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273 They that know Thy name will put their trust in Thee." I mf JESUS, I will trust Thee,

Sinners gathered round Thee, Trust Thee with my soul;

Lepers sought Thy face, p Guilty, lost, and helpless,

dim None too vile or loathsome
cres Thou canst make me whole;

For a Saviour's grace.
There is none in heaven

4 mf Jesus, I can trust Thee,
Or on earth like Thee:

Trust Thy written word.
Thou hast died for sinners-

Though Thy voice of pity
cres Therefore, Lord, for me.

I have never heard : 2 mf Jesus, I may trust Thee,

When Thy Spirit teacheth,
Name of matchless worth,

To my taste how sweet!
Spoken by the angel

Only may I hearken,
At Thy wondrous birth!

Sitting at Thy feet.
Written, and for ever,
o On Thy cross of shame;

5 mf Jesus, I do trust Thee,

Trust without a doubt!
cres Sinners read and worship,

Whosoever cometh,
Trusting in that name!

Thou wilt not cast out; 3 mf Jesus, I must trust Thee,

Faithful is Thy promise,
Pondering Thy ways,

Precious is Thy blood;
Full of love and mercy

cres These my soul's salvation,
All Thine earthly days;

f Thou my Saviour God! Amen.

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(See also “St. Cecilia," No. 350.) 274 My soul followeth hard after Thee; Thy right hand upholdeth me." IPO HOLY Saviour, Friend unseen, cres With patient, uncomplaining love,

The faint, the weak, on Thee may lean: p Still would I cling to Thee! cres Help me, throughout life's varying mf By faith to cling to Thee! (scene, 5 p Oft when I seem to tread alone

Some barren waste with thorns o'er. 2 p Blest with communion so divine,

grown, Take what Thou wilt, shall I repine, A voice of love, in gentlest tone, cres When, as the branches to the vine, PP Whispers, “Still cling to Me!" mf My soul may cling to Thee ?

6 mf Though faith and hope awhile be tried, 3 P Far from her home, fatigued, op. I ask not, need not, aught beside; pressed,

How safe, how calm, how satisfied, Here she has found a place of rest; f The souls that cling to Thee! cres An exile still, yet not unblest, mf While she can cling to Thee.

7mf Blest is my lot, whate'er befall:

What can disturb me, who appal, (all, 4 P What though the world deceitful prove, While, as my strength, my rock, my

And earthly friends and joys remove? f Saviour, I cling to Thee? Amen.

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275 They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength." i f SUPREME in wisdom as in power cres But they who wait upon the Lord The Rock of Ages stands;

In strength shall still increase. ☆ Though Him thou canst not see, nor The working of His hands. [trace 4 mf They with unwearied feet shall tread

The path of life divine, sinf He gives the conquest to the weak,

cres With growing ardour onward move, Supports the fainting heart;

With growing brightness shine. And courage in the evil hour 5 f On eagles' wings they mount, they His heavenly aids impart.

Their wings are faith and love3 P Mere human power shall fast decay, cres Till, past the cloudy regions here, And youthful vigour cease;

They rise to heaven above. Amen.




Rev. J. B. DYKES, Mus. Doc.



" Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfasi.amf MY soul hath found the steadfast 3 P O deep, deep sea, where all our sins ground,

By Christ are cast and found no more!
There ever shall my anchor hold: cres There is no condemnation now,
That ground is in my Saviour Christ, The Lord hath healed our deadly sore,

Before the world was from of old; Because the voice of Jesus' blood
cres And that sure ground shall be my stay, Still cries for mercy unto God.
f When heaven and earth shall pass

4mf Lord Christ, Thou art my steadfast amf That ground is Thine eternal love, So long as on the earth I dwell; [Rock,

Thy love which through allages burns; Oh, may each thought and word and
The open arms of mercy stretched Of Thy redeeming mercy tell, (work
To meet the sinner who returns;

Till I shall sing to Thee above:
The love that calleth everywhere, f"O endless depth of saving love!"
If men will hear or will forbear.


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277 In that day there shall be a fountain opened ... for sin and for uncleanness. Imf THERE is a fountain filled with blood, cres Redeeming love has been my theme,

Drawn from Immanuel's veins ; f And shall be till I die. And sinners, plunged beneath that

5 f Then, in a nobler, sweeter song, Lose all their guilty stains. [flood,

I'll sing Thy power to save, 2mf The dying thief rejoiced to see dim When this poor lisping, stammering That fountain in his day ;

p Lies silent in the grave. [tongue And there have I, as vile as he,

6 mf Lord, I believe Thou hast prepared, cres Washed all my sins away.

Unworthy though I be, 3 p Dear dying Lamb! Thy precious blood cres For me a blood-bought, free reward, Shall never lose its power,

f A golden harp for me. cres Till all the ransomed Church of God Be saved, to sin no more.

7 f 'Tis strung and tuned for endless years,

And formed, by power divine, 4mf E'er since, by faith, I saw the stream To sound in God the Father's ears Thy flowing wounds supply,

No other name but Thine. Amen.

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In Thee, O Lord, do I put my trust." ImjI AM trusting Thee, Lord Jesus, 4mf I am trusting Thee to guide uic ; Trusting only Thee ;

Thou alone shalt leau : Trusting Thee for full salvation, Every day and hour supplying Great and free.

All my need. 2 p I am trusting Thee for pardon ; 5mf I am trusting Thee for power ; At Thy feet I bow,

Thine can never fail : fres For Thy grace and tender mercy, Words which Thou Thyself shalt give Trusting now.

Must prevail.

sme 3mf I am trusting Thee for cleansing 6 mf I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus ; In the crimson flood;

Never let me fall : Trusting Thee to make me holy f I am trusting Thee for ever, By Thy blood.

And for all. Amen.

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279 He called the name of that place Jehovah-jireh." mf THOUGH troubles assail, 3 mf His call we obey, And dangers affright,

Like Abraham of old, p Though friends should all fail, P Not knowing our way, And foes all unite,

cres But faith makes us bold ; ? Yet one thing secures us,

mf For, though we are strangers, Whatever betide,

We have a good guide, 5. The Scripture assures us

And trust in all dangers, “ The Lord will provide."

f “ The Lord will provide." mf The birds without barn

4 mf No strength of our own,
Or storehouse are fed ;

Or goodness, we claim,
From them let us learn

Yet, since we have known
To trust for our bread.

The Saviour's great name,
His saints what is fitting

cres In this our strong tower Shall ne'er be denied,

For safety we hide ; So long as 'tis written,

Almighty His power“The Lord will provide."

f "The Lord will provide." Amen.

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