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"Lord, Thou knowest all things."

I mf THOU knowest, Lord, the weariness and sorrow

Of the sad heart that comes to Thee for rest;
Cares of to-day, and burdens for to-morrow,

Blessings implored, and sins to be confessed ;
We come before Thee at Thy gracious word,
And lay them at Thy feet: (P) Thou knowest, Lord.

2 mf Thou knowest all the past : how long and blindly

On the dark mountains the lost wanderer straycd ;
How the good Shepherd followed, and how kindly

He bore it home, upon His shoulders laid,
p And healed the bleeding wounds, and soothed the fair
cres And brought back life and hope and strength again.

3 mf Thou knowest all the present : each temptation,

Each toilsome duty, each foreboding fear ;
All to each one assigned of tribulation,

Or to beloved ones than self more dear;
All pensive memories, as we journey on,
Longings for vanished smiles and voices gone.

4 mf Thou knowest all the future: gleams of gladness

By stormy clouds too quickly overcast ;
Hours of sweet fellowship, and parting sadness,
PP And the dark river to be crossed at last ;
cres Oh ! what could hope and confidence afford

To tread that path, but this, "Thou knowest, Lord ?

5 mf Thou knowest, not alone as God, all knowing ;

As man, our mortal weakness Thou hast proved :
On earth with purest sympathies o'erflowing,
P O Saviour, Thou hast wept, and Thou hast loved ;
cres And love and sorrow still to Thee may come,

And find a hiding-place, a rest, a home.

6 mf Therefore we come, Thy gentle call obeying,

And lay our sins and sorrows at Thy feet ;
On everlasting strength our weakness staying,

Clothed in Thy robe of righteousness complete :
cres Then rising and refreshed we leave Thy throne,

f And follow on to know as we are known. Amen.

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- 334

" It is l; be not afraid." I Ở WHEN the dark waves round us 4 PP When we weep beside the bier

And we look in vain for aid, [roll, Where some well-loved form is laid,

Speak, Lord, to the trembling soul, Oh ! may then the mourner hear, fIt is I; be not afraid."

It is I ; be not afraid." 2 mf When we dimly trace Thy form 5 When with wearing, hopeless pain In mysterious clouds arrayed,

Sinks the spirit, sore dismayed, Be the echo of the storm,

cres Breathe Thou then the comfort. fIt is I ; be not afraid."

mfIt is I ; be not afraid." (strain, 3 € When our brightest hopes depart, 6 PP When we feel the end is near, When our fairest visions fade,

Passing into death's dark shade, Whisper to the fainting heart, cres May the voice be strong and clear, Acres “ It is I; be not afraid.'

f“ It is I ; be not afraid." Amen





A. men.


"Ask, and it shall be given you.' imf COME, my soul, thy suit prepare ; There Thy blood-bought right mainJesus loves to answer prayer ;

And without a rival reign. [tain,
He Himself has bid thee pray,
Therefore will not say thee nay.

5 mf As the image in the glass

Answers the beholder's face, f Thou art coming to a King :

Thus unto my heart appear,
Large petitions with thee bring ; Print Thine own resemblance there.
For His grace and power are such, 6 p While I am a pilgrim here,
None can ever ask too much.

Let Thy love my spirit cheer ;
With my burden I begin :

cres As my Guide, my Guard, my Friend, Lord, remove this load of sin;

Lead me to my journey's end.
Let Thy
for sinners spilt,

7mf Show me what I have to do ;
Set my conscience free from guilt.

Every hour my strength renew; Ep Lord, I come to Thee for rest ;

Let me live a life of faith; res Take possession of my breast ; dim Let me die Thy people's death. Amen.

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