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312 "Deal with Thy servant according unto Tiny mercy, and teach me Thy statutes.' 1 mf FATHER, I know that all my life And a work of lowly love to do Is portioned out for me;

For the Lord on whom I wait.
And the changes that are sure to come
I do not fear to see;

5 mfSo I ask Thee for the daily strength cres But I ask Thee for a present mind, To none that ask denied ; Intent on pleasing Thee.

And a mind to blend with outward

While keeping at Thy side; [lifc, 2 mf I ask Thee for a thoughtful love,

Content to fill a little space,
Through constant watching wise,

If Thou be glorified.
To meet the glad with joyful smiles,
dim And to wipe the weeping eyes;
And a heart at leisure from itself,

6 p There are briers besetting every path

That call for patient care; p To soothe and sympathise.

There is a cross in every lot, 3 mf I would not have the restless will

And an earnest need for prayer; That hurries to and fro,

cres But a lowly heart, that leans on Thee, Seeking for some great thing to do, Is happy anywhere.

Or secret thing to know; dim I would be treated as a child, And guided where I go.

7 mf in a service which Thy will appoints

There are no bonds for me; 4mf Wherever in the world I am,

Formy inmost heart is taught the truth In whatsoe'er estate,

That makes Thy children free; I have a fellowship with hearts

And a life of self-renouncing love To keep and cultivate ;

Is a life of liberty. Amen.

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313 Lo, we have left all, and have followed Thee."
Imf JESUS, I my cross have taken, cres Oh, 'tis not in grief to harm me,
All to leave, and follow Thee !

While Thy love is left to me! p Destitute, despised, forsaken,

Oh, 'twere not in joy to charm me, cres Thou from hence my all shalt be. Were that joy unmixed with Thee Perish every fond ambition, All I've sought and hoped and 4mf Take, my soul, thy full salvation ; known ;

Rise o'er sin and fear and care ; mf Yet how rich is my condition !

Joy to find in every station
God and heaven are still my own! Something still to do or bear;

Þ Think what Spirit dwells within the 2 mf Let the world despise and leave me, cres What a Father's smile is thine,

They have left my Saviour too; What a Saviour died to win thee ! Human hearts and looks deceive me, Child of heaven, shouldst tho Thou art not, like man, untrue;

repine ? And, while Thou shalt smile upon me,

God of wisdom, love, and might, 5 f Haste, then, on from grace to glory. Foes may hate, and friends may shun

Armed by faith, and winged

prayer ; f Sbow Thy face, and all is bright !

Heaven's eternal day's before thee,

God's own hand shall guide the 3p Man may trouble and distress me;

there. 'Twill but drive me to Thy breast: ☆ Soon shall close thine earthly mission Life with trials hard may press me ; Swift shall pass thy pilgrim days Hearen will bring me sweeter cres Hope soon change to glad fruition, rest.

f Faith to sight, and prayer to praise




314 Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him."
I mf COMMIT thou all thy griefs 4 mf No profit canst thou gain
And ways into His hands,

By self-consuming care ;
To His sure truth and tender care, To Him commend thy cause ; His ear

Who earth and heaven commands. dim Attends the softest prayer. a mf Who points the clouds their course, 5 mf Thy everlasting truth, Whom winds and seas obey,

Father! Thy ceaseless love, [knows © He shall direct thy wandering feet, Sees all Thy children's wants, and He shall prepare thy way.

What best for each will prove. 3 mf Thou on the Lord rely,

6 mf Thou everywhere hast sway, So safe shalt thou go on;

And all things serve Thy might; Fix on His work thy steadfast eye, Thy every act pure blessing is, So shall thy work be done.

Thy path unsullied light. Amen. ST. AËLRED.

8,8,8,3 Rev. J. B. DYKES, Mus. Doc.

A - men.

315 Then He arose, and rebuked the wind, and the raging of the water." mf FIERCE raged the tempest o'er 3 mf The wild winds hushed; theangry deep the deep,

[keep, dim Sank, like a little child, to sleep ; Watch did Thine anxious servants mf The sullen billows ceased to leap, p But Thou wast wrapt in guileless

At Thy will. Calm and still. (sleep, 4mf So, when our life is clouded o'er, mfSave, Lord, we perish," was their cres And storm-winds drift us from the "Oh, save us in our agony


shore, mf Thy word above the storm rose high, Say, lest we sink to rise no more, Peace, be still !"

P “Peace, be still ; " Aniea



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Thy will be done." I mf MY God and Father, while I stray, 5 p Should grief or sickness waste away

Far from my home, in life's rough way, My life in premature decay, cres Oh, teach me from my heart to say, My Father! still I strive to say, dimThy will be done."

“Thy will be done. 2 ] Though dark my path,and sád my lot, 6mf Let but my fainting heárt be blest

Let me be still and murmur not, With Thy sweet Spirit fór its guest ; cres Or breathe the prayer divinely taught, My God! to Thee I leave the rest : dimThy will be done.'

Thy will be done." 3 P What though in lonely grief I sigh 7° Renew my will from dáy to day ;

For friends beloved, no longer nigh, Blend it with Thine ; and take away
Submissive would I still reply,

All that now makes it hard to say,
Thy will be done.

“Thy will be done." 4 P If Thou shouldst call me to resign 8mf Then, when on earth I breathe no more

What most I prize, it ne'ér was mine; Þ The prayer oft mixed with tears before,
I only yield Thee what was Thine : cres I'll sing upon a háppier shore,
DP “Thy will be done."

f "Thy will be done." Amen.

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318 "I said not unto the sced of Jacob, 'Seek ye Me in vain!'" * I mf GOD of my life, to Thee I call ; 4 That were a grief I could not bear, Afflicted at Thy feet I fall ;

Didst Thou not hear and answer When the great water-floods prevail, prayer ;

Leave not my trembling heart to fail. cres But a prayer hearing, answering God 2 p Friend of the friendless and the faint,

Supports me under every load. Where should I lodge my deep com- 5 mf Fair is the lot that's cast for me! plaint ?

I have an Advocate with Thee ; Acres Where but with Thee, whoseopen door They whom the world caresses most

Invites the helpless and the poor? Have no such privilege to boast. p Did ever mourner plead with Thee, 6 p Poor though I am, despised, forgot tres And Thou refuse that mourner's plea ? cres Yet God, my God, forgets me not; mf Does not the word still fixed remain, mf And he is safe, and must succeed, That none shall seek Thy face in

For whom the Lord vouchsafes to yain?

plead. Amen.

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