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191 "God said, Let there be light : and there was light."
I s THOU, whose almighty word 3mf Spirit of truth and love,
Chaos and darkness heard,

Life-giving, holy Dove,
And took their flight,

Speed forth Thy flight !
af Hear us, we humbly pray,

cres Move o'er the waters' face,
And, where the Gospel-day

Bearing the lamp of grace,
Sheds not its glorious ray,

And in earth's darkest place
f Let there be light !

f Let there be light !
f Thou, who didst come to bring 4 f Holy and blessed Three,
On Thy redeeming wing

Glorious Trinity,
Healing and sig

Wisdom, Love, Might !
Health to the sick in mind,

cres Boundless as ocean's tide
Sight to the inly blind,

Rolling in fullest pride,
Oh, now to all mankind

Through the earth, far and wide Si | Let there be light !

| Let there be light ! Amen.

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192 The gospel must first be published among all nations.” I mf FROM Greenland's icy mountains, 3mf Can we, whose souls are lighted From India's coral strand,

With wisdom from on high,
Where Afric's sunny fountains p Can we to men benighted
Roll down their golden sand;

The lamp of life deny?
From many an ancient river,

f Salvation ! oh, salvation !
From many a palmy plain,

The joyful sound proclaim,
They call us to deliver

Till each remotest nation
Their land from error's chain.

Has learned Messiah's name. a mf What though the spicy breezes 4 f Waft, waft, ye winds, His story, Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle,

And you, ye waters, roll,
Though every prospect pleases,

Till, like a sea of glory,
dim And only man is vile;

It spreads from pole to pole;
In vain with lavish kindness

Till, o'er our ransomed nature,
The gifts of God are strown,

The Lamb for sinners slain,
+ The heathen in his blindness f Redeenier, King, Creator,
Bows down to wood and stone.

In bliss returns to reign. Amen


Ohne Rast und unverweilt.


A - men,

# 193

" That the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified.
f SPREAD, oh, spread, thou mighty 3mf Up, the ripening fields ye see;

Mighty shall the harvest be;
Spread the kingdom of the Lord, But the reapers still are few,
Wheresoe'er His breath has given Great the work they have to do.
Life to beings made for heaven.

4mf Lord of harvest, let there be Word of Life, most pure and strong, Joy and strength to work for Thee; Lo! for thee the nations long; cres Let the nations far and near pread, till from its dreary night See Thy light and learn Thy fear. the world awakes to light.


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ST. THEODULPH (Ist Tune). 7,6,7,6. DD

Valet will ich dir geben, du arge

Sfalsche Welt.

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194 " In His days shall the righteous flourish; and abundance of peace so long

as the moon endureth." if HAIL to the Lord's Anointed, 4 P He shall come down like showers Great David's greater Son !

Upon the fruitful earth ;
Hail, in the time appointed, cres And love, joy, hope, like flowers,
His reign on earth begun !

Spring in His path to birth :
He comes to break oppression, mf Before Him, on the mountains,
To set the captive free,

Shall peace, the herald, go;
To take away transgression, cres And righteousness, in fountains,
And rule in equity.

From hill to valley flow. 2 mf He comes with succour speedy 5 inf Kings shall fall down before Him To those who suffer wrong ;

And gold and incense bring ;
To help the poor and needy,

All nations shall adore Him,
And bid the weak be strong ;

His praise all people sing : cres To give them songs for sighing, cres For He shall have dominion Their darkness turn to light,

O'er river, sea, and shore ; dim Whose souls, condemned and dying, Far as the eagle's pinion, mf Were precious in His sight.

Or dove's light wing, can soar. 3mf By such shall He be feared

6 p For Him shall prayer unceasing While sun and moon endure,

And daily vows ascend, Beloved, obeyed, revered ;

cres His kingdom still increasing, For He shall judge the poor,

A kingdom without end : Through changing generations, mf The mountain-dews shall nourish With justice, mercy, truth,

A seed, in weakness sown, While stars maintain their stations, cres Whose fruit shall spread and flourisk Or moons renew their youth.

And shake like Lebanon.
7 f O'er every foe victorious,

He on His throne shall rest,
From age to age more glorious,

All-blessing and all-blest:
cres The tide of time shall never

His covenant remove;
His name shall stand for ever, --
rall His great, best name of Love! Amen.

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