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EDICATION Page 3 Poem to Mr. Dryden - 5 A Poem to his Majesty—presented to the Right Hon. Sir John Somers, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal,

1695. 7 To the King 9 Translation of all Virgil's Fourth Georgic, except the Story of Aristaeus 17 Song for St. Cecilia's Day, at Oxford - 31 Account of the greatest English Poets. To Mr. Henry Sacheverell 34. Letter from Italy, to the Right Hon. Charles Lord Halifax, 1701 - 4.o Milton's Style imitated, in a Translation of a Story out of the Third AEneid 46 The Campaign, a Poem, to his Grace the Duke of Marlborough 51 Cowley's Epitaph on himself 68 PoE MATA,

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Ovid Met. Book IV.

The Story of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus 174

Notes on the foregoing Stories in Ovid's Me-

On the Stories in the Third Book

Fab. I. 187

Fab. II. 192.

Fab. III. 193

Fab. V. 2.94.

Fab. VI. . 196

Fab. VII. 198

Fab. VIII. IX. 198

Essay on Virgil's Georgics $200

4. Miss

Misce LLAN eo US PoE Ms.
To Sir Godfrey Kneller, on his Pićture of the

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Prologue by Mr. Pope 248
Cato 251
Epilogue by Sir S. Garth - - 339


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