. 19s i. U9 a. 241 c. * V. p. 197 e, f

364 b. « V. Church of Ch1ist, p. 101 a. Ro2 e.

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Un1on, p. 18« a. 187 e. 190 b. V. Duty of Min. p. 240b.

2j0 e. h V, p. 220 c. 'V. Adultery, p. 194.

K.Cortupt. Virg. Hid, V.f. 2j2 a. R V. T1uft in

-Cod, /. 13$ f, g, h, I K- tove of God, p. 144 i.

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Meditation. 274

Watchsulntss. 276

,Company. 277

Examples. 280

Chap. IX.

Concerning the PERFEC tlO N


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* V. Justice of God, p. 43 f, ire

> V. Goodness of God, p. j» f, &t.

* V. Justice of God, /,. 44 d> **



Christian Institutes,


Sinctrt Word of GOD.

Chap. I.

Shewing what RELIGION is, and how the KNOWLEDGE of it is to be obtained.

%Nder the Name of Religion it comprehended all that Worship and Service , which it due from Men God: Whatever we ought or are bound to do in Obedience to him: Whatever he witl reward ut for Doing, or put1ifi us for not Doing,

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