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6 But all at once with axes now

and hammers they go to, And down the carved

work thereof
they break, and quite undo.
7 They fired have thy sanctuary,

and have defild the same,
By casting down unto the ground

the place where dwelt thy name. 8 Thus said they in their hearts, Let us

destroy them out of hand : They burnt up all the synagogues

of God within the land.

74 PSALM LXXIV. 10 GOD, why hast thou cast us off ?

is it for evermore? Against thy pasture-sheep why doth

thine anger smoke so sore? 2 O call to thy rememberance,

thy congregation, Which thou hast purchased of old ;

still think the same upon : The rod of thine inheritance,

which thou redeemed hast, This Sion hill, wherein thou hadst

thy dwelling in times past. 3 To these long desolations

thy feet lift, do not tarry ; For all the ills thy foes have done

within thy sanctuary. 4 Amidst thy congregations

thine enemies do roar : Their ensigns they set up for signs

of triumph thee before. 5 A man was famous, and was had

in estimation, According as he lifted up

his axe thick trees upon.

9 Our signs we do not now behold;

there is not us among
A prophet more, nor any one

that knows the time how long. 10 How-long, Lord, shall the enemy

thus in reproach exclaim ? And shall the adversary thus

always blaspheme thy name? 11 Thy hand, ev’n thy right hand of might,

why dost thou thus draw back p O from thy bosom pluck it out

for our deliv'rance' sake.

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12 For certainly God is my King, 18 That th' enemy reproached hath, ev’n from the times of old,

O keep it in record ; Working in midst of all the earth And that the foolish people have salvation manifold.

blasphem'd thy name, O Lord. 13 The sea, by thy great pow'r, to part 19 Unto the multitude do not asunder thou didst make;

thy turtle's soul deliver: And thou the dragons' heads, O Lord, The congregation of thy poor within the waters brake.

do not forget for ever. 14 The leviathan's head thou brak'st 20 Unto thy cov'nant have respect : in pieces, and didst give

for earth's dark places be Him to be meat unto the folk

Full of the habitations in wilderness that live.

of horrid cruelty. 15 Thou clavist the fountain and the flood, 21 O let not those that be oppress'd

which did with streams abound: return again with shame: Thou dry'dst the mighty waters up Let those that poor and needy are unto the very ground.

give praise unto thy name. 16 Thine only is the day, O Lord, 22 Do thou, O God, arise and plead thine also is the night;

the cause that is thine own : And thou alone prepared' hast

Remember how thou art reproach'd the sun and shining light.

still by the foolish one. 17 By thee the borders of the earth 23 Do not forget the voice of those were settled ev'ry where :

that are thine enemies: The summer and the winter both Of those the tumult ever grows by thee created were.

that do against thee risc.

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75 PSALM LXXV. 1 TO thee, O God, do we give thanks,

we do give thanks to thee; Because thy wondrous works declare

thy great name near to be. 2 I purpose, when I shall receive

the congregation, That I shall judgment uprightly

render to ev'ry one. 3 Dissolved is the land, with all

that in the same do dwell; But I the pillars thereof do

bear up, and stablish well. 4 I to the foolish people said,

Do not deal foolishly;
And unto those that wicked are,

'Tis full of mixture, he pours forth,

and makes the wicked all Wring out the bitter dregs thereof;

yea, and they drink them shall. 9 But I for ever will declare,

I Jacob's God will praise. 10 All horns of lewd men I'll cut off ;

but just men's horus will raise. 76 PSALM LXXVI. 1 IN Judah's land God is well known),

lift not your horn on high. 5 Lift not your horn on high, nor speak 6 with stubborn neck. But know, That not from east, nor west, nor south,

promotion doth flow. 7 But God is judge; he puts down one,

and sets another up. 8 For in the hand of God most high

of red wine is a cup:

his name's in Isr'el great : 2 In Salem is his tabernacle,

in Sion is his seat. 3 There arrows of the bow he brake,

the shield, the sword, the war. 4. More glorious thou than hills of prey,

more excellent art far. 5 Those that were stout of heart are

spoil'd, they slept their sleep outright; And none of those their hands did find,

that were the men of might. 6 When thy rebuke, O Jacob's God,

had forth against them past, Their horses and their chariots both

were in a dead sleep cast.

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7 Thou, Lord, ey'n thou art he that| 4 Mine eyes, debarr'd from rest and sleep,

be fear'd; and who is he [should thou makest still to wake; That may stand up before thy sight, My trouble is so great that I if once thou angry be?

unable am to speak. 8 From heav'n thou judgment caus'd he the earth was still with fear, [heard;

5 The days of old to mind I call’d,

and oft did think upon 9 When God to judgment rose, to save The times and ages that are past all meek on earth that were.

full many years agone. 10 Surely the very wrath of man unto thy praise redounds :

6 By night my song I call to mind, Thou to the remnant of his wrath

and commune with my heart; wilt set restraining bounds.

My sp’rit did carefully enquire

how I might ease my smart. 11 Vow to the Lord your God, and pay: all ye that near him be,

7 For ever will the Lord cast off, Bring gifts and presents unto him; and gracious be no more? for to be fear'd is he.

8 For ever is his mercy gone ?

fails his word evermore? 12 By him the sp’rits shall be cut off of those that princes are :

9 Is't true that to be gracious Unto the kings that are on earth

the Lord forgotten hath? he fearful doth appear.

And that his tender mercies he

hath shut up in his wrath ? 77 PSALM LXXVII.

10 Then did I say, That surely this 1 UNTO the Lord I with my voice,

is mine infirmity : I unto God did cry ;

I'll mind the years of the right hand Ev'n with my voice, and unto me of him that is most High.

his ear he did apply. 2 I in my trouble sought the Lord,

11 Yea, I remember will the works my sore by night did run,

performed by the Lord : And ceased not; my grieved soul

The wonders done of old by thee did consolation shun.

I surely will record. 3 I to remembrance God did call, 12 I also will of all thy works yet trouble did remain ;.

my meditation make; And overwhelm'd my spirit was, and of thy doings to discourse whilst I did sore complain.

great pleasure I will take,

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13 O God, thy way most holy is

19 Thy way is in the sea, and in within thy sanctuary ;

the waters great thy path; And what God is so great in puw'r Yet are thy footsteps hid, O'Lord; as is our God most high?

none knowledge thereof hath.

20 Thy people thou didst safely lead, 14 Thou art the God that wonders dost

like to a flock of sheep; by thy right hand most strong:

By Moses' hand and Aaron's thou Thy mighty pow'r thou hast declar'd the nations among.

didst them conduct and keep. 15 To thine own people with thine arm

78 PSALM LXXVIII. thou didst redemption bring; 1 ATTEND, my people, to my law; To Jacob's sons, and to the tribes

thereto give thou an ear; of Joseph that do spring.

The words that from my mouth proceed 16 The waters, Lord, perceived thee,

attentively do hear. tho waters saw thee well;

2 My mouth shall speak a parable, And they for fear aside did flee;

and sayings dark of old; the depths on trembling fell.

3 The same which we have heard and

and us our fathers told. [known, 17 The clouds in water forth were pourd,

4 We also will them not conceal sound loudly did the sky;

from their posterity; And swiftly through the world abroad

Them to the generation thine arrows fierce did fly.

to come declare will we: 18 Thy thunder's voice alongst the heav'n The praises of the Lord our God, a mighty noise did make;

and his almighty strength, By lightnings lightend was the world, The wondrous works that he hath done, th' earth tremble did and shake.

we will shew forth at length.

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