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390 Nore is our salvation nearer than when we believed." I PONE sweetly | solemn | thought 4 P But lying | dárkly be- | tween,

Comes to me | o'er and o'er: Winding I'dówn through the night, S I'm nearer | home to- day,

Is the silent, | únknown stream, Than | ever I've been before; To be crossed | ére we reach the 2 mf Nearer my Father's house 5 mf Father, | pérfect my trust;

[light. Where the ( mány mansions i be; Strengthen the might of my faith; Nearer the great white | throne; Let me feel Thee néar, when I stand

Near-| ér the jasper | sea; dim On the rock of the shore of death; 3p Nearer the bound of life, 6 p Feel Thee | néar, when my feet

Where we | láy our | burdens | down; Are | slipping | over the brink; - Nearer | leaving the cross; aim For it may be I'm néarer | homecres Nearer | wéar-Ting the crown! Nearer | nów, | than I think. Amen.

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Nearer the great white throne ; Nearer the jas - per sea,

Is the silent, un - known stream, To be crossed ere we reach the light. For it may be I'm near - er home- Nearer


than I think. be

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391 But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly.Ig I'M but a stranger here,

3 f There at my Saviour's sidecres Heaven is my home ;

Heaven is my homep Earth is a desert drear,

I shall be glorified, cres Heaven is my home;

Heaven is my home ; p Danger and sorrow stand

mf There are the good and blest, Round me on every hand;

Those I loved most and best, cres Heaven is my fatherland,

p And there I too shall rest ; f Heaven is my home.

f Heaven is my home. 2 f What though the tempest rage, 4mf Therefore I murmur notHeaven is my home;

Heaven is my homemf Short is my pilgrimage,

Whate'er my earthly lot,
Heaven is my home ;

Heaven is my home; cres Time's wild and wintry blast cres And I shall surely stand Soon will be overpast ;

There at my Lord's right hand • I shall reach home at last,

Heaven is my fatherland, f Heaven is my home.

f Heaven is my home. Amen.

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imfOH, for the peace which floweth as a river,

Making life's desert places bloom and smile!
Oh, for the faith to grasp heaven's bright "for-ever,'

Amid the shadows of earth's "little while !"
2 p A little while for patient vigil-keeping,

cres To face the stern, to wrestle with the strong.
P A little while, to sow the seed with weeping,

cres Then bind the sheaves, and sing the Larvest song.
3 P A little while, to wear the weeds of sadness,

To pace with weary step through miry ways ; cres Then to pour forth the fragrant oil of gladness,

f And clasp the girdle round the robe of praise.
4mf A little while, the earthen pitcher taking

To wayside brooks, from far-off fountains fed ;
Then the cool lip its thirst for ever slaking
cres Beside the fulness of the Fountain-head.
5 mf A little while, to keep the oil from failing ;

A little while, faith's flickering lamp to trim ;
cres And then, the Bridegroom's coming footsteps hailing,

f To greet His advent with the bridal hymn.
6 mf And He who is Himself the Gift and Giver-

The future glory and the present smile,
cres With the bright promise of the glad “for-ever,"

dim Will light the shadows of the little while." Amen.


10,4, 10,4,10,10. Rev. J. B. Dykes, Mus. Doc.

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(See also “Innocents," No. 212.) 394 " Thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage." If CHILDREN of the heavenly King, 4 f Lift your eyes, ye sons of light ; As ye journey, sweetly sing ;

Zion's city is in sight : Sing your Saviour's worthy praise, There our endless home shall be ; Glorious in His works and ways.

There our Lord we soon shall see. 2 mf We are travelling home to God 5 f Fear not, brethren ; joyful stand In the way the fathers trod;

On the borders of your land ; They are happy now; and we

Jesus Christ, your Father's Son, Soon their happiness shall see.

Bids you undismayed go on. 3 f Shout, ye little flock and blest ! 6 mf Lord, obediently we go, You on Jesus' throne shall rest ;

Gladly leaving all below : There your seat is now prepared, cres Only Thou our Leader be, There your kingdom and reward. f And we still will follow Thee.


8,7,8,7,4, 7. Sir GEORGE J. ELVEY, Mus. Dog




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