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PSALM CXXXIX.-continued. 7 From thy Sp'rit whither shall I go ? 15 My substance was not hid from thee, 1 or from thy presence fly ?

when as in secret I 8 Ascend I heav'n, lo, thou art there; Was made; and in earth's lowest parts there, if in hell I lie.

was wrought most curiously. 9 Take I the morning wings, and dwell 16 Thine eyes my substance did behold, in utmost parts of sea;,

yet being unperfect; 10 Ev'u there, Lord, shall thy hand me And in the volume of thy book

thy right hand hold shall me. [lead, my members all were writ; 11 If I do say that darkness shall

Which after in continuance me cover from thy sight,

were fashion'd ev'ry one, Then surely shall the very night When as they yet all shapeless were, about me be as light.

and of them there was none. 12 Yea, darkness hideth not from thee, 17 How precious also are thy thoughts, but night doth shine as day:

O gracious God, to me! To thee the darkness and the light And in their sum how passing great are both alike alway.

and numberless they be! 13 For thou possessed hast my reins, 18 If I should count them, than the sand and thou hast cover'd me,

they more in number be: When I within my mother's womb What time soever I awake, inclosed was by thee.

I ever am with thee. 14 Thee will I praise; for fearfully 19 Thou, Lord, wilt sure the wicked slay : and strangely made I am ;

hence from me bloody men. Thy works are marv'llous, and right | 20 Thy foes against thee loudly speak,

my soul doth know the same. [well and take thy name in vain.

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1 O LORD, I unto thee do cry,

do thou make haste to me, And give an ear unto my voice,

when I cry unto thee. 2 As incense let my prayer be

directed in thine eyes ; And the uplifting of my hands

as th' ev’ning sacrifice. 3 Set, Lord, a watch before my mouth,

keep of my lips the door. 4 My heart incline thou not unto

the ills I should abhor, To practise wicked works with men

that work iniquity; And with their delicates my taste

let me not satisfy. 6 Let him that righteous is me smite,

it shall a kindness be; Let him reprove, I shall it count

a precious oil to me: Such smiting shall not break my head;

for yet the time shall fall, When I in their calamities

pray for them shall.

6 When as their judges down shall be in stony places cast,

(they Then shall they hear my words; for

shall sweet be to their taste. 7 About the grave's devouring.mouth

our bones are scatter'd round, As wood which men do cut and cleave!

lies scatter'd on the ground.
8 But unto thee, O God the Lord,

mine eyes uplifted be:
My soul do not leave destitute ;

my trust is set on thee. 9 Lord, keep me safely from the snares

which they for me prepare ;
And from the subtile gins of them

that wicked workers are. 10 Let workers of iniquity

into their own nets fall,
Whilst I do, by thine help, escape

the danger of them all.
1 I WITH my voice cry'd to the Lord,

with it made my request : 2 Pour'd out to him my plaint, to him

my trouble I exprest,

to God

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4 My sp’rit is therefore overwhelm'd

in me perplexedly; Within me is my very heart

amazed wondrously. 6 I call to mind the days of old,

to meditate I use On all thy works; upon the deeds

I of thy hands do muse.

6 My hands to thee I stretch; my soul

thirsts, as dry land, for thee. 7 Haste, Lord, to hear, my spirit fails :

hide not thy face from me;

Lest like to them I do become

that go down to the dust. 8 At morn let me thy kindness hear ;

for in thee do I trust.

Teach me the way that I should walk:

I lift my soul to thee. 9 Lord, free me from my foes; I flee

to thee to cover me.

10 Because thou art my God, to do

thy will do me instruct: Thy Sp'rit is good, me to the land

of uprightness conduct.

11 Revive and quicken me, O Lord,

3 When in me was o’erwhelm'd my sp’rit,

then well thou knew'st my way; Where I did walk a snare for me

they privily did lay. 4 I look'd on my right hand, and view'd,

but none to know me were ; All refuge failed me, no man

did for my soul take care. 5 I cry'd to thee; I said, Thou art

my refuge, Lord, alone; And in the land of those that live

thou art my portion. 6 Because I am brought very low,

attend unto my cry : Me from my persecutors save,

who stronger are than I.
7 From prison bring my soul, that I

thy name may glorify:
The just shall compass me, when thou
with me deal'st bounteously.

1 LORD, hear my prayer, attend my suits;

and in thy faithfulness
Give thou an answer unto me,

and in thy righteousness. 2 Thy servant also bring thou not

in judgment to be try'd: Because no living man can be

in thy sight justify'd. 3 For th' en'my hath pursu'd my soul,

my life to ground down tread : In darkness he hath made me dwell,

as who have long been dead.

ev’n for thine own name's sake; And do thou, for thy righteousness, my soul from trouble



12 And of thy mercy slay my foes ;

let all destroyed be
That do afflict my soul : for I

a servant am to thee.

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PSALM CXLIII. 1 OH, hear my prayer, Lord,

And unto my desire
To bow thine ear accord,
I humbly thee require;
And, in thy faithfulness,
Unto me answer make,
And, in thy righteousness,

Upon me pity take.
2 In judgment enter not

With me thy servant poor ;
For why, this well I wot,
No sinner can endure
The sight of thee, O God
If thou his deeds shalt try,
He dare make none abodo
Himself to justify.

3 Behold, the cruel foe

Me persecutes with spite,
My soul to overthrow :
Yea, he my life down quite
Unto the ground hath smote,
And made me dwell full low
In darkness, as forgot,

Or men dead long ago.
4 Therefore my sp’rit much vex'd,

O’erwhelm'd is me within ;
My heart right sore perplex'd

And desolate hath been.
6 Yet I do call to mind

What ancient days record,
Thy works of ev'ry kind
I think upon, O Lord.

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