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1515 "This God is our God for ever and ever: He will be our guide even unto weath." Emf FOR Thy mercy and Thy grace, 4mf In our weakness and distress,

Faithful through another year, cres Rock of strength, be Thou our stay: Fibes Hear our song of thankfulness: mf In the pathless wilderness

Jesus, our Redeemer, hear ! cres Be our true and living way. Emf Lol our sins on Thee we cast, 5 Who of us death's awful road Thee our perfect Sacrifice;

In the coming year shall tread, res And, forgetting all the past,

With Thy rod and staff, O God,
s Press toward our glorious prize. Comfort Thou his dying bed.
Ø Dark the future; (cres) let Thy light 6mf Keep us faithful; keep us pure;

Guide us, Bright and Morning Star: Keep us evermore Thine own;
Fierce our foes, and hard to fight; Help, oh, help us to endure;
Irm us, Savinur, for the war.

Fit us for the promised crown.
7 cres So within Thy palace gate

We shall praise, on golden strings,

Thee, the only Potentate,
f Lord of lords, and King of kings. Amen.

****.-Special Occasions.

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516 "O Lord, we beseech Thee, send now prosperity."

(CHURCH DEDICATION.] imf BE with us, gracious Lord, to-day; 4mf Here, when the Gospel sound is heard,

This house we dedicate to Thee: And here proclaimed the saving Name,
Oh, hear Thy servants as they pray, May hearts be quickened, moved, and
And let Thine ear attentive be.

stirred, 2nf Within these walls let holy peace,

cres And souls be kindled into flame. Let love and truth be always found; 5 mf Here may the dead be made to live, May burdened hearts find sweet The dumb to sing, the deaf to hear; release,

(crowned. And do Thou to the humble give cres And souls with richest grace be Pardon and peace instead of fear. 13nf May here be heard the suppliant's 6 mf Make this, O Lord, Thine own abode;

The weary enter into rest; [sigh, Thy presence in these courts be given;

Here may the contrite to Thee cry, Be this, indeed, “the house of God," fres And waiting souls be richly blest. And this in truth the "gate of heaven."



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517 I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for

her husband." [CHURCH BUILDING OR OPENING.] FimfCHRIST is made the sure Foundation 3 D Here vouchsafe to all Thy servants

And the precious Corner-stone; What they ask of Thee to gain,
Chosen of the Lord, and precious, What they gain from Thee for ever
Binding all the Church in one,

With the blessed to retain,
Holy Sion's help for ever,

cres And hereafter, in Thy glory,
And her confidence alone.

With Thy blessed ones to reign. 2 mfTo this temple, where we call Thee, 4 f Laud and honour to the Father ! Come, O Lord of hosts, to-day !

Laud and honour to the Son ! With Thy wonted loving-kindness Laud and honour to the Spirit ! Hear Thy people as they pray ;

Ever Three and ever One, cres And Thy fullest benediction

One in grace, and One in glory,
Shed within its walls for aye.

While eternal ages runī Amen.

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S. S. WESLEY, Mus. Doc.

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Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner-stone."

imf CHRIST is our Corner-stone: 3Here, gracious God, do Thou
On Him alone we build ;

For evermore draw nigh ;
With His true saints alone

Accept each faithful vow,
The courts of heaven are filled ;

And mark each suppliant sigh ;
cres On His great love

cres In copious shower,
Our hopes we place

On all who pray
Of present grace

Each holy day
And joys above.

Thy blessings pour.
f Oh, then with hymns of praise 4 Here may we gain from heaven

These hallowed courts shall ring! The grace which we implore ;
Our voices we will raise,


grace, once given, The Three in One to sing ;

Be with us evermore ; cres And thus proclaim

cres Until that day
In joyful song,

When all the blest
Both loud and long,

To endless rest
f That glorious Name,

irall Are called away. Amen.

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That Thine eyes may be open toward this house night and day."

[CHURCH BUILDING.) I mf THIS stone to Thee in faith we lay ; 4 f Hosanna ! to their heavenly King,

We build the temple, Lord, to Thee; When children's voices raise thal Thine eyes be open night and day Hosanna ! let their angels sing, (song

To guard this house and sanctuary. And heaven with earth the strain 2mf Here, when Thy people seek Thy face,

prolong. p And dying sinners pray to live, 5 p But will, indeed, Jehovah deign cres Hear Thou in heaven, Thy dwellirg- Here to abide, no transient guest place,

Here will the world's Redeemer reigns And when Thou hearest, oh, forgive. And here the Holy Spirit rest? 3mf Here, when Thy messengers proclaim 6mf That glory never hence depart ! [alone The blessed Gospel of Thy Son,

Yet choose not, Lord, this house cres Still by the power of His great name cres Thy kingdom come to every heart, Be mighty signs and wonders done. of In every bosom fix Thy throne.



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