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Nov. 16. J. RAE, Woodside, Aberdeen. Charge, Rev. J. Murker. Sermon, Rev. J. Douglas. Prayer, Rev. D. Wallace. Nov. 16. C. KNIBBS, Whiteshell. Revs.

S. Hebditch, J. Slater, E. Jacob, and other ministers assisted on the occasion. Nov. 16. E. HILL, Tottenham High Cross. Revs. A. Hall, T. Arnold, W. Fairbrother, and J. H. Wilson were severally engaged.

Nov. 17. J. BARTLETT, Halifax. Revs. Dr. Mellor, J. Pridie, B. Dale, M.A., J. Comper Gray, and others officiated. Nov. 17. W. COURTNALL, Wellingborough. Revs. W. H. Stent, T. Toller, S. Miall, T. C. Prust, and others took part in the service.

Nov. 18. T. JUST, Kelvedon, Essex.


Oct. 19. Rev. J. CATER, March. Rev. G. Lyon Turner, M.A., Rev. R. W. McAll, F.L.S., and Rev. James Smith, took part in the services.

Oct. 24. Rev. JOHN WARD, Street. Revs. W. Wheeler, A. C. Blak, C. R. Howell, and J. Lambert, took part in the meeting.


H. ARNOLD, of Hackney College, to Farnham.

J. BRUCE, to Albany Road, Camberwell. J. JONES, of Nottingham Institute, to Glossop.


Rev. G. B. RYLEY, Bocking to Peckham. Rev. R. S. LEWIS, Nantwich to Runcorn.

Rev. C. CHANDLER, Chorley to Marden.

Rev. S. T. WILLIAMS, Hoddesdon to London Road, Leicester.

Rev. J. A. CHAMBERLAIN, Marden to North Tawton.

Rev. R. HALL, Smallbridge to Dawlish. Rev. B. WILKINSON, Horton-in-Craven to Holywell Green, Halifax.

Rev. R. JACKSON, Retford to Gainsborough.

Rev. R. MORGAN, Glynneath to Bethlehem St. Clears.

Rev. T. A. CLARKE, Northam to Kilmainham, Dublin.

Rev. W. REID, Glasgow to Nelson, near Burnley.

Rev. J. PARKINSON, Sheffield to Hinckley.

Rev. J. G. CARPENTER, Clavering to Woodbridge.

Rev. J. BRANTON, Old to Witney.
Rev. PERCY STRUTT, Spalding to
Greville Place, Kilburn.

Rev. S. D. HILLMAN, Luddenfoot to

Rev. F. ROBINSON, Oakengates to Burton Joyce.


Rev. W. H. DREWETT, Bognor.
Rev. J. BROADHOUSE, King's Cliffe.


Aug. 15. Rev. ADAM ROBSON, Port Elizabeth. Age 74. Length of Ministry, 47 years.

Oct. 13. Rev. J. ARMOUR, Burford, Ontario. Age 74. Length of Ministry, 50 years.

Oct. 27. Rev. R. LITTLER, Southwark,
age 75. Length of Ministry, 48 years.
Nov. 4. Rev. H. GILL, D.D., Lewisham.
District Secretary of the British and
Foreign Bible Society. Age 46.
Length of Ministry, 22 years.
Nov. Rev. J. HURST, Pickering.
Nov. Rev. R. P. THATCHER, Framp-
ton Cottrell.

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