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33 He to dry land turns water-springs,

and floods to wilderness; 34 For sins of those that dwell therein,

fat land to barrenness. 35 The burnt and parched wilderness

to water-pools he brings; The ground that was dry'd up before

he turns to water-springs : 36 And there, for dwelling, he a place

doth to the hungry give, That they a city may prepare

commodiously to live. 37 There sow they fields, and vineyards

to yield fruits of increase. [plant,

42 They that are righteous shall rejoice,

when they the same shall see; And, as ashamed, stop her mouth

shall all iniquity.

43 Whoso is wise, and will these things

observe, and them record, Ev’n they shall understand the love

and kindness of the Lord,


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1 MY heart is fix'd, Lord; I will sing,

and with my glory praise. . 2 Awake up psaltery and harp; myself

I'll early raise. 3 I'll praise thee 'mong the people, Lord;

'mong nations sing will I : 4 For above heav'n thy mercy's great,

thy truth doth reach the sky. 5 Be thou above the heavens, Lord,

exalted gloriously; Thy glory all the earth above

lifted up on hig! 6 That those who thy beloved are

delivered may be,

O do thou save with thy right hand,

and answer give to me.
7 God in his holiness hath said,

Herein I will take pleasure ;
Shechem I will divide, and forth

will Succoth's valley measure. 8 Gilead I claim as mine by right;

Manasseh mine shall be ;
Ephraim is of my head the strength;

Judah gives laws for me;
9 Moab's my washing-pot; my shoe

I'll over Edom throw;
Over the land of Palestine

I will in triumph go.
10 O who is he will bring me to

the city fortify'd ?
O who is he that to the land

of Edom will me guide ? 11 O God, thou who hadst cast us off,

this thing wilt thou not do? And wilt not thou, ev’n thou, O God,

forth with our armies go? 12 Do thou from trouble give us help,

for helpless is man's aid. 13 Through God we shall do valiantly ;

our foes he shall down tread.

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1 0 THOU the God of all my praise,

do thou not hold thy peace; 2 For mouths of wicked men to speak

against me do not cease: The mouths of vile deceitful men

against me open'd be ; And with a false and lying tongue

they have accused me. 3 They did beset me round about

with words of hateful spight: And though to them no cause I gave,

against me they did fight. 4 They for my love became my foes,

but I me set to pray. 5 Evil for good, hatred for love,

to me they did repay. o Set thou the wicked over him;

and upon his right hand Give thou his greatest enemy,

ev'n Satan, leave to stand. 7 And when by thee he shall be judg'd,

let him condemned be; And let his pray'r be turn'd to sin, when he shall call on thee.

8 Few be his days, and in his room

his charge another take. 9 His children let be fatherless,

his wife a widow make.
10 His children let be vagabonds,

and beg continually;
And from their places desolate

seek bread for their supply. 11 Let covetous extortioners

catch all he hath away:
Of all for which he labour'd hath

let strangers make a prey.
12 Let there be none to pity him,

let there be none at all
That on his children fatherless

will let his mercy fall.
13 Let his posterity from earth

cut off for ever be, And in the foll'wing age their name

be blotted out by thee. 14 Let God his father's wickedness

still to remembrance call; And never let his mother's sin

be blotted out at all.

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19 Like to the garment let it be

28 Although they curse with spite, yet, which doth himself array,

bless thou with loving voice: (Lord, And for a girdle, wherewith ho

Let them asham'd be when they rise; is girt about alway.

thy servant let rejoice. 20 From God let this be their reward 29 Let thou mine adversaries all that en'mies are to me,

with shame be clothed over; And their reward that speak against And let their own confusion my soul maliciously.

them, as a mantle, cover. 21 But do thou, for thine own name's | 30 But as for me,

I with my

mouth O God the Lord, for me: [sake, will greatly praise the Lord ; Sith good and sweet thy mercy is, And I among the multitude from trouble set me free.

his praises will record. 22 For I am poor and indigent,

31 For he shall stand at his right hand afflicted sore am I,

who is in poverty, My heart within me also is

To save him from all those that would wounded exceedingly.

condemn his soul to die.

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7 The brook that runneth in the way

with drink shall him supply; 1 THE LORD did say unto my Lord, And, for this cause, in triumph he Sit thou at my right hand,

sliall lift his head on high. Until I make thy foes a stool, whereon thy feet may stand.

111 PSALM CXI. 2 The Lord shall out of Sion send 1 PRAISE ye the Lord: with my whole the rod of thy great pow'r:

I will God's praise declare,. [heart In midst of all thine enemies

Where the assemblies of the just be thou the governor.

and congregations are. 3 A willing people in thy day

2 The whole works of the Lord our God of pow'r shall come to thee,

are great above all measure, In holy beauties from morn's womb; Sought out they are of ev'ry one thy youth like dew shall be.

that doth therein take pleasure. 4 The Lord himself hath made an oath, 3 His work most honourable is, and will repent him never,

most glorious and pure, Of th' order of Melchisedec

And his untainted righteousness thou art a priest for ever.

for ever doth endure. 5 The glorious and mighty Lord,

4 His works most wonderful he hath that sits at thy right hand,

made to be thought upon : Shall, in his day of wrath, strike through The Lord is gracious, and he is kings that do him withstand,

full of compassion. 6 He shall among the heathen judge, 5 He giveth meat unto all those he shall with bodies dead

that truly do bim fear ; The places fill: o'er many lands

And evermore his covenant he wound shall ev'ry head.

he in his mind will bear.

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