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3. Hearts of Stone.

1 HEARTS of stone, relent, relent,

Break, by Jesus' cross subdued ;
See his body, mangled-rent,

Cover'd with a gore of blood,
. Sinful soul, what hast thou dono!
Murder'd God's eternal Son.

2 Yes, our sins have done the deed,

Drove the nails that fix'd him there
Crown'd with thorns his sacred head,

Pierced him with a soldier's spear;
Made his soul a sacrifice,
For a sinful world he dies.

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3 Will you let him die in vain,

Still to death pursue your Lord ; Open tear his wounds again,

Trample on his precious blood ? No! with all my sins I'll part, Savior, take my broken heart.

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word are sa • ved, Now to me af - ford thine aid."

4. Bartimeus.

1 “MERCY, O thou son of David !"

Thus the blind Bartimeus pray'd; “ Others by thy word are saved,

Now to me afford thine aid."

2 Many for his crying chid him,

But he call'd the louder still;
Till the gracious Savior bid him,

Come, and ask me what you will." 3 Money was not what he wanted,

Though by begging used to live;
But he ask'd, and Jesus granted

Alms which none but he could give. 4 “Lord, remove this grievous blindness,

Let my eyes behold the day !" Straight he saw, and won by kindness,

Follow'd Jesus in the way.

5 Now, methinks, I hear him praising,

Publishing to all around;
“Friends, is not my case amazing ?

What a Savior I have found !

6 “Oh! that all the blind but knew him,

And would be advised by me ! Surely they would hasten to him,

He would cause them all to see.”

10 GREENVILLE. 8.7.4. or 8.7.D

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