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sCome, children, to your Father's arms,
Hide in the chambers of my g1 acé
'Till the fierce ftorm be overblown,
And my revenging fury ceafe.

3 Treasures of everlasting might In our Jehovah dwell;


My fword fhall boaft its thoufands flain,
And drink the blood of haughty kings,
While heav'nly peace around my flock
Stretches its foft and fhady wings.

Can a kind woman e'er forget
The infant of her womb,
And 'mongst a thousand tender thoughts
Her fuckling have no room ?

XXXI. Referred to the 1ft Pfalm.


Strength from Heaven. Ifa. xl. 27, 28, 29, 30.

WHENCE do our mournful thoughts And where's our courage fled ?[arife! "Has reflefs fin, and raging hell,

Struck all our comforts dead?
2 Have we forgot th' Almighty name,
That form'd the earth and fea?
And can an all-creating arm
Grow weary, or decay?

He gives the conqueft to the weak,
And treads their foes to hell.

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Why do we then indulge our fears,
Sufpicions and complaints?
Is he a God, and fhall his grace
Grow weary of his faints?

5 Yet, faith the Lord, should nature change,
And mothers monsters prove,
Sion fill dwells upon the heart
Of everlasting love.

Deep on the palms of both my hands
I have engrav'd her name;
My bands fall raise her ruin'd walls
And build ber broken frame.


The Bufinefs and Bleffedness of glorified Saints.
Rev. vii. 13, 14, 15, &c.

WHAT happy men, or angels, thefe,

That all their robes are spotless white?
Whence did this glorious troop arrive
At the pure realms of heav'nly light ?

From tort'ring racks, and burning fires,
And feas of their own blood they came :
But nobler blood has wash'd their robes,
Flowing from Chrift the dying Lamb.


Now they approach th' Almighty throne
With loud Hofannas' night and day,
Measure their bless'd eternity.
Sweet anthems to the great Three-Que,


4 No more fhall hunger pain their fouls :
He bids their parching thirst be gone,
To fkreen them from the scorching fun.
And spreads the fhadow of his wings,

5 The Lamb, that fills the middle throne,
Shall thed around his milder beams;
There fhall they feaft on his rich love,
And drink full joys from living streams.
6 Thus fhall their mighty blifs renew,
Through the vaft round of endless years,
And the foft hand of fov'reign grace
Heals all their wounds,and wipes their tears.



The fame: Or, The Martyrs glorified. Rev. vii. 13, &c.

2 From tort'ring pains to endless joys,
On fiery wheels they rode,
And ftrangely wash'd their raiment white
In Jefus dying blood.

THESE glorious minds, bow bright they 6 Yet, mighty God! thy fov'reign grace
their array ?
How came they to the happy feats
Of everlasting day?

regent on throne,
The refuge of thy chosen race
When wrath comes rufhing down.

3 Now they approach a fpotlefs God,
And bow before his throne ;
Their warbling harps and facred songs,
Adore the Holy One.

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DORE and tremble, for our God
Is a *confuming fire;
His jealous eyes his wrath inflame,
And raife his vengeance higher.

2 Almighty vengeance, how it burns;
How bright his fury glows!
Vaft magazines of plagues and ftorms
Lye treafur'd for his foes.

Through the wide air the weighty rocks
Are fwift as hail-ftones hurl'd:
Who dares engage his fiery rage,
That fhakes the folid world?

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Divine Wrath and Mercy; from Nabum i. 1,4 ["The faint that triumphs o'er his fins, 2, 3, &c.

"I'll own him for a fon;
"The whole creation fhall reward
"The conquefts he has won.

4 At his approach the mountains flee,
And feek a wat❜ry grave;
The frighted fea makes hafte away,
And fhrinks up ev'ry wave.


Heb. xii. 29.


Thy hand fhall on rebellious kings
A fiery tempeft pour,

While we beneath thy fhelt'ring wings
Thy juft revenge adore.

XLIII. Referred to the 100th Pfalm.
XLIV. Referred to the 133d Pfalm.



The laft Judgment. Rev. xx. 5, 6, 7, 8.
EE where the great incarnate God
Fills a majestick throne,
While from the fkies his awful voice
Bears the last judgment down.


But kindled, Oh! how fierce they blaze! 7
And rend all nature's frame.



["I am the first, and I the last,
Through endless years the fame;
"IAM-is my memorial still,
"And my eternal name.

"Such favours as a God can give,
"My royal grace beftows ;

"Ye thirfty fouls, come taste the streams
"Where life and pleasure flows.]

"But bloody hands, and hearts unclean,
"And all the lying race,
"The faithlefs and the fcoffing crew,
"That spurn at offer'd grace;

"They fhall be taken from my fight,
"Bound faft in iron chains,
"And headlong plung'd into the lake
"Where fire and darkness reigns."]

O may I ftand before the Lamb

When earth and feas are fled!
And hear the Judge pronounce my name
With bleffings on my head.

8 May I with those for ever dwell,
Who here were my delight,
While finners banish'd down to hell,
No more offend my sight.

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When through the defart Ifrael went,
With manna they were fed;
Our Lord invites us to his flesh,
And calls it living bread.



The Song of Zacharias, and the Meffage of
John the Baptift: Or, Light and Salvation
by Jefus Chrift. Luke i. 68, &c. John i. 29, 38.
WOW be the God of Ifrael bless'd,
Who makes his truth appear;
His mighty hand fulfils his word,
And all the oaths he fware.


Then fhall our love and joy be full,
And feel a warmer flame,
And fweeter voices tune the fong
Of Mofes and the Lamb.

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Now he bedews old David's root

With bleffings from the skies;
He makes the branch of promise grow,
The promis'd horn arise.


[John was the prophet of the Lord,
To go before his face,
The herald which our Saviour God
Sent to prepare his ways.

He makes the great falvation known,
He fpeaks of pardon'd fins;
While grace divine, and heav'nly loye
In its own glory fhines.

"Behold the Lamb of God, he cries
"That takes our guilt away:
"I faw the Spirit o'er his head
"On his baptizing day.]

"Be ev'ry vale exalted high,·

"Sink ev'ry mountain low; "The proud muft ftoop, and humble foul "Shall his falvation know.

"The Heathen realms with Ifrael's land
"Shall join in sweet accord;
"And all that's born of man fhall fee
The glory of the Lord.



8" Behold the morning star arife,
"Ye that in darkness fit:
"He marks the path that leads to peace,
"And guides our doubtful feet.

Preferving Grace. Jude 24, 25.
O God the only wife,
Our Saviour and our King

Mofes beheld the promis'd land,
Yet never reach'd the place;


But Chrift hall bring his foll'wers home, Let all the faints below the skies
To fee his Father's face.
Their humble praises bring,



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We do the written word of life, that lure record; nheritance of heart,

et conveyance giv thoughts are herens e us wife and blefs s are divinely true, f, and comfort to

who read his love es from above, fent his facred word praife ye the Lord

LONG METRE Or, Saints beloved a loy Epb. i. 3, &c.

lefs thy Father's nam and ours are both the fa

bleffings from his thre inners through his Son! A ele, he faid, fouls in Chrif our Head he mountains birth, ons for the earth.

al love begin rom death and fin; vere then decreed;

▪ a boly feed. be fons,

but chofe at one; d race, of his grace. Lord, we fhare a part his heart; be thence remov'd, firft belov'd.

ON METRE. Sickness and Recovery ii. 9, &c.

='d from deep diftres rves a fong;

of our praise tongue.

ouring grave n vain, eys of death aft again.

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3 Conceiv'd in fin (O wretched state)
Before we draw our breath,
The first young pulse begins to beat
Iniquity and death.





The Song of Mofes and the Lamb: Or, Baby-
lon falling. Rev. xv. 3, and xvi. 19, and xvii. 6.
E fing the glories of thy love,
We found thy dreadful name;
The Chriftian church unites the fongs
Of Mofes and the Lamb.


Yet, mighty God, thy wond'rous love
Can make our nature clean,
While Christ and grace prevail above-
The tempter, death and fin.

4 How ftrong in our degen'rate blood
The old corruption reigns,
And mingling with the crooked flood,
Wanders through all our veins

5 [Wild and unwholesome as the root Will all the branches be;

How can we hope for living fruit
From fuch a deadly tree?

6 What mortal pow'r from things unclean--
Can pure productions bring?
Who can command a vital stream
Fromran infected fpring?]



The fecond Adam fhall restore
The ruins of the first;
Hofanna to that fov'reign pow'r
That new-creates our duft!!

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ET mortal tongues attempt to fing
The wars of heav'n, when Michae
Chief general of the eternal King [fto
And fought the battles of our God.
2 Against the dragon and his hoft
In vain they rage, in vain they boast,
The armies of the Lord prevail;
Their courage finks, their



3 Down to the earth was Satan thrown,
Down to the earth his legions fell;
Then was the trumph of triumph blown-
And fhook the dreadful deeps of hell.


Now is is the hour of darkness past,
Chrift has affum'd his reigning pow'r ;
Behold the great accuser caft
Down from the skies, to rife no mores

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