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The Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him."

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"If I depart, I will send Him unto you." I POUR blest Redeemer, ere He 4 p And His that gentle voice we hear, breathed

Soft as the breath of even,
His tender, last farewell,

That checks each fault, that calms A Guide, a Comforter bequeathed

each fear, With us to dwell.

PP And speaks of heaven. 2 f He came in tongues of living flame, scresAnd every virtue we possess, To teach, convince, subdue ;

And every victory won,
All-powerful as the wind He came, And every thought of holiness,
P As viewless too.

mf Are His alone. 3mf He came sweet influence to impart, 6 p Spirit of purity and grace, A gracious, willing Guest,

Our weakness, pitying, see: [place, While He can find one humble heart cres Oh, make our hearts Thy dwellingo Wherein to rest.

dim And worthier Thee ! Amen,

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They were all filled with the Holy Ghost.
Imf LORD God, the Holy Ghost, p The young, the old inspire
In this accepted hour,

With wisdom from above;
As on the day of Pentecost,

cres And give us hearts and tongues of fire, cres Descend in all Thy power ;

To pray and praise and love. mf We meet with one accord

3 p Spirit of light, explore In our appointed place,

And chase our gloom away, And wait the promise of our Lord,

cres With lustre shining more and more The Spirit of all grace.

Unto the perfect day ; 2 f Like mighty rushing wind

mf Spirit of truth, be Thou
Upon the waves beneath,

In life and death our Guide ;
Move with one impulse every mind, cres O Spirit of adoption, now
One soul, one feeling breathe ;

May we be sanctified! Amen.

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148 How much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them

that ask Him?imfSPIRIT Divine ! attend our prayers, cres May barrenness rejoice to own

And make this house Thy home; Thy fertilising power. Descend with all Thy gracious powers: f Oh, come, great Spirit, come! 5 p Come as the dove: and spread Thy

The wings of peaceful love ; (wings, 2 mf Come as the light : to us reveal cres And let Thy Church on earth become p Our emptiness and woe;

Blest as the Church above. cres And lead us in those paths of life Where all the righteous go.

6 mf Come as the wind: with rushing sound

And Pentecostal grace, 3 mf Comeas the fire: and purgeour hearts, That all of woman born may see Like sacrificial flame;

The glory of Thy face. cres Let our whole soul an offering be To our Redeemer's name. 7mf Spirit Divine ! attend our prayers,

Make a lost world Thy home; 4 p Come as the dew: and sweetly bless Descend with all Thy gracious powers This consecrated hour;

f Oh, come, great Spirit, come!


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149 "Suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind." If WHEN God of old came down from f The trump, that angels quake to hear heaven,

Thrilled from the

deep, dark cloud ; In power and wrath He came ;

5 mf So, when the Spirit of our God Before His feet the clouds were riven, Came down His flock to find, Half darkness and half flame.

cres A voice from heaven was heard abroad, 2 p But when He came the second time, A rushing, mighty wind.

He came in power and love ; 6 f It fills the Church of God; it fills
Softer than gale at morning prime

The sinful world around;
Hovered His holy Dove.

P Only in stubborn hearts and wills 3 f The fires, that rushed on Sinai down No place for it is found. In sudden torrents dread,

7 mf Come, Lord ! come, Wisdom, Love, P Now gently light, (cres) a glorious and Power !

On every sainted head. (crown, Open our ears to hear ; 4 f And as on Israel's awe-struck ear cres Let us not miss the accepted hour; The voice exceeding loud,

f Save, Lord, by love or fear. Amen.




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151 The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in My

name." Imf COME to our poor nature's night 4 P Gentle, awful, holy Guest, With Thy blessed inward light,

Make Thy temple in each breast; Holy Ghost, the Infinite,

There Thy presence be confessed p Comforter Divine !

Comforter Divine ! 2 p Orphans are our souls, and poor; 5 p In us, for us, intercede, cres Give us from Thy heavenly store, And with voiceless groanings plead f Faith, love, joy, for evermore,

Our unutterable need, p Comforter Divine !

Comforter Divine !
3mf Like the dew, Thy peace distil ; 6 mfIn us “Abba, Father !" cry ;

Guide, subdue our wayward will, cres Earnest of our bliss on high,
Things of Christ unfolding still, f Seal of immortality,
p Comforter Divine !

p Comforter Divine !
7mf Search for us the depths of God;
cres Upwards, by the starry road,
f Bear us to Thy high abode,

dim Comforter Divine ! Amen.

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0.-The Gospel.

Whole Booke of Psalmes, 1621,

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