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PSALM LI. 1 AFTER thy loving-kindness, Lord,

have mercy upon me: For thy, compassions great, blot out

all mine iniquity. 2 Me cleanse from sin, and throughly from mine iniquity:

(wash 3 For my transgressions I confess 3

my sin I ever see. 4 'Gainst thee, thee only, have I sinu’d,

in thy sight done this ill ; That when thou speak’st thou may'st be

and clear in judging still. [just, Behold, I in iniquity

was form'd the womb within ; My mother also me conceiv'd

in guiltiness and sin.

6 Behold, thou in the inward parts

with truth delighted art; And wisdom thou shalt make me know

within the hidden part. 7 Do thou with hyssop sprinkle me,

I shall be cleansed so; Yea, wash thou me, and then I shall

bé whiter than the snow. 8 Of gladness and of joyfulness

make me to hear the voice; That so these very bones which thou

hast broken may rejoice. 9 All mine iniquities blot out,

thy face hide from my sin. 10 Create a clean heart, Lord, renew

a right sp'rit me within.

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-11 Cast me not from thy sight, nor take

thy Holy Sp'rit away. 12 Restore me thy salvation's joy ;

with thy free Sp'rit me stay. 13 Then will I teach thy ways unto

those that transgressors be; And those that sinners are shall then

be turned unto thee. 14 O God, of my salvation God,

me from blood-guiltiness Set free; then shall my tongue aloud

sing of thy righteousness. 15 My closed lips, O Lord, by thee

let them be opened ; Then shall thy praises by my mouth

abroad be published.

16 For thou desir'st not sacrifice,

else would I give it thee;
Nor wilt thou with burnt-offering

at all delighted be.
17 A broken spirit is to God

a pleasing sacrifice :
A broken and a contrite heart,

Lord, thou wilt not despise. 18 Shew kindness, and do good, O Lord,

to Sion, thine own hill : The walls of thy Jerusalem build up of thy good will.

(please, Then righteous Prings shall thee

and off'rings burnt, which they With whole burnt-off'rings, and with

shall on thine altar lay. [calves,

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I on thy name will wait; for good

before thy saints it is. 53 PSALM LIII.

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1 WHY dost thou boast, О mighty man,

of mischief and of ill P The goodness of Almighty God

endureth ever still. 2 Thy tongue mischievous calumnies

deviseth subtilely, Like to a razor sharp to cut,

working deceitfully. 3 Ill more than good, and more than truth

thou lovest to speak wrong: 4 Thou lovest all-devouring words,

O thou deceitful tongue. 5 So God shall thee destroy for aye,

remove thee, pluck thee out Quite from thy house, out of the land

of life he shall thee root.

2 The Lord upon the sons of men

from heav'n did cast his eyes, To see if any one there was

that sought God, and was wise.

6 The righteous shall it see, and fear,

and laugh at him they shall: 7 Lo, this the man is that did not

make God his strength at all: But he in his abundant wealth

his confidence did place; And he took strength unto himself

from his own wickedness. 8 But I am in the house of God

like to an olive green: My confidence for ever hath

upon God's mercy been. 9 And I for ever will thee praise,

3 They altogether filthy are,

they ali are backward gone; And there is none that doeth good,

no, not so much as orie. 4. These workers of iniquity,

do they not know at all, That they

my people eat as bread, and on God do not call ? 5 Ev'n there they were afraid, and stood

with trembling, all dismay'd, Whereas there was no cause at all

why they should be afraid : For God his bones that thee besieg'd

hath scatter'd all abroad; Thou hast confounded them, for they

despised are of God. 6 Let Isr'el's help from Sion come:

W back the Lord shall bring His captives, Jacob shall rejoice,

because thou hast done this:

and Israel shall sing.

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1 LORD, hear my pray'r, hide not thy.

from my entreating voice: [self 2 Attend and hear me; in my plaint

I mourn and make a noise.


PSALM LIV. 1 SAVE me, O God, by thy great name,

and judge me by thy strength: 2 My prayer hear, Ő God; give ear

unto my words at length. 3 For they that strangers are to me

do up against me rise ; Oppressors seek my soul, and God

set not before their eyes. 4 The Lord my God my helper is,

lo, therefore I am bold : He taketh part with ev'ry one

that doth my soul uphold. 5 Uuto mine enemies he shall

mischief and ill repay : O for thy truth's sake cut them off,

and sweep them clean away. 6 I will a sacrifice to thee

give with free willingness; Thy name, O Lord, because 'tis good,

with praise I will confess. 7 For he hath me delivered froin all adversities;

D 2

3 Because of th’en'my's voice, and for

lewd men's oppression great: On me they cast iniquity,

and they in wrath me hate. 4 Sore pain'd within me is my heart:

death's terrors on me fall. 5 On me comes trembling, fear and dread

o'erwhelmed me withal. 6 O that I, like a dove, had wings,

said I, then would I flee Far hence, that I might find a place

where I'in rest might be. 7 Lo, then far off I wander would,

and in the desert stay; 8 From windy storm and tempest I

would haste to 'scape away. 9 O Lord, on them destruction bring,

and do their tongues divide; For in the city violence

and strife I have espy'd. 10 They day and night upon the walls

do go about it round : There mischief is, and sorrow there

in midst of it is found.

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PSALM LV.-continued. 11 Abundant wickedness there is

19 The Lord shall hear, and them allict, within her inward part;

of old who hath abode: And from her streets deceitfulness Because they never changes have, and guile do not depart.

therefore they fear not God. 12 He was no foe that me reproach’d, 20 'Gainst those that were at peace with then that endure I could ;

he hath put forth his hand: [him Nor hater that did ’gainst me boast, The covenant that he had made, from him me hide I would.

by breaking he profan'd. 13 But thou, man, who mine equal, guide, 21 More smooth than butter were his and mine acquaintance wast:

while in his heart was war; [words, 14 We join'd sweet counsels, to God's His speeches were more soft than oil,

in company we past. (house and yet drawn swords they are. 15 Let death upon them seize, and down 22 Cast thou thy burden on the Lord, let them go quick to hell;

and he shall thee sustain ; For wickedness doth much abound Yea, he shall cause the righteous man among them where they dwell.

unmoved to remain. 16 I'll call on God: God will me save, 23 But thou, O Lord my God, those men 17 I'll pray, and make a noise

in justice shalt o'erthrow, At ev'ning, morning, and at noon; And 'in destruction's dungeon dark and he shall hear my voice.

at last shalt lay thern low: 18 He hath my soul delivered,

The bloody and deceitful men that it in peace might be

shall not live half their days : From battle that against me was; But upon thee with confidence for many were with me.

I will depend always.

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