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Suffer the little children to come unto Mc." Imf A LITTLE child the Saviour came, Their souls with saving grace endow;

The Mighty God was still His name; Baptize them with Thy Spirit now.
And angels worshipped, as He lay 4mf Oh, give Thine angels charge, good
The seeming infant of a day.

Lord, 2 mf He who, a little child, began

Them safely in Thy way to guard; The life divine to show to man, [free, Thy blessing on their lives command,

Proclaims from heaven the message And write their names upon Thy hand. Let little children come to Me."

5 f o Thou, who, by an infant's tongue, 3 Þ We bring them, Lord, and with the Dost hear Thy perfect glory sụng, sign

May these, with all the heavenly host, Of sprinkled water name them Thine: Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!


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ORG. 228 He shall gather the lambs with His arm, and carry them in His bosom." imf GRACIOUS Saviour, holy Shepherd, 3 mf Let Thy holy word instruct them ; Little ones are dear to Thee;

Fill their minds with heavenly light; Gathered with Thine arms,

and Thy love and grace constrain them carried

To approve whate'er is right,
In Thy bosom, may they be

Take Thine easy yoke, and wear it, p Sweetly, fondly, safely tended,

And to prove Thy burden light. cres From all want and danger free.

4mf Taught to lisp the holy praises 2 p Tender Shepherd, never leave them Which on earth Thy children sing, From Thy fold to go astray :

Both with lips and hearts unfeigned By Thy warning love directed,

Glad thank-offerings may they May they walk the narrow way;

bring ; Thus direct them, thus defend them, cres 'Then, with all the saints in glory, Lest they fall an easy prey.

s Join to praise their Lord and King.


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Imf GOD of that glorious gift of grace 3 P Lent to us for a season, we

By which Thy people seek Thy face, cres Lend him for ever, Lord, to Thee ; When in Thy presence we appear,

Assured, that if to Thee he live, Vouchsafe us faith to venture near! We gain in what we seem to give. 2 mf Confiding in Thy truth alone, 4mf Large and abundant blessings shed,

Here, on the steps of Jesus' throne, Warm as these prayers, upon his head! We lay the treasure Thou hast given, And on his soul the dews of grace, To be received and reared for heaven. Fresh as these drops upon his face !

5 mf Make him and keep him Thine own child,

Meek follower of the Undefiled ; cres Possessor here of grace and love,

Inheritor of heaven above! Amen.

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230 "I will establish My covenant between Me and thee, and thy seed after thee.imfOUR children, Lord, in faith and To us and ours, O God of grace,

We now devote to Thee ; [prayer The same compassion show. Let them Thy covenant mercies share, 3 mf In early days their hearts secure And Thy salvation see.

From worldly snares, we pray: Such helpless babes Thou didst em- And let them to the end endure

While dwelling here below; [brace, In every righteous way. Amen.

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Thou leddest Thy people like a flock." I mf SAVIOUR, who Thy flock art feed- p Never, from Thy pasture roving, ing

Let them be the lion's prey ;
With the shepherd's kindest care, Let Thy tenderness, so loving,
P All the feeble gently leading, (share; cres Keep them all life's dangerous
While the lambs Thy bosom

way :
369es Now, these little ones receiving, 4 p Then within Thy fold eternal
Fold them in Thy gracious arm ;

Let them find a resting-place ; There, we know, Thy word believing, Cres Feed in pastures ever vernal, Only there, secure from harm.

Drink the rivers of Thy grace!

Amen (For Adult Baptisms, see hymns of “Gratitude and Consecration.")

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232 "Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us: therefore let us keep the feast." If AT the Lamb's high feast we sing Praise we Christ, whose blood was Praise to our victorious King,

Paschal victim, Paschal bread ; (shed mf Who hath washed us in the tide mf With sincerity and love Flowing from His piercèd side.

Eat we manna from above ! f Praise we Him, whose love divine

Gives His sacred blood for wine, 3 s Mighty Victim from the sky,
Gives His body for the feast,

Hell's fierce powers beneath Theelie Christ the Victim, Christ the Priest ! Thou hast conquered in the fight,

Thou hast brought us life and light: 2 mf Where the Paschal blood is poured, Now no more can death appal,

Death's dark angel sheathes his sword; Now no more the grave enthral ; f Israel's hosts triumphant go

Thou hast opened Paradise, Through the wave that drowns the foe. And in Thee Thy saints shall rise !


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“Ye do shew the Lord's death till He come." Imf BY Christ redeemed, in Christ restored, 4 p And thus that dark betrayal-night We keep the memory adored,

With the last advent we unite, dim And show the death of our dear Lord cre: By one blest chain of loving rite, Until He come.

Until He come : 2 m; His body, broken in our stead, 5 cres Until the trump of God be heard, Is here, in this memorial bread,

Until the ancient graves be stirred, And so our feeble love is fed

And, with the great commanding p Until He come.

f The Lord shall come. (word, 3 p The drops of His death agony, 6 mnf Oh. blessèd hope! With this elate, His life-blood shed for us, we see ;

Let not our hearts be desolate, cres The wine shall tell the mystery cres But, strong in faith, in patience wait dim Until He come.

Until He come! Amen.

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